Humiliating Biology Class

[This story might be a little on the mean side again… :evil:]

Ella was lying on top of her bed in her dorm room dressed in a pair of skimpy tight pink shorts and bikini top. She had just finished doing her home work when Camilla, bust through the dorm door.

“I can’t believe those mischievous boys!” she exclaimed.

Ella sat up, getting excited, knowing she was about to hear something juicy.

“What have they been up to now?” she said sympathetically. She was eager to hear all the details.

“I can’t believe they made us do something so humiliating!” Camilla said dejectedly as she slumped onto her own bed.

“What could you have possibly had to do that was so humiliating?” Ella asked.

“Like… gap our butt holes to the boys, for one thing!” Camilla said.

Ella was secretly turned on by this and asked her friend to tell all.

“It all started about 10 minutes into Mr. Hamilton’s boring biology class, learning about plants. Daryl came in late only wearing her short crop t-shirt that came up so high, it revealed the bottom of her boobs. That was all she had on. She was completely naked from the torso down.

“He asked Daryl for an explanation as to her attire. I couldn’t hear what she was telling him but as she was standing at his desk, something shiny on her inner leg caught my eye. After a hard look, I could see that a creamy white liquid was slowly trickling down her inner thigh and had made its way to her knee. As she came to take her seat next to mine, she saw me staring at her leg and the puzzled look on my face and mouthed to me as she smiled, ‘dress code inspection. I’ll tell you later.’ I should have known!”

The thought of Daryl walking around half naked in front of the boys, getting them hard was starting to make Ella’s clitoris tingle as she just loved teasing boys.

“Anyway,” Camilla continued, “I was just dying to tell Daryl about that new film out, ‘No Strings Attached’ and could not wait till after class so, in between Mr. Hamilton’s boring talk about plants, I was telling her what happened. We got bit loud and sir told us to stay focused on the lesson. But I couldn’t hold it and started talking again and this time, some of the other girls joined in. Mr. Hamilton snapped, shouting that he’s done trying to teach us today and since we obviously weren’t interested in what he had to say, we had to come up with our own biology lesson.

“I and the other girls thought that he was making a rhetorical statement just to shock us into listening to him but he stayed silent for a few minutes. He then said that if we didn’t come up with anything, we’d have to sit there through lunch.

“Mark put his hand up and said that he had a theory. Mr. Hamilton asked if it had something to do with biology and Mark said he thought it might but wasn’t sure so Mr. Hamilton asked him to explain it.

“Mark’s theory was that just as a person could tell roughly someone’s heritage and whereabouts in the world they were likely to originate from by things like their facial features, one might also be able to tell something similar from the colour of someone’s anus.”

“That sounds ridiculous!” Ella said but she could feel her pussy becoming moist from the prospect of what was coming next.

“I know! But Mr. Hamilton wanted Mark to elaborate so Mark explained that its common knowledge that Swedish people are known for being tall, very blonde and blue eyed. Black people from Africa and the Caribbean are known to have broad noses and full lips and people from China are often small framed. So Mark thought there might be a correlation between the colour of a person’s anus and their hereditary or genealogy.”

“Did Mr. Hamilton buy Mark’s theory?” Ella asked hoping the answer was ‘yes’.

“Oh, he did more than just buy Mark’s theory! He said that it was something that should be looked into and test subjects should be found and that since us girls were being particularly disruptive in his class, he volunteered us to be the subjects. Mr. Hamilton saw the look of absolute horror on our faces and smiled saying this would teach us to pay attention to his lessons from now, on no matter how boring we found them. I raised the point that Mark’s theory did not fall under biology but genealogy or hereditary sciences which Mark himself mentioned but he said that since the boys would be studying our anuses, that’s what made it count as biology.

“All the girls had to stand at the front of the classroom and take our skirts off! Then we were ordered to take all our clothes off in front of the boys!”

“Weren’t they just going to look at your bum holes?” Ella asked as her fanny secreted its sticky juices into her shorts.

“That’s what I said! But Mr. Hamilton said he didn’t what our tops hindering the boy’s view of our lovely bottoms. So, reluctantly we all removed our tops and were standing there completely naked in front of the ogling boys and Mr. Hamilton. We all had to turn our backs to the boys and bend over.”

“Oh, lovely.” Ella accidently said under her breath as she could feel the heat build up in her vagina.

“What did you say?! Are you getting wet at my terrible story?!” Camilla asked incredulously.

“Course not!” Ella lied. She was trying hard to ignore the increased tingling in her clitoris and now she was just dying to jam her hand into her shorts and start rubbing it. “What happened next?”

Camilla wasn’t too sure if Ella was telling the truth but gave her the benefit of the doubt and continued, “Mr. Hamilton ordered us to place a hand on each butt cheek, very close to our arseholes and spread them far apart, gaping them for all the boys to see. We had to stay like that until he told us to stop. Can you imagine our humiliation?!”

