High School Horror Stories 02 – The Lottery (archives)

High School Horror Stories is a series of stories told in the first person by college co-eds who have come into our offices to tell stories about their pre-College experiences.  Out of respect for the girls who share their stories, we never use their name, but we don’t mind describing their beauty, including the pretty clothes they wear when they come to see us.

We were bowled over by the girl-next-door beauty of our next story teller.  To give you an idea what she was like, imagine the most beautiful girl in the world, and then let her bite her bottom lip and smile coyly.  It didn’t hurt that she was dressed in a string bikini that left her sexy hips unbroken by the lines of her clothes.  Did I mention her smile?  It lit up the whole room.  Her shiny brown hair was done up in a pony tail so her hair would swish back and forth over her back as she laughed, wafting her sexy fragrance our way.   We drank in the soft scent of her hair, the fresh clean smell of her skin, and when we dared to get closer, the delicious fragrance of her freshly shaved pussy.  Such a doll, she was, but with a very scary story.  Here it is, in her own words.

Okay, before I tell my story, I should explain about the way we used to dress in high school.  We wore a t-shirt and panties.  Every one of us.  We all wore the same thing, every day.  It was our unofficial dress code, since we didn’t have an official one at our school.  Sure, there were subtle variations.  Some girls wore tank tops, or halter tops instead of a t-shirt, and others preferred thongs over panties.  You see, if you wore a thong, and your top was long enough to cover the strap, then, well it was a kind of bare-bottom look that a lot of girls liked.  And let’s face it: the boys liked the thongs, too.  I really don’t know how the unofficial dress code evolved like that, but that’s what we wore, and we really didn’t think much about it.

Okay, and before I start my story, there’s this one other thing I should tell you about our high school, which maybe not every high school does.  It’s the lottery.  You see, our cafeteria had two seating areas — one for the freshmen and sophomores, and the other for the juniors and seniors.  The problem, at least for the juniors, was that the seniors thought they “owned” the cafeteria, and out of the “kindness” of their hearts, they would let us eat there.  But we had to play the stupid lottery.

Okay, I know it was harmless fun, and most of my girlfriends took it in stride, but I never really enjoyed the lottery, even though the idea was pretty simple.  Every day, they picked a different junior girl, tied her up, and did stuff to her.  Nothing real nasty, though.  Funny stuff, mostly.  And for each of us girls, on all but one of those days, the stuff happens to some other girl, and so I would laugh along with everyone else.  But in the pit of my stomach, I knew it would be my turn one of these days.

Okay, I know what you must be thinking.  After they tied her up, they would want to strip her naked and maybe fuck her, right?  No, it wasn’t that bad.  The worst they would usually do would be to just take off her top; They would always let her keep her panties on.  Like I said, it was innocent fun.  They picked the victim this way: One of the seniors would reach into the bucket and pull out a name.  The room would be totally silent as the victim’s name was read.  I would sigh with relief, and join the cheering as the poor girl would get up onto the “gallows”, which was really just a raised platform.  I usually found myself getting a little juicy watching the victim, who would often tug at her top, willing it to cover her better as she walked up there, only to lose it just a few minutes later.  I imagined her heart beating fast as she raises her arms.  There was something really sexy about the way she was briefly blinded as her top was gently lifted off her nubile body.  During that brief instant when her eyes were covered, I would feel free to admire the curve of her hips, and her pretty belly.  Once her shirt was gone, she would place her hands through the silk loops at the end of a rope that hung down from the ceiling.  As we would finish our lunch, I would look up from time to time to see how she’s been holding up.  If she was lucky, she would just have to stand there until lunch period was over and then she would get her top back, and her humiliation would be over.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  Surely we didn’t always wear a bra, so aren’t some of the girls made to stand topless in front of all their classmates?  That happens, but less often than you would think.  You see, all the girls who haven’t “won” the lottery yet know their time may come any day, so we are very careful to wear underwear, usually including a bra, and always panties, just in case we get picked that day.  I can’t say we were that diligent about always wearing bras — there were a few girls who won the lottery in just their panties.  But the idea of winning the lottery without any underwear at all, well, that never happened.  At least, it never happened while I was going to the school.

