Inspector Test #5

So you still think you got what it takes to be an inspector? In the previous tests you learned that being an inspector is more than just stripping every pretty girl you see. Doing so is counterproductive to the goals of the Dress Code. An inspector who indiscriminately strip searches every girl he sees teaches all the co-eds that it no longer matters what they wear, they will be stripped.

Of course, a lax inspector also makes chaos. Letting people flaunt the rules teaches the rules no longer mean anything.

So here is today’s test. I lovely young lady in a simple and short dress.

She flashes a bright smile towards you. Often girls trying to hide something avoid eye contact. Is she open and honest? Or is she trying to make you believe she has nothing to hide from an inspector? How can you tell?

Patience. Engage in conversation and see what develops. Maybe you’ll get a hint. As she plays around, you can definitely see her ample breasts are unrestrained beneath the dress.

There. A little payoff for waiting. You get a peak up her hem. Any sign of panties? No? Not enough of a view to be sure she isn’t wearing a thong or g-string? There she is smiling and looking directly at you while she bends over.

Ask yourself would she dare to bend even this much if she was wearing panties? Wouldn’t she be afraid you might see them if she was wearing panties? So what do you do? Demand a full inspection? You could, but will you just be harassing an innocent girl? Here’s the time to step up and make a decision?

Good. You’ve learned not making a decision is making a decision. A gal this free spirited and pleasant will surely enjoy sitting down for a relax conversation. “What’s your major?” Oh dear, you didn’t just her that, did you? You father ask your mother her sign in some single’s bar or disco? “Do you think believe the ethos of the Dress Code is to make modesty a virtue?” Come on. She’s a big girl, and you should act like a big boy without pretense.

Whatever you come up with to start a discussion is fine, if it works. She’ll settle down to a more relax position. And you’ll be rewarded with a better view of the situation and her.

Clearly no panties, right? Do you think she showed you that much by accident? Would she have showed that much if she had anything to hide?

So what say you? Inspect or not? Remember stripping every girl is a far worse problem than not.

It takes the wisdom of experience to know what to do in this case. The newbie inspectors will walk away or try for a date. The horny toads will strip her just because she is pretty. But if she is willing to show you this much, do you really think getting a date will be difficult? Do you think she’s afraid of being stripped?

Experience demands she remove her dress.

What’s that? A landing strip? Pubic hair under a dress?

How did the experienced inspector know? What clues did you miss?

Oh this one was simple. A lined dress? What did she not want you to see? Her dark patch that would have been visible through sheer clothing.

Besides, Isn’t this the same girl who never wore a bottom for the past month to win the Muff Day Award yesterday? Suddenly she covers up?

A good inspector keeps track of many different things.

How did you do? Is this inspector job more difficult than you imagined? Do you really think you will know what and when to do it?

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5 thoughts on “Inspector Test #5

  1. Keith

    Love the series. I honestly don’t think I’ve read a story by you that I didn’t like. I also like the little unexpected twists you put into every one of these stories. I love a stroke story as much as the next guy, but to put a little extra twist is really appealing.

  2. Serena

    I’m confused. I was wearing a similar dress to the girl in the picture when I went into an interview on campus. In the middle of the interview, I was escorted from the office to a more public place and then inspected. The inspector saw a tattoo near my pussy and thought it was pubic hair. He ended up taking my dress, but not before he put his fingers in my vulva and felt my breasts for WAY too long. I swear he even put a finger on my asshole! Oh, and the university official who was interviewing me also brought with some board members who were not only watching everything, but recording everything with cameras! How is any of this fair and legal? I read the rules really carefully!

    1. base Post author

      While unusual for an inspection to occur when a student is with faculty or administration, inspections can happen at any time. Usually, before, between, and after classes, but some inspectors realize contraband can be sneaked into buildings or two girls team up to allow one to wear more-than-allowed layers for some high stress situations: tests, interviews, public speeches. Their logic of not having to worry about showing too much becomes a worry about being caught wearing too much.

      Inspections are voluntary. The good news is that you have witnesses and evidence (photos) that you were in compliance for when your trial starts. The manual/tactile inspection is sometimes necessary to ensure sexual arousal is not present.

      Fair and legal are for the judicial system to determine. Follow the process, and if you were abiding by the College Code of Conduct, you have nothing to fear at trial.

  3. Serena

    I understand your explanation of why that happened, but would you believe it happened again?! I was inspected today, this time in the middle of campus. Again, the inspector really felt me up, touching my breasts and putting his fingers in my pussy. Only this time, he did it so that I got pretty aroused. I just couldn’t help it! Once he noticed this, he promptly raped me on the spot! In front of so many people! And of course, there were those pesky guys with the cameras. I’m sure they got it all on video. I want to appeal this punishment because I don’t think he had a good reason for inspecting me in the first place. What do you think will happen if I take this case to court?

    1. base

      Court verdicts can go either way. It is absolutely based on the evidence presented. Typically, the student prosecutor (your inspector) will present evidence of the Code of Conduct violation. In this case since you are appealing his checking of sexual arousal induced the sexual arousal, the prosecutor would be called upon to demonstrate on you what he actually did during your inspection. Mind you, the Judge will not take kindly to the witness (in this case you) becoming sexually aroused during the demonstration or cross examination.

      The last time this situation was appealed, the female in question became sexually aroused, and the jurors were all asked to verify her condition, and if found aroused to do their sworn duty. Normally, this would have been just twelve jurors inserting their fingers then if wet ramming themselves deep within her, but it seems six of the jurors discovered after their own climax that they in fact needed to disqualify themselves from the jury since in their own excitement blew such amounts of semen that the next jurors had little choice but to find her wet. The judge ordered the gagged court reporter to be released and lick the defendant’s pussy clean for a new panel of jurists to evaluate the situation. Needless to say, the new jury encountered the same problem, and the events repeated themselves well into the night until no jury could be formed.

      The good news was that the Judge decided in her favor, and her record was cleared of the public sexual arousal. After only two days, she was walking again but found she could not wear panties due to the swelling making even the lightest and sheerest panties unbearable. Shaving was also too intense, so she decided to grow her pubic hair and remain bottomless until the swelling went down. She won the Muff Day competition for her dorm.

      So please do appeal if you feel you were treated unjustly. the Court is there to help you, and to keep inspectors from crossing the line.


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