High School Gym Class, part 4 (archives)

Part 4, story narrated by Gwen

If you thought yesterday’s mood was somber, today’s was downright depressing.  Quite a few of the girls had stayed up late the day before hemming and re-hemming their gym uniforms until they were short enough to pass inspection.  None of us thought he would actually burn our clothes, but neither did we want to incur his wrath.  While in previous days I was uncomfortable in such a short uniform, today I was happy to be pretty sure it was short enough to pass whatever test our crazy teach had in mind.  Looking around at all my beautiful classmates’ naked butts, I felt much more comfortable having a naked butt of my own than I did on the first day when I felt as if mine was the only one!

The teacher blew his whistle, and made us line up.  “Today, one of you girls will be in big trouble, because you didn’t listen to me yesterday, and you came back today wearing a uniform that doesn’t meet the requirements.  Maybe you know who you are already, and you can gird your loins for the punishment you will receive.  Or maybe your punishment will come as a surprise.  In either case, you will learn an important lesson today, and your classmates will see you suffer, and thereby share in your learning experience.”

“Two at a time, you will come up here, to be judged. The girl whose uniform shows more of her butt will be saved, while the one more covered will return to the line to be judged again.”  He surveyed us half-naked girls, and saw he was getting through to us.  “This will continue until we find the least acceptable uniform, and then I will let you girls decide if girl wearing it should be punished.”  He paused for effect.  “And do you know what that girl’s punishment will be?  I told you yesterday.”  There was some murmuring.  Maybe one of the girls whispered the answer that was in all our minds.  “That’s right.  Your clothes will be burned before you, and so you will be forced to go out into the hallway naked, and spend the rest of the day, completely…”  He paused after each word for dramatic effect.  “stark…   naked.”

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, even though I felt pretty safe.  I looked around, thinking how scary it was that one of my pretty classmates would be humiliated and stripped in less than an hour.  At the same time, I have to admit I saw the entertainment value of seeing a pretty girl’s expectation of remaining decent be dashed.  Which one would it be?  Would she cry?  Would she beg?  Or would she hold her head up, and take it like a… well, a woman?  No time to think about that now.  The games began.

“First two girls!”  We watched as they walked forward.  Neither one had anything to worry about, as their asses were barely covered at all.  “Face me, legs apart, hands on your knees.” The girls assumed the position, as the teacher circled behind them.  Neither girl was hiding a thing.  Without warning he smacked one of them on her bare ass. “You lose this round,” he said.  “Get back in line!”  I was shocked.  I didn’t think teachers were allowed to hit students.  She rubbed her red cheeks.  “You stay here,” he said to the winner. “Each winner judges the next pair in line.  Next!”

Two more girls walked forward, and assumed the position. One of the uniforms clearly covered more of the girl’s butt. The judge — the girl who won the previous round — smacked that girl, who got back in line. “Good!” said the teacher.  He was clearly satisfied with the way this “game” was progressing.

Two by two, the girls came up, until it was my turn.  Dutifully, I assumed the position and waited for the other girl — my “partner” in this judging — to be smacked.  To my surprise, it was me!  “Ow!” I said, rubbing myself.  I stood up, feeling my erect nipples rub against the front of my uniform.  I got back in line, and came to the front again a lot sooner than I had hoped.  Once again, I assumed the position, looking over my shoulder at my partner, and wondering if she would be smacked this time. We must have been nearly equal, because it took a while, but SMACK! it was me again.  She hit me right between the cheeks, a direct hit!  I felt my pussy swelling.

I got back in line, wincing at each smack as I waited my turn to be judged again.  Was it my imagination, or were we getting smacked harder each time?  Maybe, since the girls doing the smacking in the later rounds were girls who had been smacked a few times already themselves, they took some extra glee in smacking the next girl in line.

As I waited for my third judging I looked at the poor girl in front of me, with handprints still visible on her pretty ass.  It didn’t seem fair that she would have lost twice already, because her uniform was really short.  It hardly covered any of her butt at all.  As we reached the judging place, she gave me a hug, looked into my eyes, and patting my fanny, she said, “Good luck.”  That was so sweet!  Her gesture still reverberating in my mind, I assumed the position, well aware that when she gets her wish, her bare but will be smacked, and she will find herself back on the green line waiting for more indignity.  I smiled at her as our bare butts were presented to judge and all the girls on the green line.  SMACK!  I lost again.  I felt so violated, having been spanked three times, now.  You see, it’s not just that I was spanked, but that they made me spread my legs to receive my spanking.  It wasn’t just my cheeks that got spanked, although they did take the brunt of it.  It was also a very personal spanking, affecting me in a very sexual way.  I straightened up as well as I could, and tried to smile at the sweet girl who had wished me good luck, but the sweetness had gone out of her.  She was angry now.

As I took my place on the green line, I heard the SMACK and the next loser cried out in pain.  Before long, she was behind me.  I turned around to console my fellow victim, and was astonished to see she was completely naked below the waist. “I’m so sorry that girl hit you so hard,” I said, and then I saw she was crying. I took her hand. “Hang in there,” I offered. “you’ll be OK, in the end.”  I looked at the girl in front of me, and hated myself for being so pleased to see her uniform was about the same size as mine if not longer.  I hated myself for looking forward to hearing her butt be smacked instead of mine.

But as it turned out, I was paired with the bottomless girl behind me.  Before we assumed the position, I hugged my partner, and we kissed.  I imagine we were quite a site, our two little butts so bright red.  I lost myself in the moment, partly because I knew I was about to get my butt slapped again.  I kept kissing her until we were pried apart.  Then, with my pussy almost as red as my butt, I assumed the position, and took my punishment.