Okay, there was this one girl who was legendary, apparently, because when they took off her top, she was stark naked!  They hoisted her top to the rafters, where it stayed to this day as a reminder of what can happen to a girl who “forgets” her panties.  Legend has it this poor naked girl was covered with whipped cream by her friends so she wouldn’t be completely naked, and then after lunch was over, she carried the whipped cream can from one class to the next, and as the cream would melt and slide off her tight little body, she would squirt some more on.

Okay, so what makes it such an ordeal to stand there in front of everyone in your underwear?  Well, the senior boys, in particular, make it a real challenge.  They like to tickle the poor helpless girl.  Or they might put things in her panties, like ice cubes.  One poor girl got her butt completely covered with peanut butter!  They caked it in her crack, and smoothed it down her legs as well.  They must have put half a pound of it in her panties.  The weight of her panties combined with the slipperiness of her legs caused her panties to slide down.  She was tried to keep them up by spreading her legs pretty far apart in spite of a whole lot of whooping and hollering, but in the end she wasn’t able to save them.

Okay, but this was the exception to the rule.  Most of the time, the girl just stands there, and endures a little tickling, and then she would be released into the company of her friends, who would help her clean herself up to be presentable for the afternoon.  Even though her bra and panties would often be lost or ruined in the ordeal, most girls were happy when it was over.

Okay, so as the year wore on, my dread increased.  That’s when two of my best friends decided to take it up a notch.  They called their idea “russian roulette”.  None of us had won the lottery yet, so it was just a matter of time before we did.  Here’s how their game worked.  We took turns going “commando”, hoping not to win the lottery that day.  If any one of us failed to be in school sans underwear on our appointed day, the other two would strip that girl naked before the morning late bell finished ringing.  So either way we would be naked.  That was the dare.

Okay, so we played rock, paper, scissors, and so one of my girlfriends was the first to go commando.  I was so excited to see her the next day!  She wore a baggy t-shirt that covered all but an inch of her cheeks.  If anyone saw her cheeks, they would just figure she was in a thong, but I knew the truth, and it was exciting.  At lunch, I was secretly hoping she would “win”.  I was positively juicy with anticipation.  But at lunch, some other girl won the lottery.  Although it wasn’t as entertaining as it would have been if my friend had won, we enjoyed watching this girl.  (I felt my bottomless friend’s pussy, and found it to be quite damp, silent testimony to our mutual enjoyment.)  The seniors teased the day’s victim by offering her a big spoonful of grape jelly.  They told her she could eat it, or else they would put it in her pretty white panties.  Not wanting to dirty her panties, she ate it.  Then they offered her another, and another, until she couldn’t eat any more.  She begged them not to dirty her panties, but they pulled the front of her panties down anyway, and scraped the large spoon against her smooth pussy, dislodging the jelly into them.  They offered another spoonful to eat, but she refused, so they pulled down the back of her panties, and smooshed the jelly into her crack.  They continued this humiliation, smearing jelly all over her body, especially her pretty little bottom.  She was glad when the bell rang, so her friends could help her get cleaned up.  They used their tongues to get the worst of it off, followed by wet paper towels, until she was clean enough to put her shirt back on.

Okay, so the next day was my turn to go commando.  I didn’t have a good feeling about this day.  It started in the morning, when my mother insisted, God knows why, that I should wear my babydoll dress to school.  It was really cute, and I had worn it before, with the matching panties.  There was a floral pattern woven into the top, so even though it was semi-sheer, you couldn’t really see anything.  I always made sure each of my nipples was under one of the flowers when I wore it.  But I couldn’t very well tell my mother it was my turn to go commando to school.  I said I would wear the babydoll the next day, and looked for a t-shirt to wear.  But I guess it was laundry day, because I had nothing — I mean absolutely nothing — to wear other than the babydoll dress.  I was in a real pickle.  If I wore the panties, my friends would strip me naked, but if I didn’t my mother would give me the third degree on the way out the door.  Not to mention the babydoll dress without the matching panties is about the most revealing thing I or any girl has ever worn to school.  But I was out of options.  I sucked it up, and decided to wear the babydoll without the panties, telling myself it was decent enough for school.  So as I was gathering my stuff for school, and all through breakfast, I hid my bottom from my mom, and then when her back was turned I yelled “bye, mom,” and dashed out the door.