“Awful!” Ella said, imagining the scene, wishing she had been one of the girls there. By now, Ella was lying on her side, trying to subtly squeeze her legs together to pleasure herself but what she really needed was the help of her fingers but didn’t want her friend to know she was turned on by her story.

Camilla went on, “The boys got up from their seats and examined our gaping arseholes up close. We could hear them commentating on how some of our anuses were tight and pink, others were light brown and some were a darker brown. Mr. Hamilton came round and had a look himself. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, he told us that we had to relax our sphincters and ordered us to spread our butts apart even more so that the boys could see clearly! We were now gapped so wide that the boys were using torches to look right down our arseholes. Some of them kept stroking our anuses, liking the way our anal muscles involuntary closed but then Mr. Hamilton would pass by and see that our arseholes had tightened up then he’d tell us off and order us to loosen and gape them again.

“After a while, Mr. Hamilton realised that it was because of the boys touching us that our arseholes were closing and told them to stop. But this made them play a different game with our butts. With our arses gapped to the extreme, the boys now tried to see how far they could insert a finger into our arseholes without them touching the sides. Ricky was boasting that he’d managed to get his finger in a girls’ arse up to his second knuckle but then Mr Hamilton caught him. Ricky was about to be told off but he defended himself by saying that even though they had their fingers in our butts, because of the way we were gapped so wide, none of the boys were actually touching us. Mr. Hamilton said Ricky was indeed correct and allowed them to continue playing that game for a while to serve as an extra reminder of why we should pay attention in his lesson next time.

“And of course, now that we were bent over with our butts spread open, all our pussies were on full display too…” Camilla then noticed Ella’s fidgeting and leaped off her bed. “You ARE getting wet at what I’m saying!”

“No I’m not!” Ella protested.

This time, Camilla did not believe her. “Let me see your crotch!” Camilla demanded as she moved in close to Ella’s legs.

“No! I’m not wet. I promise you!” Ella exclaimed, although she suspected she was fighting a losing battle now.

Camilla grabbed Ella’s knees and forced them apart making her splay her legs wide open and she confirmed her suspicions. The crotch of Ella’s shorts was stained a dark shade of pink as Ella had leaked a lot of pussy juice into them.

“I knew it! Whose side are you on Ella? Camilla asked disappointedly with a hint of betrayal in her voice.

“Yours, of course but…” Ella couldn’t finish the sentence and now felt a bit guilty seeing how her friend was reacting. She got up and gave Camilla a kiss on the cheek and a cuddle, apologising for being so insensitive to what Camilla had experienced.

Camilla accepted the cuddle but after a moment, Ella felt Camilla’s body tense up and a sternness entered her voice, “I can’t believe you got wet at my embarrassment Ella. I came to you for comfort and solace yet you were enjoying my ordeal… I’ll teach you to be turned on by my humiliation!”

Before Ella could blink, Camilla had lifted her petit frame up and threw her face down on her bed. Ella was puzzled but intrigued by her friend’s new found roughness. Camilla quickly reached for something under her own bed then climbed on top of Ella pinning her down.

“Camilla, I said I was sorry! …ow!” Ella yelped as Camilla forcefully grabbed Ella’s wrists. She heard the clank of metal, then a locking noise and realise that Camilla had handcuffed her wrists to the head board of her bed.”

“What are you doing Camilla?!” Ella was a little frightened now as this was so far from her friend’s normal behaviour. She was still lying face down and could not see everything Camilla was doing.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson. I’m going to punish you!” Camilla said coldly. She felt hurt at Ella’s reaction to what she had just been through and wanted to take it out on her.

“You got wet Ella, which means you want to be fucked. So I’m going to fuck you like the dirty little whore you are!”

Ella was shocked. She could not believe her friend was talking like this. It was so out of character. It was starting to freak her out.

“Camilla?! I… What’s… I didn’t mean to…”

Camilla angrily cut her off, “If you don’t shut up. I’m going to gag you!”

Ella was dumbstruck by her friend’s behaviour and thought it best to stay quiet for now.

Camilla roughly forced down Ella’s tight pink shorts not caring that they tore a little as she pulled them off. She bound Ella’s legs apart to each bedpost at the end of the bed, then dove under her own bed again looking for something else.

Camilla stood up holding her favourite big bright blue vibrator. Ella could just about see what Camilla had in hand and started to feel apprehension. Camilla had quite a large build and thus liked to use bigger sex toys to pleasure herself. Ella on the other hand, being petit, didn’t like big toys. In the past, Camilla had always offered her toys to Ella which she had declined. Ella gulped as it looked like this time, she would not be given a choice.

“I know you want it Ella.” Camilla said coldly.

