Girls Guide… to Wearing Short Skirts

Many new girls studying the dress code before coming to the college are a little confused as to how one can wear a short skirt without panties yet remain decent and not expose oneself to fellow classmates and of course the boys.

The Dean wanted me to produce a short guide for new girls (and established ones who were dressing incorrectly thus undergoing inspections on a regular basis), to provide a few pointers.

I asked the Dean why he chose me and he said that while going through some of the records, he found that I have had less inspections and consensual rapes than any other girl at the college over the past year.

So, I’ll do my best and try to impart the knowledge and tips that I have been living by.


Standing around is the first thing a girl does when she’s put on a skirt. Remember girls, we are ladies and we must always adopt a lady like posture.

Alena demonstrates one of the correct ways to stand while wearing a really short item of clothing.

A lady must keep her legs together at all times. There are exceptions to this but we will come to them later.

Alena is trying to sit up on the counter top but because she has now opened her legs, even a little, she leaves herself exposed.

In this position, she is also exposing her lovely breasts but that is probably a discussion for another guide.

Standing is pretty straightforward. Girls can get into much more trouble when bending over. We’ve all been there, you suddenly drop something and your first reaction, without thinking, is to bend forward and pick it up. It is only while you are fully over that you realise the skirt/dress you’re wearing might have ridden up and you’ve shown everyone behind you your pert bottom. If you’re not lucky (and you’ve forgotten to stand with your legs together), you’ll also be showing off your bulging pussy poking out from between your legs.

If you were exposing yourself in this way, it would be a clear invitation for a passing boy to apply the ‘groping’ rule and cup your pussy while you are bent over.

Here is my friend Ally who I asked to help me demonstrate this.

I asked her to pretend that she’s dropped something and wanted to pick it up quickly. She was not standing with her legs together. Do you see how nice and inviting her pussy looks?

As she is not decently covered, any passing boy would be obliged to help her understand where she is going wrong by ‘groping’ her. The solution is to remember how short your skirt is and find another way to reach the ground to pick up your items.

I caught this girl picking up something from the stairs and she had completely forgotten how short her dress was.

She then noticed her shoe buckle needed tightening.

I stopped her told her that if she crouched instead of bending, she would be a lot less likely to be fondled, then get wet as a result, then get a consensual rape as a result of getting wet.

As you can see, she is much less exposed in this position. She is much less likely to attract the attention of any passing boy or inspector.

Sitting Down

Sitting down on a surface is a huge area of potential exposure for girls wearing short clothes. Just remember that the same rule applies for when standing up: keep your legs together.

Kara is a great role model for this.

You can barely see her pussy and any boy seeing her with her legs tightly closed, despite being able to see her slit a little bit, will see that she is doing her best to be decent and will pretend that he cannot see any of her pussy and will ignore it.

Sometimes, when sitting on a chair or sofa, we become so comfortable and just want to relax entirely. This can be dangerous as it is inevitable that we will forget about maintaining a ladylike posture.

After relaxing in her chair, Aaliyah became distracted by her uncomfortable vest straps and in her frustration, she forgot to mind her legs.

Rebecca is again very comfortable in the sofa and she is so absorbed with her needle craft she doesn’t quite realise she is exposing herself a bit.

A diligent male student passing by saw that her legs were tightly together so ignored the fact that he could see her pussy and decided not to apply the fondling rule but he chose to stay and watch her for a while in case his assistance was needed later.

She came to a really crucial part and shifted her position to focus.

Now she was even more exposed but the boy could see that she was still making a great effort to keep her legs together so did not disturb her.

Having completed her needle craft, she was so relieved, she kicked into the air to celebrate.

The boy was appalled at this unladylike behaviour but decided it was his fault for not at least warning her when she changed position exposing herself a bit more earlier. Since they were both in the wrong, he decided to give her a little fondling and let her be on her way, provided she did not get wet when he rubbed his hand all over her succulent pussy.

