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Hello girls! It’s me again with another (hopefully) helpful guide. This time, the Dean wanted me to share my tips with the rest of the girls on how my friends and I keep such good physiques so I’ve produced this guide on working out.

First of all, ground rule number 1: Working out naked really is the best way to get the most out of it. You will sweat less, stay cooler for longer meaning you can exercise harder, your clothing will not restrict you and even if you do sweat, it will not seep into your clothes making them all pongy!

Rule number 2: the best place to work out is… anywhere! You should not restrain the mood to work out if it suddenly grabs you! Just get up, strip off and start!

Now I know most of you girls will be very reluctant to workout naked, especially if you are in a public place and there are boys present but do not worry. The boys understand how important our health and fitness is to us girls and all you have to do is tell them that it is time for you to workout and ask them to kindly not look at you as you exercise naked.
Being as responsible as they are, they will oblige and carry on with whatever they are doing. Some boys may even interrupt their own activity and offer to help you by holding your feet as you do sit ups or holding your legs as you stretch. If a boy does go through the trouble of offering to interrupt his busy work to help you out, you should rarely turn him down because if you were to get this kind of help at a fee charging gym, it would cost you a lot of money but more on that later.

I’ve enlisted a few of my friends to help me demonstrate some of the concepts in this guide.

So where’s the best place to start? On your bed when you first wake up of course! This is perfect because you’re already naked!

Here is Angela, just awake from a great night’s sleep. Knowing that the best way to wake her body up fully is to start the day with a few stretches, so she starts by arching her back.

I asked her to show me some of the other stretches she does on her bed but she just wanted to stand up and stretch her whole body.

Getting the body limber is a great way for preparing the mind for the day’s activities. Freshly awake, Teagan too shows how she stretches her body first thing in the morning.

Since your back has to hold up the whole of your body as well as support one of your heaviest body parts (your head), she shows the importance of flexing it out properly, giving her back a really good stretch.

When I met up with Ileana one morning, I reminded her of the importance of stretching her back just like Teagan did. However, she had her own ideas and wanted to show me what she thought was the very best way to do that:

She then made a very important point: when you bend or stretch one way, you should always bend or stretch in the opposite way too to balance out the body. So, she did just that.

So after those few stretches you should now be ready to leap out of your bed and start the day!

We can make use of any area to workout in and something we all have access to, no matter where we are or what time of day it is, is a good solid floor. But remember, before you do anything more strenuous, make sure you limber up first, like Meagan is doing here:

If you limber up properly, it will allow you to perform all sorts of complex stretches without you injuring yourself, complex stretches like this:

Meagan’s limbering up of her legs allowed her to impressively perform the splits.
Jasmine next, demonstrates other ways to limber up a different part of the body, by keeping her legs straight and bending forward to touch her toes.

She is not quite as flexible as some of my other friends and finds it a bit difficult to arch her back as Ileana did, but the beauty of working out anywhere is that there is always an object around to help you. Jasmine makes use of a sofa. (Please excuse her messy room, I’m always on at her about it!)

She is able to use the sofa to arch her back, stretching her spine. With her back fully warmed up, she now get’s on with something more active; jumping up and down to really get her heart pumping.

I mentioned the gym much earlier and as I alluded to before, you do not have to have gym equipment handy to have a really good exercise session. You can use almost anything you have around you. Be creative and experiment!

Here Eva also uses a sofa to help in her workout session. She is using it to enhance her flexibility.

She has been using this sofa for a few months now and as you can see, her flexibility has really improved.

A little more work and she’ll be able to straighten her legs completely while in this position.

Now girls, you do not have to have a large sofa handy to work out on. Ingenuity will provide you with tons of solutions as Chloe demonstrates using a small armchair.

She proves that despite the size of the chair, there is a whole range of activities that can be performed as part of her workout without the need for something big.

Lola shows that if you are really creative, you can use and even smaller chair to exercise with. So there is no excuse! You can use whatever you have around.

So go ahead and experiment, find your own objects around the college to workout and exercise on. If you have difficulty finding space to workout in, there is always the college grounds or my personal favourite, the college library because it is nice and quiet.

If you have been following some of the advice in this guide so far and have stripped off in a public place and have been exercising naked for some minutes, round about now you may feel extra self-conscious with, perhaps your legs up in the air and your pussy on full display. If you start to see a boy gaze in your direction remember to simply ask him not to look at your pussy.

If by chance you come across a rare boy who doesn’t look away when you ask him to, do not feel embarrassed that he continues to look at your pussy. Do not allow the boy to spoil your workout by making you stop, ignore him and carry on. He is the one who is in the wrong, not you. Why should your health suffer because of one naughty boy?

