High School Punishment

As a teenager, I rarely gave much thought to the way our high school used temporary partial nudity to punish girls. Like most girls, I just took it in stride if a teacher asked me to stand up next to my desk, and, say, take off my top. Sure, it was a little embarrassing, especially if I happened not to be wearing a bra that day, but I was always allowed to put my top back on before the class ended. Some girls covered their breasts with their hands for the whole class period when they lost their tops, but I always thought that just attracted more attention. I always just acted natural, and if a boy happened to get an eyefull of my titties, oh well.

Spanking was the only other punishment for girls that was regularly dished out by our teachers. This, too, was no big deal — more embarrassing than painful. When a girl is called to be spanked, she removes her bottoms, including panties, if any, and leaves them at her desk. This was no big deal, because most girls wore a dress or a top that was long enough to wear without panties, if necessary — more about that later, when I talk about the dress code. Then she comes up to the front of the room and stands with her back to the class while the teacher positions a chair sideways in front of her. The teacher sits, and then the girl lifts her dress and lies down on the teacher’s lap, with her bare bottom facing the class. Usually, four of five sharp slaps is enough to make the girl’s rump pretty red and sore. But, as I mentioned, the embarrassment is worse than the pain. You see, the girl usually tries to keep her legs together to hide the source of her embarrassment, but as the slaps continue, the pain becomes unbearable, and eventually, she’ll spread her legs apart. When she does, her vagina usually opens, and her pussy is as bright red as her butt. It takes only a few gentle strokes from her inner thighs, along her perineum, ending between her cheeks to make her cum in front of the whole class. After she finishes cumming, the teacher will usually let the girl stand up, and return to her desk, where she can put her bottoms back on.

Our high school’s dress code was pretty simple: Girls can wear whatever they want, as long as their panties don’t show. Our typical fashion in high school was to wear just a top and matching panties. The panties were part of the outfit because the cutest tops were the ones that almost covered our panties. This was technically a dress code violation, which, to me, only added to the thrill of wearing such a sexy get-up. Girls who were worried about the dress code often wore a thong instead of panties, especially under the shortest tops. Most teachers didn’t bother to enforce the dress code; they just let girls wear a top and panties, because they weren’t hurting anything, and we looked awfully cute.

But some teachers were “old school”, and believed the dress code existed to make sure girls’ tops were long enough to cover their pretty little butts, and so they would threaten to punish the girls who violated this rule by (1) calling their parents to pick them up from school, or (2) making them remove a top they deemed “too short” to keep our panties or thong covered up. Calling the parents is out of the question, of course, because that just causes more problems. Removing the too-short top was a problem for some girls, because most of us never wore a bra. So the defacto punishment for a dress code violation was being stripped down to just panties, and spending the rest of the day partially naked.

Although I had heard plenty of rumors, it wasn’t until my senior year that I first saw a girl being forced to strip completely naked in front of the class, and it was on the very first day of school! Here’s how it happened. Our physics teacher made one of the girls stand up, and do a spin. She was wearing an adorable top, and a cute pair of bikini panties, almost covered by the top. This is a really small violation of the dress code, so normally, a teacher would let it slide, but I guess this guy wanted to make a point, so he made her take off her top. She had really pretty breasts, I remember, and she really looked adorable in those panties. Normally, a girl would just chalk it up to bad luck that she would have to spend the rest of the day topless, but this poor girl begged for her top back. The teacher took pity on her, and gave her a choice of wearing just her panties for the rest of the day, or stripping naked now, and then getting her top back at the end of the class period. Most girls would suck it up and wear the panties, but to our surprise, she simply removed her panties. Completely shaven, and wearing nothing but her shoes, she handed her panties to the teacher, and sat down. Then, at the end of the period, true to his word, the teacher gave the girl back her top, which she wore for the rest of the day. I’m sure most everyone assumed she was wearing a thong under it, but a few of us knew the truth. She confided in me later that she felt very free wearing only a top, and actually quite relieved that she was allowed to wear her top that day, instead of just her panties. I believe her, too, because for the rest of the year, whenever she wore that top, or some other tops that were even shorter, she went commando.

