High School Horror Stories 01 – Track (archives)

High School Horror Stories is a series of stories told in the first person by college co-eds who have come into our offices to tell stories about their pre-College experiences.  Out of respect for the girls who share their stories, we never use their name, but we don’t mind describing their beauty, including the pretty clothes they wear when they come to see us.  The girl who told us this story was so sweet, she allowed us to take her picture, and we are delighted to share her beauty with you, along with her scary story.

Today’s story is told by a little girl, just over five feet tall, with pretty blonde hair, and beautiful brown eyes.  She came in wearing a thin white robe.  Although it was designed as a top, she was short enough to wear it as a full robe.  The robe had belt loops, although she had decided to wear it without the belt, which meant she had to adjust it periodically to feel decent, which made us smile.  She was just a freshman, and so her uncertainty was still quite evident.  As she told her story, she waved her arms, causing her robe to fall open and then gradually slide off her slinky body.  Laughing, she asked if we minded if she removed her robe entirely.  She was such a cutie, she didn’t wait for our answer.  After she threw it across the room with a little giggle, we looked back at her, and were delighted by her perfect young breasts. She blushed, and covered them briefly before remembering that bare breasts are nothing unusual here at the College.

But when she saw our camera, she was a little worried. These pictures won’t end up on the Internet, will they? Well, yes, we said, but we’ll try to focus on your pretty face, and your sexy shoulders, OK? She looked doubtful, but she agreed. She glanced just once at her robe, which lay still, now deprived of the warm, sexy body whose fragrance it still carried. She glanced down at her puffy nipples, and then at us.

Don’t worry, we assured her as we stroked her pretty blonde hair. You’ll dazzle everyone with your sparkling eyes and gorgeous smile. She touched her soft nipples and asked, Just from the neck up? There’s nothing to worry about, we assured her. We saw she was tense, and so we put our arm around her, and gently kissed her soft, warm neck, gently brushing her hair aside. We let our fingers trace her perfect ribs, and her flat belly. She luxuriated in our touch, closing her eyes, leaning her head back, and touching the bottoms of her feet together as we massaged her most tender regions.

No pussy shots? She asked again. We were shocked. Of course not! we assured her. Only the most tasteful pictures will be in the story! Of course, for the benefit of students here at the College, the unedited photos will be just a click away. But only the people who have read this far into the story, or who notice their mouse turns into a hand, will even try clicking them. We will say in no uncertain terms that ONLY COLLEGE BOYS AND GIRLS may click these pictures, because these people will see your naked body for what it is: something to be admired and enjoyed, but certainly nothing indecent. After all, every day there are naked girls to be seen — during inspections, or if they are being punished for misbehaving, or even through their own choice. So there would be nothing wrong if College kids see you naked, would there? She opened her eyes, and nodded. Of course, she said, her legs spread wide. We pretended not to notice her pussy brimming with moisture as we gently stroked her inner thighs. She began to feel more comfortable as she understood the purpose of the camera. She took comfort in the fact that non-College students would be asked not to click the pictures.

She took a deep breath, and began her story…

I was a senior in high school, and so I was used to our gym uniforms.  Unlike most other high schools, we didn’t wear shorts.  The uniforms were just shirts.  Most of the girls wore panties under them, and they felt decent enough because they were long enough to cover their panties.  It’s kind of funny, now that I think back on it, that we rarely wore pants of any kind to school, or dresses, either, because of the need to wear panties just to feel decent in gym class.  You see, if we wore pants, then we would have panty lines.  So most of us wore skirts and tops.  There was no school uniform, but in a way, skirt-and-top was our defacto uniform.

We asked, did you wear the same uniform?

Yes, I did, but I liked to wear slinky dresses, too, and of course I would never wear panties under a dress like that.  I guess I didn’t mind going commando in school, because I’m short enough that my gym shirt covered me completely.  No one knew I wasn’t wearing panties.  I felt very safe.  Of course, here at the College, I would feel a little vulnerable wearing a shirt that long — if an inspector saw me, he would wonder if I was wearing panties, and that would not be good!

So on the first day of gym class, we had a new teacher.  She was a bull dyke if I ever saw one, which was bad news for us girls.  She was a stickler for regulations, and she read us a rule from the student handbook that surprised all of us: “All girls must wear the official gym uniform, and nothing else.”  She picked a girl at random, and made her take off her gym uniform.  Lo and behold, she had on a cute little thong.  She made the girl take off the thong and hand it to her.  I swear she sniffed it first, and then asked the girl what sort of punishment would be appropriate for this offense.  The poor girl could only cry and blubber something that none of us could understand.  The teacher picked up the girl’s gym uniform and ripped off the bottom four inches or so, and gave it back to the girl.  For the rest of the year, she said, this will be your uniform.  Still sobbing, the girl put it back on, and tried to pull it over her pussy to no avail.  It covered her belly button, but that was about it.  I still remember her pretty little butt — so round and firm.