Not all boys that start to stare at you while you are naked, bending over, stretching and splaying your legs wide open, will be being naughty, trying to sneakily watch your pussy while you are in these various positions.
Sometimes you will come across a boy that will be watching you only to make sure that you are performing the moves in a safe way and that there is no danger of you injuring yourself. If you do come across this, do not feel embarrassed that this thoughtful boy is watching you naked, just smile at him and carry on safe in the knowledge that if you do something that looks dangerous, he’ll let you know.

And speaking of dangerous, there is one particular exercise that doesn’t require any helpful objects like sofa’s, tables and the like: the humble handstand.
It can be a bit dangerous if you’re not concentrating and topple over. If you’re new to handstands, first try one up against a wall and remember to splay your legs to help you balance.

One you’ve mastered it against a wall, try it against a sofa that supports half your weight, just like Christy is doing here:

Notice the position her legs are in. She’s done this partly to keep her stable and partly because she thinks it looks pretty too.

When you become really good at handstands, you’ll be able to go straight from one into another position. Experienced Anastasia went from her handstand into a yoga position with great ease.

Now I know I’ve harped on about the virtues of using ordinary objects as gym equipment but of course, if you happen across traditional gym equipment, use it!

And of course, you can always pop down to the college gymnasium when it’s not in use and use the apparatus.

So by now you may be near the end of your workout. As a girl’s flexibility is very important, the final few exercises to perform in your session should include what some refer to as the ‘pretzel’ which will help keep you nice and supple. Here is the pretzel expertly demonstrated by Sinova:

As I said: “expertly demonstrated.” If you are new to this position, do not try to go the whole way on your first try. You will have to build up to this over many sessions. Just like Ashlee is doing, you can try this much simpler form first:

Next, try to raise both your legs way above your head. Again, it may take quite a few attempts before you can do it sufficiently but remember you can hold on to your feet.

With your legs in the air, make your toes touch and place your arms inside your legs.

Don’t worry if you cannot stretch your legs behind your head like the pros yet, just keep practicing.

Now,  if you are doing this in a public place and there are any boys in the vicinity, they may be especially tempted to look at you while you are in this position so again, be ready to say “please do not look at my pussy” if you see a boy staring at you.

Just keep focused and persevere and eventually you’ll be able to do to the full pretzel like Christy is doing. Notice how she can position her feet nearly all the way behind her head.

Marvellous, isn’t she? Some of you girls may look at her and be disheartened because you still might be finding it difficult to get into this position fully. If you are, you can perform the open legged version of the pretzel like Molly and Janice are doing here and then work your way up.

While in these positions, a responsible boy might see you struggling and offer to assist you by holding the backs of your legs and pushing them forward towards your head to help you achieve the full pretzel position. As I mentioned near the start, you should rarely turn this help down.

While he is holding your legs and helping you, you may start to feel some embarrassment about being naked in this very exposed position so close to the boy. To remedy this, you can ask him to remove all of his clothes so that he’ll be naked too and you will not feel so self-conscious.

The boy, being understanding, will oblige and take all his clothes off to put you at ease. Now, do not be alarmed once he is naked if you see that he has a huge throbbing erection. His erection is only due to the fact that you asked him to take his clothes off and now he is naked in front of you. He will not have any sexual thoughts towards you as he is a nice responsible boy which is proved by the fact that he has made a personal sacrifice by abandoning his busy work to help you.
In fact, he may now start to feel embarrassed about you looking at his meaty erection so as he moves closer to help you once again, try to ignore his throbbing penis no matter how close it gets to your face if he is standing above you while you are attempting the pretzel position on the floor.

He’ll go back to intermittingly pushing your legs further behind your head and as he does so, you may find his taught erect dick touching your pussy lips every time he pushes your legs back the furthest. If this happens, try not to be embarrassed with the contact, he will be feeling just as embarrassed as you are at the situation. If his pulsing dick dribbles some pre-cum onto your belly or pussy, do not embarrass the boy further by drawing attention to it. Just ignore the slimy trail his pre-cum leaves on your skin and concentrate on what you are trying to achieve.
In some circumstances, while he is pushing your legs behind your head, his hot dick may accidently push past your pussy lips and you may find his plump penis head slide into the entrance of your vagina, again, he will be just as embarrassed as you are at this situation. He will be trying to ignore it and the sensations he may be feeling so you should do the same and focus on the workout routine.