It was really exciting for me to see a girl forced to strip naked in class. It reminded me of my first gym class, when I was a freshman. All us girls were in the locker room when the gym teacher, a man, by the way, came in and told us to take off our clothes. He watched as we stripped, and then told us to line up in the gym, where we got our gym shirts. He told us our shirts were plenty long, and we don’t need shorts — or panties. Believe me, it was really hard at first to wear just my gym shirt, especially when we had co-ed gym with the boys. But, like most things in high school, you get used to it before long.

By the time my senior year rolled around, I was used to seeing topless girls in the hallway, and sometimes even in my classes. And it was very popular for girls to show a lot of cheek. Maybe they wore thongs, but maybe not! So the point is this: I was used to seeing half-naked girls at school. But I always figured they either chose to be half naked or maybe they had to take off their top as a punishment of some sort. So it really caught me off-guard when, the day before my 18th birthday, my College Prep teacher told me I should be prepared to wear my “birthday suit” in school the next day. I guess I must have looked pretty shocked, because he laughed and laughed. When he finished laughing, he said okay, honey, you can wear a miniskirt, but that’s it. He didn’t have to remind me what a “miniskirt” meant. Under three inches! As it happened, I owned exactly one miniskirt, which I used as part of my “sexy nurse” costume the previous Halloween. It really didn’t leave a lot to the imagination, but it was better than being naked, I suppose.

The next day, I got up, and can you believe it? I was too embarrassed to put on my Halloween skirt, even in front of my family. So I went downstairs naked for breakfast, and I was really surprised when a whole bunch of my friends were there, yelling “Surprise!” They hugged me, and patted my butt, and wished me a happy birthday. Not one of them, bless their hearts, seemed to notice that I was naked. Before long, they all began heading off to school, until only my friend Mary was left. “Are you really going to do it? Are you going to school naked?”

I took her upstairs to see my tiny little skirt. “What do you think?” I asked.

“I love it, it’s really cute!” she said. “Try it on!”

So I put it on, and did a little spin for her.

She giggled, and said “You should definitely wear that! It’s adorable!”

“You don’t think it’s too sheer?”

She shook her head. “You can’t see anything.”

“Or too short, maybe?”

She laughed. “It’s a miniskirt, so of course it’s short. It’s really adorable! Come on, let’s go. We’ll be late for the bus.”

She took me by the hand, and pulled me outside, where we saw the bus already at our stop. “Bye, mom!” I yelled, as the two of us ran for the bus, which was already starting to pull away from our stop. Thank goodness the driver saw us, stopped, and opened the door. There was only one seat left, so I said “Go ahead. I’ll stand.”

“No, honey,” she said. “It’s your birthday. Take the seat.” What a sweet girl!

So I sat down and hugged her, noticing for the first time that her butt was completely bare. I gently stroked her butt cheeks, and looked up at her. No panties. Oh, poor Mary! Her sexy little top rode up because she was stretching with both arms to hold onto the overhead bar. Maybe no one noticed. Finally, we got to school, and Mary could put her hands down. I tugged her little top into place for her, noticing that in front, it exactly covered her pussy, and in back, it exactly covered her asshole. A delightfully cheeky top — just barely decent!

I went to all my morning classes, and quite a few people complimented me on my cute little miniskirt. No one seemed to mind that I was topless, which was a relief. As silly as it sounds, the thing I was most worried about was that someone might ask me why I was topless. Or why I wasn’t wearing any underwear under such a short skirt. Or why I was so obviously sexually excited. Yeah. I was a big embarrassed about that, but it was true. Being naked in public was a secret turn-on for me, and this skirt made me feel almost completely naked, so I was a little excited. This little problem of mine wasn’t made any easier by the warm greetings I got from both boys and girls, who patted my nearly bare butt each time they hugged me. But somehow I made it through the morning classes. What a relief!