Okay, I was immediately sorry I had allowed myself to get sucked into this dare, because I was essentially bottomless.  I arranged the dress as best I could, willing it to cover me.  I waited with my friends at the bus stop, praying they wouldn’t notice how skimpy my outfit was.  God, I wish it weren’t so windy!  Of course they noticed, but they were sweet not to say anything bad about it.  One girl said I looked pretty in the dress, and I said thank you.  When the bus came, I waited in line to get on, hoping it would be a girl who was behind me, but it was a boy.  My dress barely covered my butt at all,  so I knew he could see everything if he looked up.  When I looked back at him, I saw he was looking down, so I was safe.  Whew!  I made my way toward the back of the bus, but there were no empty seats.  I reached up to hold onto the bar, and that made my dress open up at the slit up the middle of the front of it.  I was a little embarrassed, but no one seemed to notice.  Maybe I was just imagining I was underdressed.  That happens to me sometimes when I’m not wearing panties.  That breezy feeling makes my imagination run away.  I took a few deep breaths and began to relax.  The most important thing was to get through the day — especially lunch — without anything horrible happening.  I got off the bus in a fairly good mood.  After all, the bus was the first place I could have run into trouble wearing such a skimpy outfit, and nothing bad happened.  I met my two girlfriends right outside the school.  We kissed and hugged as usual.  They felt me up to make sure I wasn’t wearing panties.  We all giggled.  Having passed that test, we went to our lockers, our arms around each other.  My friends reached beneath my dress and stroked my bottom as we walked.  I reached up their dresses, and stroked their bottoms through their soft cotton panties.  If I had been feeling a little more frisky, I would have put my hands down their panties to feel their bottoms directly, and I know they wouldn’t have minded, but I was still a bit preoccupied with my own near-bottomless situation.

Okay, we went into our homeroom, and I sat down in my seat.  Ohh!  It was cold.  I was surprised by that.  I mean, I had gone without panties before, but I always scoot the back of my dress (or t-shirt) under me as I sit so the boy behind me wouldn’t see my bare butt.  I raised myself up slightly, and tried to scoot the back of my babydoll dress under me, but all I felt was air.  Arrgh!  It was too short!  I tried to pull it down, but it was no use.  Oh well, I thought.  He’ll just have to look at my butt.  No big deal.  Then I looked down and got another shock.  My dress had separated, leaving my pussy out in the open!  Without turning my head, I tried to survey the class to see if anyone noticed.  I didn’t think so.  I arranged my dress to cover me as much as possible, but I had to stay very still, since my dress so lightly touched my thighs.  I saw I would have to be very careful today.

Okay, after homeroom, I was very thirsty — all this trepidation over the babydoll dress has made my mouth very dry — but the only water fountain on the way to my first period class was extremely embarrassing to use in a short dress.  It was absurdly tall, and so there were steps leading up to it.  I was going to use it, but there was a girl already using it, and I could see her thong.  I envied the way her thong let her feel so free to bend over, and I thought about my own situation, with a dress that was even shorter, and, of course, no thong to block the view.  After she was done, the hallway was pretty clear, so I chanced it.  Thirst overcame decorum.  One or two people passed me, but I don’t think they noticed.  Thank God no one was waiting behind me to drink.

Okay, my next class was “conversational French”, which was always a bit dicey in a short dress, because when the weather was nice, the teacher liked to hold class outside.  We would sit on the grass in a circle, and the teacher would lead us in discussion, in French, of course.  Some of the girls would try to sit with their legs together, either kneeling, or kind of resting on one hip.  Other girls would sit on their butts, hugging their knees in front of them.  And still others would sit Indian style, with their legs crossed.  Just about all of the girls wore panties, and so they didn’t worry about the way they were sitting.  But every day there were a few girls who went commando — not always the same ones, but either for a change of pace, or because of the requirements of the outfit they had selected for the day, they went without panties.  So I wasn’t alone in that regard.  I looked around the circle of girls on the grass, and I smiled as I spotted the ones without panties.  We were the ones sitting Indian style casually resting our hands in our laps.  Or we were the ones shifting from one uncomfortable position to another in hopes of keeping things to ourselves.  In my case, that was next to impossible, but I tried, anyway.

