Inspector Test #6

Everyone thinks being an inspector is easy. Pick a pretty girl and strip her naked, right? Wrongo!

Indiscriminate strip searches lead to a far worse problem than immodest dressing that the Dress Code is designed to limit. No, the female student population will soon learn that no matter what they might wear on campus, some inspector will strip them. So what good does it do to wear clothing closely following the dress code if whatever you wear ends up with you being naked in public? For this reason, the Inspector Tests have been designed to evaluate the potential for an inspector in picking the right females to be NOT inspected.

Like indiscriminate inspections, the lax enforcement of the Dress Code can also result in quite undesirable outcomes as well. Once everyone knows they can disregard the code with a low probably of detection, many will violate the Dress Code on a daily basis. No order can be maintain. For this reason, the Inspector Tests have been designed to evaluate the potential for an inspector in picking the right females to be inspected.

So, let us begin the next inspector test…

As you approach the Library, you see a familiar face. Yes, her face. Stop looking elsewhere for a moment. Bree is in your Human Biology class BIO 108. She is your lab partner. Bright and beautiful, Bree has always been very friendly to you, not because you are an inspector, but because that is just Bree’s manner.

Once she spots you, you notice that she starts to lift her top exposing her flat, trim stomach. Typical attire for Bree is a top and panties. She has always been at ease wearing panties around campus. You slow down to wait to see what Bree is planning to do with her top pulled up, and off it comes. Outdoors in just her panties and sandals.

What do you as an inspector do at this point? Is she showing you her breasts in hopes you might not ask to see that she is clean shaven? You know an informal Muff Day at Bree dorm is approaching – she told you as much during your last lab experiment together. You had mentioned how difficult it was on the inspectors during those times. Girls could grow their bushes for a few days and not raise the suspicions if they tame the wild hairs and kept their legs smooth and silky.

Bree allowed you to feel her smooth, soft legs, and when you hand reached her thigh, she hiked up her lab coat to allow you to feel her newly exposed skin. Yesterday, Bree was smooth and clean. Was this a ploy to make you think she would be clean shaven, and she might sneak in a few extra pubic hair growing days before Muff Day arrived?

Will you request she remove her panties for a closer inspection? She is your lab partner, and if you indiscriminately strip her, she may be reluctant to help you in the next lab experiment. However, if she is hiding new growth under her panties, everyone on campus will know you allowed someone as close as a biology lab partner to flaunt the dress code. What say you Mr. Wannabe Inspector? Strip or not strip?

Fortunately for you, it seems Bree understand your dilemma. She turns and pulls down her little panties. You did not even have to ask her. She stripped for you. Think you’re done now? Think again!

Perhaps she stripped to hide something else? What could that something else be?

With her panties kicked to the side, she grabs her butt cheeks and spreads them wide. How many girls are willing to show their anus to you and the student body at large? But there she is, naked and spreading her ass wide open for you to see.

Bree even says, “Go ahead, and take a good close look.” Fools are not good inspectors. Go and take a good close look. Study her anus. When she says, “You can feel it, if you like,” do so. Notice her reaction, and slight jump at you touching her anus. An inspector cannot be afraid of a manual search for any violations.

When you are done looking closely at her anus, be sure to thank her. After all, she volunteered to show you.

When Bree squats down and opens her legs, you see a fleshy pink pussy before you. Clean shaven and while moist, it is not wet. A healthy pussy indeed. You are an inspector, so get down there and take a good look. As you look close and congratulate her on keeping a close shave, she mentioned how shaving her labia major can be fun and stimulating. From Human Biology BIO 108 lectures, you know labia major as her outer pussy lips.

Bree laughs when you ask about her labia minora. “No hair grows there! Go ahead and feel it.” If you decline, you fail not just this inspector test, but you’d fail manhood as well. Just do not get too grabby.

Bree makes your visual  observation simple. She opens her pussy to reveal all the delicate folds of her labia minor for you to see. No signs of wetness. Just a delightful pink hue. She explained from where she pees, as well.

So, this was an inspector’s test, right? You had to decide whether to inspect your lab partner, Bree, or not, right? Without you saying a word, she stripped, and she spread her self open front and back. She even allowed you to probe a bit. So what’s there left to do here for a test?

You need to decide why she stripped. Was it because she knows you are an inspector, and you would have her stripped regardless? Or is it because being your lab partner and friend, she enjoys being naked and probed by you? She did invite you to feel her leg yesterday in lab. She did invite you for a close inspection of her anus. She did invite you to finger her pussy. Is she making a move on you? As an inspector, you need to be careful. Some girls will attempt to be overly friendly with an inspector to use them for avoiding the Dress Code.

This is your test: Did she strip to avoid you stripping her? Or Did she strip to gain favor from you?

The clock is ticking…

You are a college student right? Remember your studies come first. You are here to learn, not just strip beautiful girls!

Are you getting it yet? Or are you still pondering which is the correct answer? Get it wrong, and you might be tossed from the potential Inspector list. Only the brightest students can be inspectors. Got it figured out yet?

Answer: Bree is in your Human Biology class, BIO 108. She is your lab partner. What was your last assignment? You forgot to do your homework again. Actually you forgot you had homework! Fortunately for you, Bree is not so easily distracted from her studies. Your assignment was the digestive system of the human body. “Waste Management” as the professor joked. You and Bree had a study date, and you forgot that as soon as you saw Bree taking off her top. Of course, she stripped outside the library, the light is better.  Inside the library, the fluorescent lighting is not good for detailed study. Your homework assignment was to study her anus and pussy. You might have remembered sooner had your mind been on your studies. An inspector who does not achieve high marks in in his coursework cannot be an inspector.

Maybe like the jocks, you should resign yourself to pumping iron and doing pushups for when you are called upon by an inspector to help assist a reluctant female in complying with the voluntary strip search inspection on campus.

Still think becoming an inspector is what you want to do?

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3 thoughts on “Inspector Test #6

  1. Slick P. Wraith

    Being an inspector is such a huge responsibility and as we’ve seen here, each decision has to be very carefully thought out.
    Thankfully, on this occasion, the decision to strip Bree was made easier by her own willingness to undress. If it wasn’t for that, I have no idea what I would have done!

  2. Another Inspector

    The real question should not be, if to inspect her or not. In the case of little Bree the question should be when her trial will be! Look at the first picture of her. If she would put her dress down, it would clearly be to long! Therefor the panties she is wearing counts as layering.
    As a soon to be inspector you should have seen this instantly. Of course you are allowed to study with her and inspect as well her pussy as her anus as well, but once you are done with that you will have to give her the date of her hearing.
    Your personal relationship with her should not be in the way of your duties as an inspector!


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