My next class was CP. I was so thrilled to see they had decorated the room, and yelled “Happy Birthday” as soon as I arrived in class. Our teacher put a birthday hat on my head, the kind with an elastic chin strap, you know? And someone pulled my skirt off, too, but with all the commotion, I didn’t even notice!

“Could I have a quick word with you?” asked my teacher.

“Sure,” I said, and followed him outside into the hallway.

“You’re the first girl in the class to have her 18th birthday so far this school year, so I need you to set the example.”

Suddenly, I felt silly standing in the deserted hallway wearing nothing but a pair of shoes and a silly hat. “Example?”

“I need you to sign this.” He handed me a clipboard. “Be a good girl.”

Be a good girl? I was getting annoyed. But I started reading. “Whereas the rules and regulations of the school permit teachers, staff, and other designated individuals the authority to blah, blah, blah” I looked up. “What does it mean?”

“It means, since you’re 18 now, that you can have sex in school.”

“I’ll let you in a little secret. Lots of girls have sex in school.”

My teacher sighed. “It means, honey, that you can have sex in class. In front of your classmates.”

I let the clipboard clatter to the floor. “What? That’s crazy! Why would I do that?”

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” He paused, and said, “Look. Any of your teachers can order you to strip naked at any time.”

I laughed. “Yes, I know that.”

“Well, now that you’re 18, a teacher can order you to have sex with a boy.”

“What if I don’t want to have sex with that boy? Or any boy?”

“Then you can be kept naked, and even tied up while people fondle you sexually, until you agree to have sex with the boy.”

“But that would be rape, wouldn’t it?”

“Not if you sign here.” He picked up the clipboard and handed it to me. He hooked a finger gently under my chin and looked into my eyes. “Do it, honey. All the girls eventually sign. Be the first one this year. It’ll make it that much easier for the others.”

I scribbled my signature at the bottom of the form, but I didn’t feel good about it.

Our CP teacher opened the door, and the room suddenly got quiet, and all the students took their seats. All of a sudden, I noticed my desk was gone. “Pick any boy, sweetie, and then you can sit on his lap.”

I looked around the room, and saw the boys shrinking away from me in horror! Finally, with a shit-eating grin on my face, I stopped at one boy, the cutest one in the class. “You,” I said.

He gulped. and started fumbling with his belt.

I wrapped my arms around him, and kissed him softly. “Shhh, let me help you.” I unbuckled his pants, and let them drop to the floor. I could see he had a huge erection inside his boxer shorts. I eased them off. Next, I began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Mr. Um, he said we could. Um…”

“Forget Mr. Um,” I said, admiring his beautiful chest. “Can you hold that thing down while I sit on your lap?”

It popped back up again as soon as I sat down. “Mmmm,” I said. It felt good on my wet pussy. I pushed the joy stick back and forth across my lips, letting its wet tip caress my clit. “Mmmm,” I repeated.

He hugged me tighter and tighter, lifting me off his lap, while I held his tip against me, letting it slide down my pussy until it popped into my vagina. “Mmmm, mmmm, ha ha! Mmmm,” I couldn’t think of anything else to say, it felt so good. His hands were all over me as he rocked his pelvis back and forth, oh, man, that felt sooo goooood! My nipples were so hard, I wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled his beautiful face toward mine as he rocked, rocked, rocked, ohh, his sweet lips! Oh! Oh! He grunted and held me tight, and I came. I felt my vagina pulsing. Was that me? or him? or both of us? Yes, both of us, oh, it felt so good!

As if waking from a dream, I looked around and was surprised to see my classmates clapping and cheering. What were they so happy about, I wondered? I kissed the boy and started to lift off him, but he pulled me back. “It feels so good inside you,” he said. “Let me stay a little longer.”

Oh, that was so sweet. I stayed as long as he wanted. The bell rang, but he wasn’t in any hurry to get up, and you know what? Neither was I.