Okay, my heart rate is reaching a crescendo.  This is what I had been dreading all morning.  It was lunch time.  I got my lunch and sat down with my friends, thankful for their warm, comforting hands in my lap.  I tried to be casual, but was worried about the lottery.  I knew I would be picked some day, just please, please not today!  The senior boys made a drum roll on the table, and the name was selected.  The girl held the name in her hands, and looked directly at me.  I felt myself standing up.  Oh, God, please not today!  Please not in my baby doll dress without any panties or bra!  She continued to stare at me, and I felt myself stripping.  My pussy was swollen and wet with anticipation of the sexy humiliation I was about to experience.  I dropped the dress on the table and made my way forward.  It’s funny the thoughts that go through your head at a time like this.  I was thinking how good it was that I had just shaved.

What are you doing? asked the girl holding my name.

Didn’t you call me? I asked, suddenly aware of my own nakedness.  I covered my pussy.

No, I didn’t she said, shaking her head with… something.  Was it disgust?  Confusion?  I couldn’t make it out.  I was naked in front of all my classmates, and I was about as confused as a girl can be.  I guess people were laughing, but I couldn’t tell.  All I remember is there was a lot of noise, and my friends were yelling and making wild gestures in my direction.  I took my seat, and then the girl called my name.  I stood up again, but my friends grabbed me before I could wander again, dazed, to the front of the room.  I had forgotten there was another girl in my class with my first name.  My friends laughed, not at me, but with me.  I hiccupped, tried to laugh, but cried instead.   Why was I crying?  Was it the relief of not being picked on my commando day?  My friends comforted me as sat there, naked and sobbing.

Okay, the rest of the day was a blur.  I must have put my babydoll dress back on, although I didn’t remember doing it.  That other girl with the same first name as me, well, she must have gotten through being tied up, and now I imagine she’s relieved it’s over.  Did I go to the last two classes of the day?  I guess so.  I must have taken the bus home, because I arrived at my front door, and there was my mother, with a sourpuss on, and on her finger were my babydoll panties.  It’s a long story, Mom, I said.  I tried to grab my panties, but she whipped ’em away.  After all the cooking and cleaning, and washing your clothes, this is how you treat me?  she said.  Wait ’till your father gets home!  Like that would ever happen, I thought.  I hadn’t seen my dad for years.  I’ll teach you not to wear panties, she said.

Okay, let me tell you, I had no idea what she meant by that, but the next day, all I had to choose from were half-shirts, halter tops, and a guinea T that was not only very thin, but also quite a bit too small on me.  And no panties anywhere.  I put on the guinea T, and went downstairs for breakfast.  I sat next to my little brother, who noticed my bare bottom, but didn’t say anything.  More cereal, dear?  My mother asked in a syrupy way that meant she was still pissed at me.  No thanks, I gulped.  I didn’t think my mom would let me get this far.  I opened the front door, thankful no one was walking by at that moment who would see my naked pussy.  Bye, mom.  Bye, honey, she said, laying the syrup on as thick as ever.  Would I go through with it just to spite my mom?  Could I bring myself to go to school not only without panties, but without a shred of clothing below the waist?  God dammit, if she thinks she can teach me a lesson, I can teach her one, too.  She’s not going to intimidate me.  She won’t make me beg or say I’m sorry.  I slammed the door behind me.

Okay, I’m mad now.  I’m not going to put up with any shit my bus mates or my classmates might try to lay on me.  I held my head up high, chatted with my friends at the bus stop as if nothing was wrong, and when the bus came, I got on it.  No seat as usual, but a boy very kindly gave me his seat.  He even offered to hold my books, but to tell you the truth, I was more comfortable leaving them on my lap.

Bzzzzzz!  My alarm clock.  I awoke in my guinea T, and ran to my dresser, and it was full of panties and thongs!  Whew!  I grabbed a pair, closed my eyes, and pressed them to my lips.  I was so happy to be fully dressed for a change as a jumped down the stairs two at a time and kissed my mom good morning.

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s very progressive of this high school to not have a dress code, and allow students to wear what makes them comfortable (even going naked). Of course the girls wear the oh-so-common T-shirt and panties combo!

    This game they play sounds like a lot of fun, and I sure hope the school administrators don’t stop it. It’s important for a girl’s development to be stripped like this.


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