Just take off one item of clothing (archives)

It was just the four of us: me, Donna, Crysta, and Billie. We spent the weekend in Donna’s cousin’s cabin in the woods. For fun, we decided to play truth or dare. The dares all involved sex or nudity, and I wasn’t so comfortable with that, so they promised me I wouldn’t have to get naked. Still I was worried, because I knew I would have to take off some clothes. I was wearing sweatpants, panties, and a shirt. I got Donna to promise me she wouldn’t make me take off more than one item of clothing, which made me relax quite a bit. I even kissed her I was so happy. That’s when I noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything but a shirt. I couldn’t help it, when I kissed her my arms wrapped around her, and I guess I just felt her butt a little, and, well, my fingers slid between her cheeks and I just naturally felt around for her panties, and so I was very surprised when they weren’t there. Maybe this made my kiss a little stronger, or not, but for whatever reason, she got really passionate after I felt her ass, and kissed me really hard.

Crysta didn’t seem to mind stripping, so she readily did all kinds of dares, but whenever it came to a dare that called for getting naked, I begged to be released from it, and Donna stuck up for me. So I was relieved when my dare just called for me to take off one item of clothing. The only scary part of it was that I had to go outside to do it. They let me go on the back porch, and feed my pants back inside through the doggy-door. I was thankful I didn’t have to go on the front porch. At least the chance of someone seeing me was pretty remote.


I went out on the porch, and I heard the door lock behind me. I stood there a long time building up the courage to take off my pants. I don’t know what I was so worried about, because I was wearing panties, and my shirt and panties were more than I wore on a beach, so I shouldn’t have been so embarrassed. But I was. Finally, I took off my pants and fed them through the doggy door, and waited for them to unlock the door and let me back in. And I waited, and waited. I said hey you guys, let me in.


It seems that there was a disagreement about whether I completed the terms of the dare. I heard Donna say they should let me back in the house, but the other two said I needed to take off an item of clothing *they* picked, and Billy would have picked my shirt. I put my hands over my face when I heard him say that, because if I’m going to take off one item, that’s my least favorite, since I have nothing under it. At least without my pants on, I still have my panties to keep me covered. But apparently, Billy got his way, and being locked out of the house, I didn’t have much of a bargaining position. I begged and begged to be let back in, but the three of them agreed that I had to take off my shirt first, and then they would let me back in.

I reminded them that I had a deal to just take off one item of clothing. I didn’t like it, but I said I would be willing to take off my shirt if they fed my pants back to me. But they said I should take off my shirt first, and then they would let me back in the house, and I could put my pants on then.


I was really looking forward to getting back in the house, so against my better judgment, I agreed. I took off my shirt, leaving me with just my panties. I fed my shirt through the doggy door and waited. Shivering, I knocked on the door. I didn’t know who might see me, even though I was in the back yard, so I didn’t want to attract too much attention. But they weren’t opening the door. I begged and pleaded to no avail. Finally, Donna told me the bad news: I would have to take off my panties.


But you said I wouldn’t have to get naked! I reminded Donna. She said if she had her way, she would let me in right away, but the Crysta thought I should have taken off my panties to begin with. Crysta’s idea was for me to sacrifice just my panties, and leave the other two items of clothing on. She said I would feel sexy, knowing I was naked underneath my clothes, and she was looking forward to the sort of dares where we feel under each other’s clothing. I thought that would be fun, too. So Donna said all I would have to do would be take off my panties, and feed them through the doggy door, and then they would let me inside to put on my shirt.

Just my shirt? I asked.

Donna said she would try to do better after I fed her my panties. So I slipped them through the door, and waited, naked, on the porch. I heard them talking for a long time. Then Donna said that was the best bargain she could make for me, being we were out of beer.

What does being out of beer have to do with it? I wanted to know.

Well, Donna said, without any beer, Crysta and Billy are feeling kind of ornery, and so they don’t want to give me back my panties or pants. Apparently, they think a shirt is enough for me, although personally, I would rather be topless than bottomless. Still, having a shirt is better than being naked. So I agreed to come back inside and wear just my shirt. To tell you the truth, I would have agreed to just about anything to get back in the house, I felt so vulnerable standing there naked.

Then came the really bad news. They wouldn’t let me back in the house until I got them some beer. I cried, and banged on the door. But the only thing that happened was Donna handed me a twenty dollar bill and my driver’s license. She said the beer store is a quarter mile down the street. I thought they were just kidding. So I waited on the porch for another fifteen minutes, which seemed like hours. I crouched as low as I could when I saw some boys walking in the woods, but they saw me, and soon their friends started coming closer to look at me. Finally, after the whole neighborhood came out, one by one, to look at me sitting naked on the porch, I decided I didn’t have anything to lose by going to get Crysta and Billy their damn beer. So I took off walking, trying to ignore the tourists who were watching my every naked move. I took a deep breath, and went into the store, pretending in my mind that I wasn’t naked. I was relieved when the clerk just took my money, gave me change, and watched my naked butt walk out of the store.

I bent over at the waist and fed the beer through the doggy door, one can at a time. I was oblivious to the show I must have been putting on, but I think the boys could see my pussy between my legs as I bent over. I didn’t care because I was so happily looking forward to being let back in the house, and out of public view. I was anticipating the warm feeling of my shirt against my soft breasts, and it didn’t even bother me that I would have to stay bottomless. After I fed the last beer into the doggy door, I waited for the door to unlock. And I waited. Come on, guys, I said. And I waited.

Finally, Billy said, What? No pretzels?


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