“No, no I don’t.” Ella replied meekly.

“Of course you do! That’s why you got wet.” Camilla said reaching under her bed for a third time.

Ella saw her pull out a strange looking leather garment which she then realised in horror, was a holster for the vibrator, turning it into a strap-on dildo.

“That’s right Ella. You better be worried because I’m going to fuck you like a boy with this big, blue, rubber cock!” Camilla said mercilessly.

Camilla clambered between Ella’s spread tied legs and eased the big vibrator into her small pussy, the girth of the dildo stretching Ella’s cunt like she had never experienced before. Ella held her breath as she felt the fat dildo push passed her pussy lips, stuffing her vagina. Camilla slid the rubber cock slowly down Ella’s vaginal passage to gauge the natural length of her pussy. She found that Ella was about 4 inches deep. She put a band on the dildo to mark the maximum she could insert the 9 inch dildo into Ella. She was extremely cross with her friend but didn’t want to hurt her. With that sorted, she withdrew the vibrator then grabbed Ella’s hair forcing her head back, making Ella wince.

“Do you have anything else to say before you get what’s coming to you?” Camilla asked as steely as she could.

Ella was still in a state of shock about her friend’s manner and tried to beg her, “Camilla, I am so sorry! I don’t know what came over me! Please!

“It’s too late for that now. You’re a horny little girl and you have to be punished.”

And with that, Camilla rammed the vibrator into Ella’s soppy pussy, immediately settling in to a fast, pounding pace, taking all of her frustrations out on her friend. She knew that Ella would start to enjoy this treatment once she realised that Camilla was in control and would not hurt her so to keep Ella worried, Camilla pulled on her hair again, making her wince and uncomfortable.

With the big rubber dick thumping its way into her shallow cunt, Ella couldn’t relax and enjoy being fucked as she would have wanted to. It wasn’t hurting her but her pussy felt very tight with the dildo being so big. She understood that Camilla was extremely upset with her and did not know whether she would end up being hurt by accident.

After pounding away at Ella’s pussy for awhile, Camilla noticed that Ella had been silent for quite some time. She now felt satisfied that Ella had learned her lesson and she stopped thrusting into her.

Ella was quietly sobbing. Not because of the treatment she was getting but because she felt really bad that she had let her friend down. With the punishment over, Camilla did not want to leave Ella with the situation bad between them. She gently started stroking Ella’s bare butt, awakening her senses again.

Ella stopped sobbing as she felt the new delicate touch on her bum and smiled knowing that her friend had now forgiven her. She tried to turn over but had forgotten that she was still handcuffed face down. Camilla took the blue vibrator out of the holster and placed it under Ella’s body so that it lay between the bed and her clitoris. She switched it on and Ella moaned with delight.

As the vibrator buzzed away, Camilla un-handcuffed her friend. Ella immediately got up and hugged her. “I’m sorry.” Ella said and kissed Camilla. “I’m going to make it up to you.”

Ella guided Camilla onto her back. She kissed her again and this time let her tongue slither down Camilla’s chin to her neck, between her breasts, over her navel and down to her clitoris. Ella spent an hour licking Camilla’s sensitive clit, giving her the most powerful and intense orgasms she had ever experienced.

…And for Leon (sorry about the boots), a few special pics that have nothing to do with the story. This girls is one of my all time favourite models, the amazing Angela White.

Angela clearly throws her support behind the no bra policy of the college.

20 thoughts on “Humiliating Biology Class

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Glad you like it as there are a few questionable parts that I’m not too sure how they’ll be received…

      1. KienerK

        As long as you give people warning about the story beforehand, it’s all right.

        When I read the stories here, I think of the different authors as floating at various positions around the ‘core continuity’ of what Richard Hertz writes.

        When you first started posting, I was taken aback by your stories – I always felt the level of outrageousness in a CCoC story had to be carefully balanced, and that your stories went over the cliff – but now I just consider you the ‘CCoC Extreme’ division of the site, and leave your stories alone.

        1. William G. Gruff

          Until now I’ve not seen Slick write anything more outrageous than Richard’s stuff. The only real difference from what I can see is that Richard tended to focus on individual couples, while Slick usually writes about whole classrooms.

          Regardless, I’d say Sonic Screwdriver’s horror stories are the extreme division.

          1. base

            The originals had the groping and consensual rape theme here and there. It has always been part of the controversy to these stories. Some authors use it more frequently than others, and some avoid it to the point of ignoring it.

            These are just stories. Not every one of them will fit perfectly into every reader’s vision of the world. In fact, some stray off in a different direction making up new rules as they go. Some of those rules other authors accept, and some are ignored by others.

            Readers should read what they enjoy, and stop reading what they do not enjoy. No one is forced to read everything posted here.

