Gym Class (archives)

Gym Class

“Oh, Crysta, you wouldn’t believe how embarrassed I was today!” Donna burst into their dorm room, hardly noticing Crysta’s new negligee. The bra part of it was just lace, which was very daring for Crysta. The body part was semi-transparent, which modestly covered the rest of her.

She let it go. “What happened?”

“Well, we had co-ed Gym today,” Donna began. “And we split up into groups. You know how we normally split into two groups –”

“Sure,” Crysta said, “Shirts and skins.” Half the girls took off their shirts, and the other half didn’t. When this practice of splitting into shirts and skins first began, the topless girls complained that the “shirts” group didn’t have to strip in front of the boys so it wasn’t fair. The teacher agreed, so the “shirts” team was forced to take off their shorts. And, of course, panties were forbidden. For most of the girls, that wasn’t a problem because their shirts were long enough to cover them.

“Right,” Donna continued. “But today, for some reason, the teacher wanted us to split into three groups.”

“Shirts, skins, and…” Crysta wasn’t sure what the third category might be.

“Naked!” Donna said. She covered her face, recalling her embarrassement.

“Don’t tell me you were in the naked group,” Crysta laughed with delight at the thought of her prim and proper roommate being forced to strip naked in Gym class — in front of the boys.

“Oh, I was so mortified,” Donna recalled. “I took off my shirt first — that was no problem. Then I begged the teacher to switch me into the topless group. But he said I should just try to work up to it by lowering my shorts a few inches at a time.”

“How far did you pull them down before you built up the courage to go all the way?”

“Well, when I had them down on my thighs, and all the boys were looking at my pussy, I figured I might as well finish the job.”

“Good girl,” Crysta encouraged.

“But you haven’t heard the worst of it. We did a kind of gymnastics exercise, where we get ourselves into all kinds of weird positions. The boys stopped what they were doing and watched.”

“I bet they paid close attention to your group!” Crysta said, still laughing.

“Yes, how did you guess?” Donna asked, mocking Crysta’s jovial tone. Then she went on. “One of the boys took my picture with his camera phone. Do you want to see?”

“Sure!” Crysta said, eagerly.


Isn’t it horrible? I had to hold this position until the teacher could see that I did it correctly, which took him, like, forever!”

“That must have been terrible!” Crysta said.

Donna couldn’t tell if Crysta was serious all of a sudden, or if she was still kidding. In any case, she went on with her story. “It was a long wait, but one of the boys was nice to me, and gently stroked me between my legs to pass the time while we waited. I did my best to stay dry, because I remembered the code of conduct that forbids becoming publicly sexually excited.”

“That’s a good girl, Donna.” Crysta encouraged.

“I was doing OK, but when he knelt down to lick my asshole, I totally lost it.”

“He licked your asshole?”

“Yeah, wasn’t that nice of him. He was sweet. It was hard to hold that position while I was cumming, but I managed to stay put. Then the gym teacher came, and I was really embarrassed because my pussy was still wet, and I wondered if he could even see it quiver because I was still cumming. But he didn’t say anything, except ‘very nice’, and he let me get dressed again.”

“That must have been a relief.”

“It sure was.” Donna hugged her beautiful roommate for being so understanding. Her hands carressed Crysta’s bare bottom as they hugged. “It sure was,” she repeated.

gymnasium (Gk. gymnos, ‘naked’)

Nothing to be embarrassed about having gym class in the nude. It is 2500 years in the making.

Donna practiced the original from of schooled exercise, like the Greeks. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. This is often accomplished nude.

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