We got the message, loud and clear.  No more panties, or for that matter sports bras, under our gym uniforms.  And we were so deathly afraid of crossing the bitch, because of her penchant for ripping the bottoms off our uniforms just so she could see our cute little butts as she put us through our paces.

Luckily, I never rubbed her the wrong way, and most of us were good girls, so we were allowed to keep our full uniforms — that was, until track season.  As soon as track season started, she brought us out to the football field, and made us run around the track.  We were a little shy, because the boys gym classes were held on the field, and they watched us run.  I really felt sorry for the girls with bare butts.  The poor things, they would pull at whatever was left of their gym shirts after the teacher had manhandled them, trying in vain to cover their pretty little derriers.  The boys thought it was funny and laughed at the bottomless girls, which pissed me off, quite frankly.

So here’s what happened.  The teacher made us take off our shirts, with all of the boys watching.  She made us pile them up in the end zone of the field.  After we were naked, we tried to cover our tits and pussies because the boys had stopped what they were doing just to watch us.  But the dyke made us stand at attention.  She told us to ignore the boys and focus just on her, but it was hard because the boys were now walking all among us, and patting our fannies.  I had never felt so humiliated.  All I wanted was to put on my uniform again.
Then our teacher unveiled her evil plan.  We were to run once around the track, stark naked.  After we were running for one minute, she would throw ten of our uniforms on the fire, and then after that, she would throw one more uniform every five seconds onto the fire.  As soon as we finished running once around the track, we were supposed to return to the pile of uniforms, and take one to wear.  She said the uniforms were all the same, and so we shouldn’t bother trying to get the same one back, any of them would be just fine.  I knew this wasn’t true, because she had made some of them considerably shorter, but I kept that to myself.  She said we should all be able to run 400 meters in sixty seconds, and that way we would all get our uniforms back.  Or, at least some uniform, I figured.
Now, I knew I was a pretty good runner, so I wasn’t very worried.  Some of my classmates would be naked, but not me.  So I ran around the track, watching the bitch like a hawk.  When I was about three quarters of the way around the track, I saw her throw a big pile of something — I took to be uniforms — on the fire.  But I was ahead of most of the other girls, so I wasn’t too worried.  After I finished, I was glad to see there were still plenty of uniforms on the ground.  I took one, and put it on, so glad to have something to wear.  The rest of the girls came soon after me, and fought over the uniforms that remained.  I was horrified to see twenty or thirty of my classmates fighting over the handful of uniforms that remained.  Most of the uniforms were ripped by the time the winners and losers of those fights were sorted out.  Ripped or not, the winners were glad to at least have something to wear, especially since all the boys were still there, watching us.

Picture the scene:  We were standing around, some of us naked, and others wearing ragged uniforms.  The naked girls, and many of the bottomless ones, were trying to keep their pussies covered, because the boys were all around us.  Some of the boys were teasing us by patting our naked butts, or trying to peek under our uniforms.  They made jokes about the naked girls, and commented on their bodies.

But the worst was yet to come.

The teacher told us something so horrible we didn’t want to believe it.  She said that while we were running, she burned not only some of our uniforms, but all of our clothes in addition.  She had somehow gotten all of our clothes out of the locker room, and brought them out to the field.  We saw some boys smirking.  Had they been complicit in this horrible thing?  We ran back to the locker room, hoping it was all a lie, but it wasn’t.  We stood around in disbelief at our lockers, all of them wide open, and all of them completely empty.  Our teacher caught up to us, huffing and puffing, and said we should be proud to wear our gym uniforms to class for the remainder of the day.  I wanted to ask, what about the naked girls?  What can they wear?  Surely they can’t go to class naked.  I felt so bad for them!

I looked down at the uniform I was wearing, and noticed for the first time that it was quite a bit shorter than my own uniform, but at least I wasn’t naked.  One by one, we filed out of the locker room.  Some of the naked girls were crying, but what could they do?  One of my best friends was among the naked, and I was glad to see she was tougher than most.  She wasn’t crying, although I could see she was very frightened.  I hugged her, and told her it would be OK.  Once you get home, you’ll be able to put on some clothes, and everything would be fine.  I tried to get her to look on the bright side, and suggested we run together to help build her speed, so next time she would have a uniform to wear.  Since we shared the next period class, I walked with her the whole way.  I stroked her pretty blonde hair as we walked.  She was able to cover her tits with one hand, and her pussy with the other, and made it to our next class, OK.
But the teacher was not at all pleased to see us.  Apparently, my gym uniform was not long enough for his taste, although I thought it was OK.  And my friend could not attend his class in the nude, he insisted.  He threatened to send us both to the principal’s office, but I begged him to let us stay in his class.  He hesitated a long time, and then he finally agreed to let us stay, but only if I could share part of my gym uniform with my naked friend, because he felt it would be too much of a distraction for her to remain naked.
Share? I asked.

