Hot Day (archives)

It sure is stuffy in this classroom, Donna thought to herself as she picked at one of the thin straps of her top. Even though she was wearing only panties and a skimpy top, the heat was getting to her. As Donna looked around the room, she saw that most of the other girls were dressed in a similarly skimpy fashion — modesty gives way to necessity on days like this. She fingered her pussy absently as the teacher droned on. That’s one nice thing about wearing just panties and a top, she mused: it provides easy access to the simple pleasures. It didn’t help that her top was a couple sizes too small — don’t get me wrong, Donna looked great in it, with her nipples at attention and all, but the small size of her top seemed to hold in the heat just that much more. She slipped the straps off her shoulders to get some relief. That felt a lot better. When no one was looking, she peeled the top down, just a bit. She didn’t much care if people saw her tits, she just wanted to cool off a bit. Gradually, she peeled her top down, until it was dangling about her waist. That felt a lot better. She looked around the classroom, and was happy to see no one except her roommate, Crysta, noticed she had stripped off her top. She slide it down the rest of the way, past her naked cheeks (her panties were thong style) and down her long, slender legs to the floor. Casually, she picked it up and put it in her purse. Now free from the encumbrance of her top, she felt much cooler, and just a little sexier, too. Her panties covered the minimal necessary parts, the only fabric being the triangle-shaped patch over her lips. She massaged her bald pubic mound as she thought how glad she was that her bush was permanently removed, because shaving is a pain in the — well, pussy. Her panties were barely resting in place, because they were exactly the right size. She had paid a lot of money for them to get the best elastic, the thinnest on the market, with the absolute minimum tention required to hold up her panties. That way, she can wear the panties under any other clothing, or on their own, without any panty lines. They also helped her feel completely naked, they were so light. She slipped a couple fingers under her pussy-cover, and let them play over her wetness, when she was started when the teacher addressed her.

“Donna, it’s not fair to the other girls.”

Donna withdrew her fingers from her pussy as surreptitiously as possible, and tried to recover from her daydream. “What?” was the best she could do under the circumstances.

The teacher repeated herself. “It’s not fair for you to take off your top, unless all the girls can take off their tops.”

Donna frowned. Her first thought was what’s stopping the other girls from taking off their tops? But she knew the answer, at least in Crysta’s case. Crysta was embarrassed about her huge boobs, and like to keep a semblence of modesty regarding them. So she took a different tack: “Why can’t the girls who want to take off their tops just take them off?”

The teacher sighed, and addressed Donna as if she were a little child, “What if everyone but one girl took off her top? How do you think that girl would feel? She might be ashamed to take off her top, but feel such pressure from the others that she would take it off anyway.”

Donna simply failed to see why she should be responsible for the shame of the other girls, but she played along anyway. She knew there would be some girls, Crysta in particular, who would be unwilling to part with their tops, but she was pretty sure she could bully all the girls into taking off an article of clothing, so she said “What if I get all the girls to take something off. Then some of us would be topless, and some would be bottomless, and we would all be more comfortable in this heat.”

The teacher seemed doubtful, but hearing the murmur of approval from the class, she finally agreed. “Donna, I’ll assign you to go around the class and collect one item of clothing from each girl.”

Donna smiled, and got up to start the process rolling. Crysta was first. She happily took off her panties, and sat down with her legs apart, resting her hand against her bald pussy, stroking it gently as she watched the other girls strip. The next girl Donna came to was wearing a minidress that was so short her naked butt cheeks were hanging out the bottom. For a minute, it looked like all she was wearing was the minidress, because she wasn’t making a move to take anything off. Finally she gave in, and took off her thong panties, much to everyone’s disappointment. The next girl was wearing panties and a tiny tube top, barely more than an inch wide, positioned over her nipples. She asked if it would be OK to take off her panties and move her tube top down, so she could wear it as a miniskirt. No one objected, so she made the adjustment. The next girl was wearing a teddy and a micro-miniskirt. The skirt hung low on her waist, and flared out, not quite covering the bottom of her teddy. She took off her skirt revealing gorgeous butt cheeks separated by the ass-strap of her teddy. She started to hand the skirt to Donna, but was interrupted when the class let out groans of complaint. They wanted her to take off the teddy, and wear just the micro-minidress. Cowed by the will of the majority, she stripped naked, and put her miniskirt back on. Everyone watched with rapt attention as she stood with her legs apart to adjust her skirt. The back covered exactly down to her asshole, leaving a nice view of her pussy. The front covered the top of her pussy, leaving a view of her vagina, which had started to become moist from all the attention placed on it. She sat down and covered her pussy with her hands, letting them slide up and down slowly as the other girls stripped.

