Girl Stripped by Tree! (archives)

Girl Stripped by Tree!

The Amazing Case of Girl Stripped by Tree

“I never would have imagined it,” said Bambi after her ordeal was over. “I dressed myself in what I consider to be decent attire,” said the soft-spoken young college co-ed, as she shivered before reporters, too distraught to dress herself.

“What were you wearing?” yelled one reporter.

“A gray bikini bathing suit,” she replied, her nipples belying her calm exterior.


“How did it happen?” asked another reporter.

“If you’ll just stop asking questions for a minute, I’ll tell you!”

Silence fell over the crowd as cameras rolled. One reporter whispered to another, “Boy is she gonna be sorry she forgot to put her clothes back on!”

“Everything was hunky dory until I–”

“Hunky dory?” yelled an incredulous reporter.

Bambi tried again. “Everything was copasetic until I–”

Reporters stirred. Bambi glared at them.


“I was feeling fine until I came to that birch tree over there. Then a feeling came over me. It’s hard to describe. I felt like I was stuck in some kind of cobweb. I felt claustrophobic. It was hard to breathe. My little bathing suit felt really tight. I thought something was wrong with it, like maybe it was shrinking. I was really afraid it would kill me, but I was embarrassed to take it off. I didn’t know what to do, but the pain got so bad, I realized it was a choice between my modesty and my life. Faced with that choice, what would you do?”

Bambi pointed at the prettiest reporter, and all heads turned to see her blush.

“I did what anyone would do. I took off my top. I hid behind the tree as best I could, not daring to move from its cover. But then my bottoms started feeling tight, too. They dug in between my lips so hard I was afraid they would cut me. So I took them off, too. I must have screamed, because a whole bunch of people gathered to see me hiding behind the tree, and well, it just isn’t big enough to hide behind, so I was really embarrassed.”


“What did you do?” asked the pretty reporter.

“Listen, honey,” Bambi said, her hands on her pretty little hips, “If you keep interrupting me, I’m gonna make you stand by that tree and we’ll see how long you can keep that dress on.” Bambi paused as if she was going to resume her story. Instead, she continued taunting the reporter. “I already know you’re commando under that dress.”

“I am no such thing!” the reporter insisted. She realized too late she was in a no-win situation, and blushed as all the other reporters laughed.

The laughter died down, and the reporters, even the pretty lady, were interested to hear Bambi’s story. But Bambi just wouldn’t let the pretty reporter off the hook. “Lift up your dress, then, and let’s see your panties.”

“This isn’t about me or my panties,” she said. “This is about you, the ‘girl stripped by tree’ ”

“Panties! Panties!” hollered the other reporters, as they laughed and teased their colleague.

“OK, OK,” said the pretty lady reporter. “If I lift up my dress and show you my panties, then can we hear Bambi’s story?” She was smiling partly because she was in the midst of a silly distraction from an important story, and partly from embarrassment.

A whole lot of clapping and cheering broke out.

The lady slowly lifted the hem of her dress, then said “I’m sorry, I just can’t do it.”

“Wait a minute,” said a handsome young reporter. “The question here is not to see this lovely lady’s panties, but to answer the important question of whether she’s going commando, right?”

There was a murmur of agreement. Bambi was delighted the focus of the news conference had shifted away from her.

“So I’ll just feel around under her dress, and I’ll let you know whether she’s wearing any panties, OK?”

Everyone voiced their agreement with this idea. Then one person yelled, “what if she’s not wearing any panties?”

“If she’s not wearing any panties, then I’ll strip her naked for lying to us.”

As people cheered, the beautiful reporter tried to get away, but the man restrained her. “It’ll be OK,” he whispered as he began feeling her thighs. All eyes were on him as his fingers tickled her most tender area. She relaxed as he probed between her cheeks, letting him fondle her asshole, and then she spread her legs as he felt her wet inner lips.”

She closed her eyes as he stroked her clit. “Please,” she begged. She couldn’t say anything more as she was on the edge of cumming.

He withdrew his hands. “She’s wearing panties,” he lied.

As the crowd murmured disappointment, she came. His act of kindness toward her was all it took. Suddenly, the naked girl standing before the reporters describing her urgent need to get naked seemed unimportant. As the other reporters continued to pepper the poor girl with questions, all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around her savior and kiss him. He clasped her cheeks with his strong hands beneath her short dress. She felt his excitement as their bodies pressed together. She wrapped her legs around him and held on tight. Feeling his strong fingers on her asshole, she came again. She had picked a very good day to forget her panties.


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