On very rare occasions, after the boy has pushed your legs back and forth a few times, and his meaty erection has accidently entered and withdrawn from your pussy a few times, you may find that the boy can’t help but ejaculate either into your pussy (if he was pushing your legs back at the time) or ejaculate all over your pussy if your legs were in the forward position at the time. It will not be his fault that this has happened and the boy will now  be extremely embarrassed that he has done this and will apologise profusely for spunking all over or inside you. If you have not yet finished your session, do not interrupt it to wipe away his cum, you can do that later. Make the boy feel at ease by continuing your session as if it was no big deal. You will be helping him greatly to not feel so embarrassed. Don’t worry if you start to feel his cum ooze out of your pussy or trickle off your body, just concentrate on what you are doing. Remember, you are trying to achieve the very difficult position of the pretzel.

And this is the end of this guide to working out. I hope it helps all you girls out there to realise your fitness potential. We will end with one final picture in the hope it will inspire you to pretzel glory.

Here is a girl who has achieved greatness and is so flexible that she has worked her way up to the extreme pretzel:

Think of her whenever you need motivation!

10 thoughts on “Girls Guide To… Working Out

  1. base

    Nude yoga, stretching, and retaining flexibility is key to any good workout program. The Gymnasium will soon be all-nude as originally intended by the Ancient Greeks.

  2. William Kazak

    Nude yoga and nude gymnastics are great and should always be encouraged in school and outside for track. Fitness can be a lifelong love. However, female students should not be pressured to expose themselves to the boys in this way. Ludicrous, I say.

    1. Abby

      The girls are not pressured, far from it. This guide is not mandatory. It’s just advice on best way for a girl to get the most out of her workout.

      Generally, boys are more active and sporty than us girls so we are encouraged to ‘keep up’ with them and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle and as a result, encouraged to workout anywhere we see fit (as long as we are not interrupting lessons).
      This initiative has been publicised around the college so all the boys have full understanding that if he sees a girl suddenly strip off and exercise, she should be left to get on with it without interference.
      There is no exposing since the boys know that it is much more effective for us to workout naked than clothed and the vast majority of boys are mature and chivalrous about the whole thing and will turn away and ignore a naked girl exercising and carry on with whatever he was doing. Although, if he wants to be very nice, he can offer to help the girl workout and in that case, upon the girl’s request, he will remove all his clothes also so, if they are both naked, there really isn’t any concern about being exposed.

  3. Grinch

    It’s very interesting to read these pointers. It requires a certain level of empathy to be understanding when a boy accidentally ejaculates in your pussy.

  4. Kiki

    Thank you for all the tips on the proper way to stretch and exercise. After reading the article, and seeing how my classmates exercise, I felt emboldened to try it myself. I was wearing just a top at the time, so I didn’t feel at all restricted. So I left my top on, and spread my legs, emulating the positions in the article. Soon, some boys offered to help me. One pushed my legs back, while others massaged my thighs, accidentally touching my wide spread pussy. I know they weren’t trying to get me excited, but I’m embarrassed to say I did get a bit juicy. I even squirted a little when I came, which was really embarrassing. He was nice about it, but he did warn me not to cum again, or he would be forced to fuck me — something about college rules and not getting excited in public — I didn’t quite understand what he was saying. Anyway, he was nice enough to keep helping me, so I didn’t object when he felt inside my top, even though I know he wasn’t allowed to do that. I really tried not to cum again, but when my legs were fully behind my head, he licked me the whole way from my asshole to my pussy and. Ack again several times. Other boys continued stroking me while he licked, and sure enough, I came again. I told him how sorry I was, and begged him not to fuck me. He was so sweet, he said he would think about it if I would give him my top as a keepsake. Of course I did, and then more boys and even some girls kept stroking me, and slurping up my juices, and what with me being naked, my legs spread wide, well, I’m ashamed to say I came a third time in the space of just a few minutes. Still, the boy offered to let me go free without fucking me. I felt a wave of love for him at that moment, so I kissed him, and he kissed me back. I don’t know how it happened, but I felt him slip inside me. I just kept kissing him, and then within seconds, he exploded inside me. I was so happy, I felt like I was floating to my next class. I guess the teacher or my fellow students must have noticed that I was naked, but it’s really strange: I didn’t feel at all self conscious. So, again, thanks for the article. The exercises were fantastic!

    1. Abby

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      First of all Kiki, congratulations on being able to position your legs behind your head. Most girls cannot do it on their first attempt and despite the awkward feelings you started with, you didn’t let your embarrassment spoil your work out – good for you!
      I am sure many of the other female students will see what you did and take great inspiration from you so that they will not be shy to work out like this in public also.
      The boy that helped you seemed like he was very responsible and mature and it sounds like a situation that started off with you feeling very embarrassed may have led you to experience your first love!

  5. Lola Dean

    I usually wear a top of some sort when I work out because of my large bust but this guide has shown me that it’s really not needed. I’ve never tried to squeeze up into a pretzel but now I have a goal to strive for can’t wait to try it out


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