Finally, Donna came to the last girl in the class. She was wearing a semi-sheer baby-doll dress. As she stood up the class watched, expecting her to take off her thong. Instead, she began to cry.

“What’s the matter?” Donna asked, stroking the girl’s face gently.

The girl whispered in Donna’s ear, but the class couldn’t hear what she said. Donna shook her head, and continued stroking the girl as she whispered something in her ear.

As the girl continued crying, Donna explained the problem to the class. “She’s just wearing the one item of clothing. She wants special permission to keep it on.”

The teacher chimed in, “This is exactly the problem I was trying to avoid, Donna, when I told you to keep your top on. Now, do you see the problem?”

Everyone saw the problem. Because of this one girl, everyone would need to put their clothes back on, including Donna. There had to be way around this problem. One girl suggested, “Why don’t you sit down, and keep your legs crossed so no one will see your pussy?”

It looked at first as though this would be the breakthrough they needed, because the girl sat down, crossed her legs, and started to lift her dress up. She was a beautiful girl, with sexy legs and a flat belly. But when she had lifted her dress up even with her breasts she got cold feet. She snuggled the dress around her breasts and started crying again. “I don’t see why I should be the only girl who has to strip naked,” she sobbed.

One girl wearing only a micro-miniskirt said, “Look at me, I’m *nearly* naked. This skirt hides very little.” She stood up and spread her legs to make her point. Everyone nodded because she was right. Nothing was hidden.

“Then can you take it off, so I won’t be the only naked girl?”

Suddenly the micro-miniskirt seemed very important. She hugged it to her sexy body, mumbled something, and sat down.

The teacher addressed the class. “If anyone else is willing to get naked, please do so now. Otherwise I’ll just have to ask you to put your clothes back on, and we’ll get on with our class.”

You could hear crickets chirp. Gradually the girls started talking to each other about the possibility of stripping. Girls sat together in twos and threes debating who should strip. The girls with the least coverage were proposed as likely victims. Methods, such as casting lots, were proposed as a way to see who should strip. Some of the girls allowed themselves to be partially stripped as a trial, to see how it felt. Girls sat and loosened their panties, some pulling them down as far as their knees to imagine whether they could stand being naked. Donna saw all the girls slipping slowly out of their panties, and felt ashamed to be practically the only girl still fully covered, so she loosened her panties a bit, too.

Finally, the teacher weighed in, “I see you girls are all thinking about taking off your panties, which is a good idea. Any girl who is OK with the idea of taking off her panties should go ahead and do that now.”

For an agonizing minute, no one moved. But then, one by one, the girls started taking off their panties, and handing them to Donna as she went about the room. Donna, though, wasn’t comfortable taking off her panties, although she left them loose, letting the top of her pussy peek out. In the end, Donna came back to the girl in the baby doll dress, and looked at her. Four or five girls were completely naked, and half the rest were bottomless, so there was no more excuse for her to leave her dress on. Slowly, she took it off, and handed it to Donna.

The teacher looked at her watch, and then at the great pile of clothes that had been gathered from the class. “It’s close to the end of the class,” she said, “so I think we’ll stop here. Donna, will you please gather up the clothes and make a donation to the College Clothing Drive?”

Pandamonium broke loose! The girls all expected to get their clothes back at the end of class. The naked ones, especially, were upset with the idea of donating their clothes to the clothing drive.

Donna yelled over the hubub. “Wait, wait! I understand how you feel, it’s not fair for the naked girls — girls who took off her clothes just to make Sara feel better — to have all their clothes donated to charity while the rest of you get to leave with some of your clothes. So I propose that we all strip, and that way we’ll be equally naked.”

“And there will be an even better clothing donation,” said the teacher.

The class wasn’t sure, at first, even though they were all pretty-near naked. But Donna took off her little panties, and threw them in the pile. One by one, the girls reluctantly stripped, and threw the last scrap of their clothes in the pile. Donna went with Crysta to the clothing donation drop, and threw them in. “When you’re naked, it’s good to have company,” Donna said. Crysta agreed as the two girls hugged, and kissed. It felt good to be naked together.


You know, I probably should get around to fixing that air conditioner unit some day. I think it’ll work better if I turn down the furnace, too.
Comment By Custodian At 10/10/2007 2:11 AM

Dude, you are either a really evil, really smart, or really stupid janitor. Any way you put it, it rocks.
I was in the gym class outside that day and took some pictures with my camera phone, but they didn’t turn out or i would have posted them by now.
Comment By Mystery Man At 8/8/2010 9:36 PM

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