High School Gym Class, part 3 (archives)

 Part 3, story narrated by Gwen

The next day the mood in the locker room was somber. We all stripped down to our panties first, then put on our gym uniforms. Then each of us had a private moment in which we took stock of the situation (and each other), and saw no way out.  Taking a deep breath, I pulled my panties off, and tossed them with the rest of my clothes in the locker.  I was so sorry I had let myself get talked into buying an “extra small” uniform.  I envied the girls with uniforms long enough to cover their pussies, but I suppose there was no use crying over spilt milk.

I lined up with the rest of the girls on the green line, wishing my uniform were just an inch longer.  Believe me, in a dress this short, even one inch makes a big difference.  I smoothed the front of my uniform against me in a vain effort to cover myself.  I hated the feeling of being so powerless in front of our gym teacher.

“Are you all in uniform today?” he asked us, walking up and down the line.  His eyes darted up and down, and he smiled, taking unnecessary delight in our discomfort.  He stopped when he came to Connie, whose hands were folded in front of her. “Hands at your sides, Connie,” he ordered. She put her hands at her sides. He lifted the front of her uniform as Connie stood motionless, taking totally unnecessary delight in the site of her naked crotch.  I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help myself.  He lifted her uniform high enough to reveal to everyone in the class not only that she was “in uniform”, but that she was completely shaven.  “Very nice,” he said to her, leaving us to imagine whether he was commenting on her pussy or her compliance with the rules.

“Sophie, will you step up here, please? I would like to use you as a model, is that OK?”  Sophie nodded and tried to gulp, but her mouth was dry.  It’s not like she had a lot of choice in the matter.  “Hands up. Legs apart.”  She obeyed, and then gasped when he lifted her dress, revealing just about the nicest hips I had ever seen.  He pulled it right over her head, and laid it on the floor behind her.  I wish I had a figure like hers.  Such beautiful wide hips, and perfect round cheeks.  She kept her hands in the air.  No girl likes to be stripped naked in public, but at least Sophie was allowed to face away from us so all we could see was her pretty butt.  The teacher paused as he inspected her breasts, which I thought was totally unnecessary, and I swear I could see that creepy little smile flicker across his lips.  I felt sorry for her, having to expose herself to him like that.  He motioned to her to spread her legs wider by touching her gently between the legs.  “You can put your hands down now, Sophie.”  She put them at her sides, making no effort to cover her asshole, which was now capturing my attention like a magnet.

“Class, it is important that your uniform be the right length. It should fall half-way between your tailbone and your anus. Here is the level of your tailbone,” he said, drawing a line across her butt with a black marker.  “And here is the level of your anus,” he said, practically inserting the marker into her asshole, and then dragging it first across one cheek, and then the other.  “Relax, honey,” he said as she clenched her cheeks.  Poor Sophie now sported two horizontal lines on her naked ass, with a space of about two inches between them.  I never expected an anatomy lesson in gym class!

“Go ahead and get dressed, Sophie,” he said with an air of kindness. When she turned around to pick up her uniform, I saw why the teacher admired her breasts, and then immediately felt bad for thinking that way.  They were a little larger than medium, hanging down like large beautifully round globes when she bent over.  He waited for her to put on her uniform. “Face me now,” he ordered. She faced him, and away from us, and spread her legs without waiting to be asked.

“Class, what’s wrong with this uniform?” Some people murmured answers to the question, but the teacher wasn’t satisfied. “Connie, what’s wrong with Sophie’s uniform?”

“It’s too long?” Connie guessed.

“Damn right, it’s too long! What do you think a uniform is? UNI, FORM,” he yelled. “One shape — all the same. I’m sick and tired of you girls making up the rules as you go along. Starting tomorrow, any girl who thinks her asshole is so special she needs to cover it up will be stripped naked and made to watch as we set fire to her clothes.  Do you think I’m kidding?”

We did not.

* * *

Next, part 4.

… and now, a picture of a pretty girl, unrelated to the story.  She was seen on campus grossly overdressed.  In the back of her mind, this beauty must have known she wouldn’t be permitted to keep these clothes on for long, but for now, doesn’t she look pretty wearing them?


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