Jen’s Summer

“Jen, I don’t know what happened to you over the summer, but I have to say I like it!”

“What do you mean, Allie?”

Allie told Jen, “Look at yourself. Would that shy freshman I met last year be sitting in the library without a stitch of clothing in sight?”

Jen smiled, “You know the rules here. If you want the comfy chairs to study, you have to be naked. Look at yourself, you’re halfway there.”

Allie said, “This is a dress, I’m fully decent from normal view angles. You’re just sitting down and can see more.”

Jen said, “I could stand up and still see that cute ass and sweet pussy of yours.”

Allie said, “Only because you are legally a dwarf.”

Jen said, “I am not! I’m five feet and one-quarter inch!”

Allie said, “Oh, that’s what happened over the summer. A growing spurt!”

Jen said, “Nice. No, actually what happened was I was heading home and my car died. I met this incredible girl. She changed my life forever.”

Allie said, “True love?”

Jen said, “You and your lesbian fantasies.”

Allie said, “I plan to convert you to the sisterhood this year.”

Jen said, “Too late.”

Allie pulled her tee shirt off and naked, she squeezed into the comfortable chair with Jen. “Oh, do go on about this girl.”

Jen said, “Out of cellphone range, I’m standing by my car with its hood up staring at the engine as if I had any clue what I was looking for under there. Then this car pulls up and rolls down the window, and because it was so bright outside and they had tinted windows, it was still too dark to see inside. I just heard a female voice ask, ‘Need help?’ I admitted I had no clue about engines, and she offered to take a look. When she got out of the car, I had to smile. She was completely naked. I mention I also went to college here, and she was puzzled, but looked at the engine and declared it dead. She admitted she knew nothing about them either. So she offered me a ride to a phone. I locked up my car and jumped in her car.”

Allie moaned, “You have to learn to tell me the story right. What was the girl like? Tall, fat? blonde, redhead, hairy? Details!”

Jen said, “More lesbian fantasies? Okay, she was tall, At least five foot six.” Jen waited for Allie to finish rolling her eyes. She wore her dark hair in a braided ponytail, and it just reached the top of her ass. She flung it over to her front when she drove. She had a full bush, but shaved legs and armpits. So not hairy, but not trimmed or completely shaved.”

Allie said, “Careful now, you’ll get me wet if you tell me she pussy lips were shaved.”

Jen said, “I was sitting next to her, and her legs were straight as she drove. I couldn’t tell at that time. I mentioned again that I was from this college and she seemed totally unaware of the happenings here. So, that led me to finally ask her about driving naked. She smiled and pointed to the sign where we were turning off the highway. She’s a nudist. We pulled up to the office to check in and for me to use their land phone. But the girl mentioned, ‘Strict policy here. No clothing. But I’m thinking you’ve be naked in public before, right?’ I admitted so and mentioned going to class a few times naked, too. She perked up at hearing that. So off came my top and skirt, and we walked into the office.”

Allie said, “I’ve never been able to get you to undress so fast.”

Jen said, “I didn’t have much of a choice there. There was a little sign inside the office that said, ‘No Shirt, No Pants, Service with a Smile.’ I asked the woman if I could use their phone to call for a car repair. She said I could, but warned me, ‘They’ll tow your car 50 miles and charge over $200, then find something wrong and charge you hundreds more. We have a someone here that’ll take a look for you, if you don’t mind spending a day or two.’ Gwen, that’s the girl who drove me there, she said before I could even answer, ‘Oh, she can stay with me. It won’t be a problem.’ So, there I was at a nudist camp.”

Allie added, “With a sexy naked hairy girl.”

Jen said, “With a sweet and nice Gwendolyn.  I did call my parents to tell them that I would be delayed, but I didn’t mention the rest of the story. Gwen’s place was nothing more than a cabin that fit her bed. It was cute with a porch swing. A few other cabins nearby, and the showers down the path. Gwen gave me the grand tour, including the open showers, but fortunately private toilets. The weird part was the men’s urinals. Just a trough outside, and the just peed in public view. Gwen mentioned some extreme naturists will squat down in the shower area to pee. Only pooping was was done on the toilets by those types. She wasn’t that extreme, but she welcomed me to do that if I preferred.”

