Girls’ Muff Guide (archives)

Girls’ Muff Guide

Some girls are shy when they first grow their bush, because they’ve grown up thinking their bush still needs to be covered up. This is a pictorial guide for you, the shy girl who wants to get over her shyness in time for our annual Muff Day celebration!


Like most girls, you haven’t fully understood that your bush *is* the cover you crave. When you think about going out in public for the first time wearing only your bush, you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror, the way a boy would look at you. You should try to be casual in front of the mirror, letting your legs part slightly. Focusing closely between your legs (you know the boys will be doing that) you should look for any signs that you aren’t fully covered.


Go ahead. Stare directly between your legs. Are you fully covered? Of course not. But are you ever fully covered? I bet you’re able to make out the shape of your outer lips. There they are, of course, for all to see. But wait! Are your lips really any more evident than they would be if you were clean-shaven, wearing a pair of tight white shorts? The cameltoe effect of the shorts would reveal your lips in even greater detail, so you should take some comfort in the protection afforded by your bush.


After surviving the mirror test, you should feel pretty comfortable about yourself. Still looking in the mirror, try to relax a bit more. Sit up straighter at first,


then stand up, and really look at yourself closely. If your heart is beating fast, and you think you won’t be able to face the public dressed only in your own fur, don’t despair. It takes time — some girls take several days — to get used to the idea that you aren’t really naked if you’re covered by a tasteful bush. Spend a good amount of time each day, looking at yourself, and imagining yourself in various public situations. Before long, you will say, My gosh! I am so happy with my bush. It covers me as well as any bikini. Maybe even better.


Now is the time to try various poses — the sorts of things you will be doing in public during the day. Bending forward, for example, isn’t all that tricky. Usually, even if you’re wearing clothes, you try to position yourself so there’s no one directly behind you. When you are naked, this is all the more important, because your bush covers your rear more sparsely than it does your pussy. So for bending forward, you should keep these tips in mind: Try to make eye contact with people who are watching you, and remember to smile. This will make them look away briefly. If possible, bring your legs together, and bend slightly at the knee. And finally, don’t worry about your cute little butt hole. Everyone has one. So what if people see yours once in a while? The most important thing is to trust your bush to hide your most tender areas from view.


It’s a leap of faith, to trust your bush covers you. It’s an idea that takes some time to get used to. To gain confidence, it’s always a good idea to relax in front of other people. Smile, and be happy. They may glance at your pussy, but they’ll be more attracted by your pretty face.


When you get truly comfortable, you will find it easier to relax. Gone are the days when you will worry whether someone will see your pussy. Go ahead, and spread your legs apart. Lean back, and enjoy the sensation of the cool breeze tickling your thighs. With worry over your pussy a thing of the past, you can start to think about other parts of your body. Mmmm, it feels good to stroke your chest once in a while, and raise up those little nipples. Sure, this might cause your pussy to get a little juicy, but that’s what your muff is for — a little privacy in your time of sensual pleasure.


As you get excited, your pussy will open up a little bit, but you have plenty of hair to keep it covered. If it throbs with desire, go ahead and stroke it. Your muff affords you the joy of being naked and fully clothed at the same time — naked so you can stroke your pussy whenever the mood strikes you, and fully clothed by your muff so no one will know you’ve been enjoying yourself. It will be your private pleasure.


Whenever you like, you may feel free to spread your legs wide, and enjoy the moist warm delights that await you. You’re a busy girl, so you certainly have to enjoy the moments you can. Then, when you’re interrupted, you can quietly put your legs together, and with your heart beating wildly, wait for that visitor to leave, so you can get back to your pleasure.


Once you begin stroking your pussy, you will find it hard to resist continuing, because it will feel so nice. Close your eyes, and enjoy the experience. Some girls use long, smooth strokes, from their adorable little ass-pucker between their cheeks, then between their lips to the hood covering their clit. Other girls prefer shorter, more focused strokes. It is important for you to feel free to try all the varieties available to you, and this is exactly the sort of options you gain by using your muff in place of clothing.