There were so few of us on the green line by this point that it seemed no sooner did I get my butt slapped that I had to assume the position yet again.  I tried to fight it, but I was getting more and more turned on each time I another girl had to suffer this humiliating treatment.  I watched with a mixture of excitement and horror as each loser was made to spread her legs, bend over and beg for mercy as her dress was lifted high, revealing her naked butt and glistening pink pussy to the class.  SMACK!

When would this ever end?  It didn’t dawn on me that I might lose the whole competition until there were just three of us.  I felt like I was walking to my death, my butt burning from being slapped so many times, and I could see my partner felt the same way.  We held hands as we assumed the position.  I felt like such a piece of meat, being inspected like that, and in the end I felt the same dread I had felt already.  I was asked to spread my legs, and so I did, knowing my pussy was blooming like a flower.  I was asked to spread them farther, so I did, which opened up my pussy even more.  I was asked to touch my toes, so I did.   I prayed for mercy, afraid to look up at the girl who was about to beat me.  Please get it over with, I prayed, but she took her time.  I felt like I was on the brink of cumming anyway, when my tormentor fondled me, and then she stripped me naked before she made her decision.  I could hear a pin drop as she waited to smack me.  My pussy ached from the excitement of being stripped naked as much as my butt ached from pain, when finally, SMACK!  A direct hit between the cheeks.  I stood up and began wandering toward the green line when my partner took me by the hand, and told me how sorry she was that it was my turn again.

Still naked, I bent over and spread my legs wide.  I was completely out of it.  My new partner was a girl named Susan.  She assumed the position next to me.  I waited for the inevitable horrible conclusion — and then it came, SMACK!

I was stunned. It wasn’t me. My butt was still stinging, and my pussy felt like it was ready to explode, but for once, I was spared the pain, if not the indignity.  I was too stunned even to enjoy the moment of my victory, even as poor Susan — poor naked Susan — was sobbing softly.  But when I saw her this way, I felt suddenly very sad for her.  I took her hand, and helped her stand up straight, then I smoothed her hair against her back.  She had very pretty breasts, and her nipples were hard, making her all the more beautiful.  I continued stroking her hair, her back, and her pretty round bottom, our lips just a fraction of an inch apart.  She turned her head to kiss me, when the teacher interrupted us.

“OK, girls,” said the teacher, with good cheer that seemed to me totally inappropriate, “I need all of you to get back to the green line, all except for you, Susan,” he said to the naked loser.  I whispered some words of encouragement to her, then went back and stood on the green line.  It was there that I realized I was as naked as Susan — my uniform was crumpled up in a pile in the middle of the room.  But there was no time to go and get it.  Still addressing poor Susan, who struggled to remain standing after being slapped so many times on her bare butt, the teacher said “your classmates judged you to be the one whose uniform was the least acceptable, and now they will decide if you should be punished.” A cheer erupted from the class, which seemed horrible to me. That poor girl, I thought. Who would cheer the thought of punishing her for something like this? Then I realized I was yelling, too! We were all feeling so humiliated by this treatment that we thirsted for someone else to suffer. It really was horrible.

“Your classmates have voted,” said the teacher. “Gwen, will you please go into the locker room with Susan, and get her clothes?” It took me a minute to realize the teacher was talking to me. “Oh!” I said, and then felt really foolish because everyone was looking at me, and here I was, stark naked, which only made it worse.  I took Susan by the hand, and we walked into the locker room.  The poor girl was shaking uncontrollably.  She told me she didn’t know how she would survive the day naked. “Let’s just run away,” she suggested, trying to bribe me with sensuous kisses, and massaging my aching body. “I can’t do that,” I said, even though the idea of running away with this beauty had its merits. I was reaching into her locker to take out her clothes, when she began stroking my inner thighs.  Unconsciously, I spread my legs, giving Susan the opportunity to augment the thigh-rub with some tongue action.  My knees buckled when she licked my asshole, and then I came.  “I’m so sorry, Susan,” I said.  I really did feel bad for her, but there was really nothing I could do to save her.  With Susan in tow, I brought her clothes back into the gym, and dumped them on the floor. “Restrain her,” ordered the teacher, as he put the whole pile of clothes in a trash can and then started pouring a clear liquid on them from a can.

“No! No!” hollered poor Susan as I jumped up to hold her back. It took several of us to hold her arms and legs as the teacher lit a match and threw it into the can.  Whoosh!

Susan stopped struggling, and then broke down and cried as she watched her clothes go up in smoke.  I felt so sorry for her, and her crying only made it worse.  I tried to console her but she pulled away. “What did I ever do to you?” she wailed. We watched the flames transfixed as Susan cried.  It was finally sinking in to all of us that Susan would be spending the day naked, and worse, she would leave the school naked, and either walk home or take the bus starkers (hard to say which is worse).  I felt so ashamed for the excitement I felt in my pussy thinking about her horrible predicament as she continued to cry uncontrollably.  I let her rest her head in my lap as she sobbed, her tears mixing with my juices as she gently rubbed her soft cheek against my slippery lips.

As the flames died down, the bell rang. I ran into the locker room to get dressed. I didn’t want to be late for my next class.

* * *

Next, part 5.

… and now, another picture completely unrelated to the story.  This pretty girl was spotted, and, as she must have known, she would have to strip.  She’s shy, though, and manages to keep her panties on as long as possible by taking her time removing her top.  Finally, time runs out, and it’s off!  She holds it triumphantly over her head.


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