Allie started giggling. “You pee in public? No way!”

Jen said, “Not at first.”

Allie said, “No way!”

Jen said, “You’ll hear. So, we eventually walk all over the place, and she’s introducing me to lots of people. I have to admit being naked seems trivial when you are talking to a bunch of naked people. And we finally caught up to the car mechanic. He was an older man, and his wife was rolly, but jolly, too. He agreed to go take a look at the car in the morning. Gwen took me over to the dining hall. Community eating. Sort of looked like our dorm cafeteria during Hell Week, except the guys were naked, too. Everyone was nice and the women just kept bring more and more food. I was stuffed! Gwen and I walked back to her cabin, and sat in the swing talking about things. She was real interested in campus life. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night, still on the swing laying on Gwen lap. We finally went inside and laid down in the bed. But after our little nap, we started talking again, and that’s when, we kissed.”

Allie said, “Finally, the good the part. Who kissed whom?”

Jen said, “Okay, I kissed her. She was just staring at me, and she brushed my hair off my face, and I leaned in to kiss her.”

Allie brushed Jen’s hair off the cheek and asked, “Like this?”

Jen leaned over to give her friend a little kiss. “Like that. But with Gwen, well, it led to much more.” Jen put up her hand to stop Allie, “Not now and not here. Well, we did eventually go back to sleep, exhausted. But I woke up totally refreshed and energetic. And you know me, I’m not a morning person, or at least I wasn’t until then. Gwen took my hand and we raced down to the showers. Oh, the water was cold, too. But Gwen held me close and scrubbed every inch of me. Dripping wet, we just walked around in the morning air until we dried, then joined everyone for breakfast. I have no idea how some of those nudist stay trim. They eat so much! But after we brushed our teeth, the car mechanic and his wife came by to see about looking at my car. Gwen and I rode in the back seat of their car. Once we got outside the gate, he stopped and slipped on a pair of shorts, and the woman put on a dress. Gwen and I had nothing in the car to wear and rode naked to my car.”

“It was something simple but he needed a part. He pulled out a chain from his car and hooked the cars together. He drove my car as his wife drove his car. Again, at the camp gate. they stopped to get naked, and then pulled the two cars inside. He went in the office to call for the part, and told me, ‘It’ll take a few days.’ I asked how much it was going to cost since I didn’t have much cash, and his wife said, ‘You two come sit with us at dinner and we’ll talk about it.’ So Gwen and I had had the afternoon to spend together, and well, we talked and kissed, and made love more times than I can remember. It was like we couldn’t keep our hands off of the other. I cannot explain what had happened to me. I was in like total lesbo mode.”

Allie said, “And I wasn’t there to see it.”

Jen said, “If you would have been there, I never would have had the chance. You’d been all over Gwen.”

Allie said, “True.”

Jen said, “So at dinner time, we sit down with the couple and she’s feeding us too much food again. They talked about being nudists, and mentioned that this camp was a little different than most. Well, she finally says it without blushing, ‘We would like you two to come over to our cabin tonight and put on a show for us. We enjoy watching.’ At first, I had no idea what they meant by show.”

Allie interrupted, “You are so sweet and innocent. I think that’s why I so badly want you.”

Jen said, “You’re right, but Gwen understood and translated. I blushed. But Gwen reminded me, ‘Just the same thing we’ve been doing all over camp today, but a private show for them. I’ll enjoy it. You?’ Well, at this point, Gwen could have suggested anything, and I was good with it. She held this magically thing over me. It was weird performing with an audience like that, especially when they started to fuck. But they never once touched us, and after a bit, I stopped worrying about them and was totally into Gwen. I mean, face sopping wet into Gwen.”

Allie said, “Stop, you’re killing me. I’ll never make it back to the dorm like this.”

Jen said, “Pull yourself together. I’m just about done. Well, It took a few days before the part arrived, and he installed it. We gave them another performance, as if they were the only ones in camp who hadn’t see us. Turns out, this particular camp has rules against male-female lovemaking in public, but not girl-on-girl. Not that anyone other girls were doing it publicly. But with Gwen, damn, I was like insatiable. but I feared our tryst was coming to an end. Not so…”

Allie looked at Jen with widening eyes.