There is always the risk that someone will discover you in a heightened state of sexual excitement, and the temptation will be to close your legs when you hear footsteps. But you should practice resisting the urge to hide your pleasure, because if another girl finds you this way, she will comploetely understand.


There’s absolutely no reason to hide your excitement from another girl, and, in fact, there is good reason to share your feelings with her. It is almost certain that you and the girl who discovers you will share a mutual interest. Upon seeing your pink inner pussy lips, she may want to pet your pussy. This is the time to relax, and tell her it’s OK. If she doesn’t know you well, she may not realize that it’s OK to gently stroke your moist inner lips, and press her lips against yours, if she likes. So be sure and tell her it’s OK by verbal and non-verbal cues.


If you’re standing when she catches you, don’t be shy. With your muff covering you so completely, she might not even realize you’re excited. It feels so good, you shouldn’t keep it a secret. Go up to her, and press your naked pussy against her. Not only will that feel good to you, but it will give her the idea that it’s OK to touch you. If she’s wearing clothes, then you can offer to take them off for her. Many girls wear clothes only because they think that’s what *you* want. But what she wants is almost certainly the same thing you want, which is to share intimacy, while remaining modest with a good amount of thatch covering your love hole. Once you get her naked, or if she’s naked already, then don’t forget to check to see whether her pussy is adorned with a tasteful bush, like yours. If it is, then you can help her to learn that her bush really is her clothing, and no additional clothing is needed. But if she’s bald down there, you can offer to keep your hand over her pussy while you’re in public, since she has no natural covering of her own. Most fully shaved girls are really grateful when they find a friend who is willing to keep them covered in public, because it frees them from the need to wear clothing — the same freedom you enjoy, day in and day out.


Then, after your pleasure is complete, you and your wonderful bush can return to your busy life without the bother or annoyance of having to deal with clothing. Don’t be alarmed if your pussy is still quite wet from the encounter. Remember, if boys are around, you should keep your legs together, to protect your tender pussy from any unwanted attention.


Then, when the coast is clear, close your eyes, spread your legs, and replay your most recent sexual thoughts in your mind. In a semi-private setting, like your kitchen, or even in a fully public setting, such as a city street, with a dense muff to hide your pussy, you need not worry that someone might interrupt your reverie, so feel free to relax with your legs splayed.


Once you are satisfied that your bush is all the clothing you will need, then you are ready to swing into action, and face the public!


Annual Muff Day – ARRRG! This is always a big problem for me. My pubes grow slow and being blonde, they are difficult to see until I’m really bushy.

So all year long, I shave my muff since having an unshaved muff under your skirt is a violation of the dress code. So when they finally announce the Annual Muff Day, I have to stop shaving immediately. That means I have to stop wearing skirts, panties, shorts, or even dresses. Just to celebrate this day, I have to expose my growing muff for weeks. About ten weeks to be exact.

My freshman year, I attempted to dye my pubes after only letting them grow for a few days, but then the blonde roots started to show. i shaved them off, and by Muff Day I was just showing fuzz. Totally embarrassing for me, too.

Comment By Jeanette At 12/3/2007 7:36 PM

2 thoughts on “Girls’ Muff Guide (archives)

  1. Johann

    No girl should feel embarrassed by her pubic hair. I’ve been here on this campus for some years and meanwhile I am really more into pro pubic hair. A cleanly shaved girl looks naked an therefore somewhat out of place and distracting at a college. But a girl with pubic hair really looks decently covered and should not at all be ashamed by her own womanhood.
    I can only encourage more students to try it out and are happy to help in providing indiviual advise on how to grow and sometime trim the pubic hair.

  2. someone

    If you shy away from trying to grow a muff, then I have a simple thing to say: On a normal campus day only rarely will ever someone see you as close enough as in the pictures above.

    But if you still feel unconftable, have a look for a nudist club near your. Engage in their nude activities and take part in being nude. Befor long you will be so focused on your yoga form or on winning that game of boule or volleyball, that you totally forget of being nude your self for the whole time. And all nudist I meet were so openminded and tolerant, it is wonderful.


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