Sitting Down on the Floor

There are times when us girls will not be able to help expose our pussies to everyone around. This is mainly the case when sitting on the ground, and this is where the exception that I mentioned at the beginning comes in. It is not possible for us to always sit in one position, with our legs flat against the floor, closed together. Sometimes we inadvertently spread our legs when getting up and sometimes we just needs to sit in a different position.

Sitting with your knees raised can be a good alternative but as you can see from Mandy here, this leaves her pussy very exposed.

Now she is in real danger of having the fondling rule applied to her pussy by any passing boy trying to educate her. The general rule for this is to keep at least your knees together at all times when sitting on the floor.

This is much better! Now any passing boys and inspectors will see her like this and will know that she is trying her very best to remain decent by keeping her knees together and they will disregard her pussy and be on their way.

Claire also demonstrates this.

Even though her legs are raised, she still remains decent by keeping her knees together. Her pussy is barely visible. The passing boys and inspectors will see Claire like this and will not apply the fondling rule to her.

The ‘knees together’ approach works even when a girl is in other positions. Sometimes, it is unavoidable that we must bend over, perhaps (like we saw above) while looking for something.

Now Claire’s pussy is a little more exposed but as her knees are still together, the boys and inspectors will overlook her cute cunt lips looking back at them.

Here is another example of a correct sitting position when on the floor. Kristy was feeling a bit chilly so brought her knees up to her chest to keep some warmth. She remembered the tip about keeping her knees together and applied it well.

Here are two more examples on how to sit on the floor. Just remember, it does not matter how far apart your ankles are, as long as your knees are together, the boys and inspectors will ignore your pussy.

Boob Distraction

Eventually, some girls come up with their own ideas on ways to wear a short skirt. Abbey Brooks is employing a distraction technique whereby she is using her large breasts to distract onlookers from her visible pussy.

She enjoys relaxing in positions with her legs spread wide open as she used to be a gymnast and finds these positions very comfortable.

One downside to the boob distraction technique is that it does not work if in a reversed position.

However, she said she will be abandoning this technique as some inspectors are far to experienced to be distracted by a pair of large boobies and she ends up with them applying the fondling rule while her legs are wide open. She tries really hard not to, but she just can’t help but get wet at the inspector’s touch and with her pussy juices running down the inspector’s fingers as he probes inside her, she ends up with a consensual rape.

So, we’ve seen a few “Dos” and now we will end with a few “Don’ts”.

There are some things that it is just not appropriate for us girls to do while wearing a short skirt. After what you’ve read above, it should go without saying but do not sit like this.

It may be very comfortable but you’ll be asking for trouble.

Here is a girl who did not keep her legs, or knees together when bending forward and she may find herself in a bit of bother if she does this regularly.

Another girl who has her legs spread far too wide for the skirt she’s wearing. Those lips would be irresistible to a boy obliged to applying the fondling rule.

When standing on a balcony, be mindful of the people below. Do not become absentminded and allow your legs to open wide like Kristy is doing here.

It is a bad idea to practice your martial arts skills while wearing a skirt like this.

Do not think that a pretty smile will distract a boy from noticing your pussy.

Do not be like this next girl and try to invent a new fashion of an ultra-mini-micro-macro-nano skirt. It doesn’t really cover much and to make it worse, her legs are far too apart.

If you accidently fall over, try to always land with your legs together and not splayed out like this next girl who slipped on the shiny floor.

Lastly, it is not appropriate to do very sporty things while wearing a short skirt like Jules.

She thought she could get away with this handstand since she was in her dorm room but the door was wide open and a passing boy saw her in this position and thought it highly indecent for her to be exposing her pussy like this. He came in and applied the fondling rule. She was not allowed to move and had to stay in that reversed bent over position while he stroked her puffy pussy, asking her if she understood why he decided to fondle her.

And that is the end of this guide on how to wear short skirts and dresses. I hope it helps all you girls out there understand how to not expose yourselves.

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