* * *

And now, a pretty girl who may or may not have something to do with my story. She couldn’t decide what to wear today with her sneakers, so she just went with whatever she had on at the time. Do you think she made a good choice?



No, seriously, what should she wear today?


She took extra care to make herself beautiful.


And she even gave herself an asshole massage. Mmmm, that feels good!


Maybe there’s something that will go with these black shoes…





Like this pink dress, perhaps. Should I put it on?


Maybe it’s a little too long. What do you think?


Yes, I know I changed out of my black shoes. But that’s not the point. Don’t you see? The dress is too long.

PrettyGirl2015-01-01dWell, thanks for looking at my pictures. It’s been fun sharing them with you.


22 thoughts on “High School Punishment

    1. lilly

      you are so lucky i wish i could go to school like that and have to show it in front of the class like at the beginning and were only shirts or with no panties and i most definatly would never were a bra in fact i think id like to were a dress just like yours to school except even shorter!!!!!

  1. lilly

    i wish so bad to do that in fact i would wish every day was my birthday and have to wear my birthday suit to school!!!!

  2. lilly

    also i love you pictures it just makes me want to do it too!!!! thank you for those wonderful pictures of your pussy, bottom, and breast i there is more

  3. lilly

    i wish i could do that this is the one i read over and over and i love it every time i espicialy like the part at the begining about the spanking

  4. alea

    lucky for that girl she actually got her panties back at my friends college if you had a uniform infraction you would have to strip in front of the class not put clothes on until the end of the next school day (a big problem for the week ends) and he finally gives them back at the end of the next day. She had to do it once. i went there the next year (she is a year older then me) and i was told to strip in front of the class, i asked why since my uniform was correct, and he told me, for asking that question, i would not get my clothes back until the end of the day instead of the end of the class. after stripping i gave him my clothes and started walking back to my desk he then told me that, for walking to my desk with out him saying i could i would not get them back until the end of the next school day and would have to stay in his class the whole day long to serve as an example for certain things. then stay after school to have my other teachers teach me the things i missed that day.

    1. Amazing Dough

      On the subject of pictures, thanks to whoever took down that new header photo of a row of bottomless girls. Surely there were nicer pics to use than that one.

  5. Anonymous

    I went to a strict private school run mostly by men. if a girl had too short of a skirt she had to strip down to panties only for rest of the day. some teachers made the girls even go fully nude. if a girl got a spanking it was always nude

  6. Anonymous

    in my school first offense for girl means she can only wear panties for the rest of the day. second offense is so many school days fully nude. third offense is entire school year fully nude. we have two girls in the school who had to do about half the school year being nude.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah, this kind of high school discipline is very common, if anything this school seems to be more conservative and slowly opening up with their College Prep class.

    I remember as a freshman just getting thrown right into the high school experience: in a typical month you saw fifteen naked girls and several dozen or so topless or bottomless girls just walking around. In my first week alone three girls were stripped naked, one a sophomore in my class! Several were naked in their yearbook photos, if you were punished on picture day then that was that!

    Our PE class had a mandated uniform of nudity only, for both guys and girls (though it wasn’t a punishment and you could get dressed afterwards). It was a weird adjustment, but it was fun being naked out and about.

    There was a body positivity club, it had kind of a special status since if you joined you were allowed/required to be naked 24/7! I eventually gave in and joined in my junior year, but when my little sister got to high school she signed up day one.

    College Prep was fun since that’s when you could start (officially) having sex, though as mentioned lots of kids have fun even if it’s not allowed. It’s essentially an unwritten rule that bottomless or nude-punished students are free to masturbate, for instance. But yeah, in CP a lot of the girls felt safe with me since I was naked anyways, and would often just penetrate themselves on me during class. Our rules were a bit different from the college Donna and Crysta goes to, guys had to conform to the same “consensual rape” rules as girls if they had an erection, which was taken advantage of surprisingly often. Really helped us understand the codes.

  8. Ruthie Ocegueda

    I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…


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