        2. Slick P. Wraith Post author

          Sorry to hear that. Do you feel the same way with my stories that have pictures?
          I tend to make the ones without pictures more graphic as I feel the ones with pictures don’t need so much detail.

          The absurdity to the CCC is what attracted me to start posting and I always thought that the ridiculousness is what made it good/funny but I can understand about being too outrageous. (I very nearly didn’t add the second game the boys play with the girl’s butts and deliberated a long time before leaving it in.)

          I do have a less extreme (in scenario) picture less story coming in about 2 posts time involving a male/female couple that I think is quite cute, almost verging on romantic/love story. It’ll probably be called ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and I would love to know what you in particular think of it when its posted, if you don’t mind reading it


          1. KienerK

            I suppose it’s going from couples to classrooms that makes all the difference.

            When I talk about “outrageousness”, I don’t mean the acts themselves so much as the social context they happen in – the idea that these stories are about a college and surrounding country that’s being heavily subverted.

            One of the biggest aspects of CCoC, I think, are the justifications and rationalizations that go along with the outrageous things that happen. Richard has written several stories that are nothing but essays and explanations about dress and behaviour – and I personally find them the most entertaining part of the site.

            And when I read “A Look Ahead #1” and “An Educational Inspection”, I can see you understand that part, Slick, and I think they show that you can write CCoC stories well.

            When I read stories about entire classrooms getting naked and having sex as part of standard curriculum, though, it feels like the story is taking place in some hypothetical future 10 years down the road, where the transformation is already complete, and all the pretenses are dropped. I suppose I’m not ready to see the transformation completed yet.

          2. William G. Gruff

            I just want to add that if KienerK’s interpretation is correct and you’re giving us a glimpse into the possible future of the CCC (or perhaps even, another of my favorite sites), then I hope to live a very long time. 😀

        3. Slick P. Wraith Post author

          Ok KienerK, I understand the point you’re making. I suppose the difficulty is trying to come up with something original that Richard or any of the other authors haven’t done.

          1. William G. Gruff

            It’s your ability to blend its inherent humor and absurdity with your own unique view of the CCC shared universe that’s made me such a fan of your work, Slick.

            As base already pointed out, some stories may ultimately be less popular than others it would be impossible for a single writer to please all of the readers all of the time. And as I recall even Richard’s stories were sometimes criticized back on the original CCC blog!

            Personally I think the worst thing anyone could do would be to sit down and play it safe by writing a pastiche of Richard’s original stories. Each author should make his or her own contribution to the CCC, I think, for better or for worse.

          2. Slick P. Wraith Post author

            Yeah, I agree William. It’s fascinating finding out what different people and even the different sexes like and dislike about the stories.

  1. leon

    thanks for those pictures of angela. hope to see more soon. i would also love to see girls naked except for shoes. A nice variety of shoes would be good, including sneakers, flats, sandals, and boots.

  2. fan

    Coming from someone whose been to most of the different sites like this. I do like how the CCC gave “rationale” to its theory. Of course its not going to make perfect sense. But this is and X-rated blog. There shouldnt be this small focus of whats acceptable. I like delving into a story and not knowing where its going to go. Thats why I dislike ASN. I like that theres tons of stories and all loosely revolve around the same premise. BUT theres a well defined limit in the first paragraph in the site. and you know for the many stories on the site, there wont be any sexual description/ events taking place. and that takes all the fun out of it. So i say to keep up writing what u like. if people like it theyll keep reading it. if they dont then they can continue on.

      1. Dragavan

        I believe he is referring to the ASN Story Board, or Indian Outlaw’s Stripping Naked Story Board. Located Here

        It’s a board for stories about stripping, nudity, and embarrassment due to nudity. It’s not a sex site and clearly states that the stories should not be about graphic sexual description. It is also not a site for BDSM or violence, so those kinds of stories are also not allowed there. The limitation is there to clearly define what the people who go there want to read and what they can expect to find there. I see no problem with that at all. Just as if I go to a Harry Potter FanFic site I would expect only stories about the wizarding world and not some kind of Star Wars story.

        The CCC has the same kind of restrictions set up to, they just include a different set of rules. The rules here say the stories should be about students and staff at the college, usually dealing with “the rules” and how they affect people, and can include sexual descriptions and the “consensual” rape clause (the reason I don’t write here). You won’t really find people here writing stories about some 30-something lady in New York being treated as a sex slave by her boss at a brokerage firm and how she grew to love it or Firefly FanFic.

        1. base

          ASN allows sex scenes, just not graphic descriptions of them. Indian Outlaw realized too many authors were not up to the task of writing interesting sex scenes, opting for the steel hard throbbing member pounding in and out of her dripping wet pussy… (yawn!) narrative. If all you have is a sex scene story, it is not for ASN. The story must include the stripping scene, even though for many that may have been in first paragraph of Part 1 of 49.


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