He produced a pair of scissors and said yes, share.  Cut off the bottom half of your uniform, he suggested, and let her wear it as a skirt.  That way, neither one of you will be naked.  I looked down at my lap, which had been, up to that point, anyway, nicely covered by the bottom of my gym shirt.  I gulped. The teacher became impatient.  Will someone help her, please?  One of the boys jumped up, and grabbed the scissors.  Arms up, he said.  As if in a trance, I obeyed.  He cut a pretty straight line, about even with my belly button.  I kissed him for leaving so much of my shirt, and he kissed me back.

Hey, break that up, urged the teacher.  While we were still kissing, my friend snatched her new skirt out of his hands, and put it on.  It was only about three or four inches long, but it was enough for her not to be naked.  In fact, she was better dressed than I was.  Although the bottoms of her cute little cheeks peeked out of the bottom of her “skirt”, and she was topless, she was mostly covered.  The weather was still warm, and so it wasn’t that unusual to see a topless girl in our high school.  I, on the other hand, was totally bottomless, which was as rare as seeing a naked girl — that is, never!

The boy who cut my shirt in half was nice, though.  He let me sit in his lap, and he kept my pussy covered, so I wouldn’t be embarrassed.  With his other hand, he rubbed me to soothe me, and help me forget how nearly naked I was.  I was sad when the bell rang, because my new boyfriend wasn’t in any of my other classes.  My pussy ached with the pleasure of being so comfortable on that boy’s lap, and to make matters worse, I had to endure the rest of the day bottomless.

It was horrible.  I only had two more classes, but each of my teachers gave me a hard time for the way I was dressed.  I was dreading the bus ride home, but then I was in for a wonderful surprise!  The boy who cut my shirt in half was waiting for me, and even though he lived nowhere near me, he offered to ride home with me.  I sat in his lap, and he protected me with his strong hands.  I was worried he would be mad when I spread my legs to be more comfortable on his lap, but he was very nice.  He kept me nicely covered with one hand, and when my nipples got a little hard, he soothed them with his other hand.  It was so nice of him to reach under my shirt that way.  I knew it was an imposition, so I thanked him by leaning my head back and nuzzling his neck.  I was so grateful to him, I didn’t even mind when he removed my shirt to make it easier for him to stroke me.  I felt bad for letting my pussy get so wet, though.  He was such a doll!  Even though my pussy was dripping wet, he kept his hand on it so I wouldn’t be embarrassed.  He even unzipped his pants, and used his penis to help plug the leak.  The old school bus was very bouncy, but he kept his dick in me the whole way home.  I kissed him goodbye when we got to my stop, but he got off with me, and saw me safely home.  When I finally got to my front door, I realized I was naked.  My top!  He smiled and handed it to me, and gave me one more kiss before I opened the door and slipped inside.

High School gym class. Torture. Plain and simple. Cruel and, unfortunately, not unusual punishment.

How to improve the Girl’s Track times? Have them line up naked with horny boys 10 yards behind them. Any boy catching a girl, gets her. Any girl reaching the finish line before being caught, well, we’ll decide that if it ever happens.

Get ready, get set, GO!

Comment By base At 9/25/2008 10:36 PM

I love this storyline, please continue.
Comment By Keith At 9/27/2008 4:25 PM

Wow, that something new.
Comment By idealisttee At 9/28/2008 7:25 AM

Wow, that something new.
Comment By idealisttee At 9/28/2008 7:40 AM

They had the boys line up behind us at my track meet in my school. This one time, no girl ever managed to make it to the finish line. I thought I had nothing to worry about. I was the fastest of the bunch. I would never let those fat and stinky boys catch me. But when the first run began, the boys would never want to stay in their lane and would cut across the field and lie in wait as all the girls ran around the round track and as it looped back around, the boys were waiting. It was horrible. I tried to break through the lineup of boys but I felt a pair of arms grab me and threw me to the ground. And at that moment, I knew nothing could stop that boy from having his way with me.
Comment By Clarissa At 9/30/2008 11:21 PM

Clarissa, it’s one thing to allow the boys to rape the slower girls, but to allow the boys to cheat! That’s terrible. Still, once you are attacked, your best strategy is to accept your fate immediately, submit completely, and do whatever you can to encourage your attacker to finish quickly so you can get on with the race before your teacher destroys your gym uniform. Thanks for sharing your story.


Comment By Richard Hertz At 10/1/2008 6:32 PM

dude! these stories r the freakin best!
Comment By dickhertzfan At 10/23/2008 2:27 AM

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  1. Anonymous

    I like this high school’s strict approach to dress codes. Other high schools are too scared to have their students be stripped naked, or only let a few students get stripped, but this teacher knows the truth: if all the girls are misbehaving, all the girls need to be naked!


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