Jen finished up, “Gwen’s week vacation was just finishing up, and she was heading back to the city, and she invited me to come stay a little bit with her before going back home. I agreed, of course, and that’s when I found out something about Gwen. She’s a nude dancer. Not a tripper. Stripping means she would start with clothes and take them off. Gwen never wears clothes. Never. She lives in a trailer behind the club. She does not even own a dress. She comes to the nudist camp simply to get away from those guys staring at her. It helps her also to visual her audience at work being naked. Plus, she said, she just like resting up and causes her fans to go crazy waiting for her to return. She has some guys that come every night to watch her. And after watching her perform on stage, I understood why. I knew she moved like a cat in bed, but on stage, she works that pole like, well, like no one else.”

Allie said, “Now, we’ll have to make a road trip. Just how far is she from here?”

Jen said, “If you’ll let me finish… Well, I ended up spending the summer with her. I called my parents to tell them I found a job there, and I wouldn’t be making it home.”

Allie said, “My sweet and innocent Jennifer lied to her parents?”

Jen said, “No. I did get a job there. I waitressed at the club, and when someone paid the right price, Gwen and I gave them a private show, too.”

Allie said, “You took off your clothes in a club filled with horny men?”

Jen said, “And women. But I did not take off my clothes. You see, living with Gwen I went nudist, too. It’s how the club owners decided to hire me. Under 21, I could not serve drinks, but I could serve food, but why pay me to do that when he had others? I was the nude waitress. It forced the guys and couples to buy overpriced food for me to serve them. And I split the tips with the liquor waitresses.”

Allie said, “We definitely have to go to this club. I have to see you in action.”

Jen said, “No point in going to that club. Gwen is not working there anymore.”

Allie said, “What happened? You two get fired?”

Jen said, “No. In fact, the owner was willing to toss us quite a bit of money to stay, but I wanted to come back here and finish getting my degree. So we decided to leave and move back here. We pulled Gwen’s trailer here. I’m officially living in the dorms, but you haven’t seen me there much because I’m usually over at Gwen’s place. If you want, we can go watch her perform tonight. She’d love to met you.”

Allie spread her knees to reveal her wetness. “I’m ready to meet her, too.”

Jen said, “One rule with Gwen. No clothes. I’m not even allowed to wear something to her place and then take it off. She wants me to come naked. About the only time I am wearing clothes is when I have enough time to get back to the dorm before classes. I think the bus driver thinks I do not even own clothes.”

Allie said, “Oh, this is great. You have a car, but take ht bus naked?”

Jen said, “Public transportation. Besides, I don’t want to put wear and tear on my car and have it break down again. Who knows what might happen the next time?”

Allie said, “One question. When I mentioned true love, you dismissed that as my lesbian fantasies. Just how was I wrong? And oh, a second question, you never told me is she shaves her pussy lips or not?”

Jen said, “I’m not a lesbian. I just happen to be in love with a girl. It’s totally different.”

Allie asked, “How so?”

Jen said, “You are a lesbian. You crave females. Not me. I just want Gwen. I’m totally not into other girls, sorry.”

Allie said, “So, like tonight, I won’t get any action?”

Jen laughed, “Are your fingers broke? You can watch. But Gwen is also like me. She never had been with a girl before, not even play acting on stage. The strippers and her nude dancing were completely separate. She likes performing to girls and couples, but not more so than the guys. It was just something about the two of us. We clicked. But who knows, maybe you’ll hook up with one of Gwen’s female fans. She already has a following here, and a few drive down state to see her from the old club if you want to join a lesbo orgy. And tonight, you’ll find out if her sweet pussy lips are smooth and clear of hair or not.”

Allie shook. “Now, see what you’ve done? I’m going to have to run back to the dorm before someone sees or smells me.” Allie got up and raced off off.

Jen picked up Allie’s skirt and thought twice about yelling in the library. To no one in particular she said, “Oh, well, I guess I was heading back to the dorm anyway.” She packed up her things and carried Allie’s skirt not even giving a second thought about wearing it herself.

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  1. Keith

    Wow, an end to the drought, and what an end it is! Love your stories, base. Hopefully this’ll be the start of some new stories by you and other people.


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