Inspector Test #1

So you think you’d like to be an inspector? It is not as simple as it seems. You cannot just go around stripping every girl you see and hope she is in violation of some Dress Code. No, you must pick out those for inspection very carefully. Too many inspections means the girls will just give up trying. Too few, and the girls will think they can get away with anything.

So you must pick you ladies with a careful eye to detail.

Next, you must keep a clear head about you during the inspection. The girls have learned all sorts of tricks to hide their infractions.

So let’s see how you’d do…

Would you stop this co-ed walking across campus in a simple dress? Study her closely, but if you look too long, she might just walk straight on pass you before you decide what to do.

Some inspectors might smile and suggest a quick flash to prove no panties and avoid a full inspection, and many girls are more than willing to compile. Would you be ready to send her on her way seeing her cute ass wiggling before your inspector-in-training eyes?

Ah, a smart inspector keeps one eye on the calendar and knows Muff Day is approaching, and many girls like to get a jump start. Better check more than her cute ass to know for sure. A sweet shaven pussy. Done right?

Look closer. If you wanted a full inspection, you’d have her stripped completely by now. Would it be necessary? Or would you just be stripping for stripping sake without any real why to select one girl over another?

Look close. Is there really a reason to see if she is wearing a bra right now?

She’s been fully willing to participate in your not-an-inspection inspection so far. If you continue further, you might be sending the signal to other girls that inspections are unavoidable, so wear whatever and the inspectors cannot stop everyone.

So, you decided to send her on her way? Are you sure? Did you do the right thing?

Later in the day, you see her laying in the Commons studying for a class.  Did you make the call right earlier in the day?

What is clear to everyone is not so clear to you yet, is it? Take a second to take in the whole scene.

Yes, that’s right. She is wearing pants with that simple pretty dress you allowed her to go ahead without a full inspection. Now, you are out of inspection tickets for the day.  You blew the call earlier.  How? Why? She was not wearing pants when you saw her before walking across campus. What happened?

You did not inspect her bookbag, did you? She had those slacks rolled up in her bookbag. Her willingness to play your little of not-an-inspection inspection kept you from seeing the whole picture.

Perhaps being an inspector is not your best option.  You’ll get another chance to be tested. Do not be fooled!

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