Girl on Bicycle Inspected (archives)

Girl on Bicycle Inspected
This girl is Mary. She is new at the college and is learning the basics about the dress code. One of the advantages of the dress code is, that girls learn it pretty quickly, because the punishment comes so suddenly and is so humiliating. For Mary this is even more humiliating, because she is not used to the rules at this college.

Here she is on her bicycle. She has learned that her outfit should consist of a top and a bottom and as you can see she is following this rule.


Her cute outfit has one flaw. With the handy shorts, it is impossible to tell if she is in fact wearing panties underneath. This is a beginner’s mistake. None of the other girls would make that mistake.

In this case Mary is about to learn it the hard way, because an inspector has just stopped her and has started questioning her about her outfit.

“Take off your shorts” the inspector says “I have to be sure you are not wearing panties under there”.

Mary is confused. She immediately takes of her shorts and responds “Well, I am wearing panties but they are sort of part of the outfit”.


This is of course not how the inspector sees it and it is obviously in violation of the dress code. The inspector tells Mary about how the dress code works, that she can’t wear more than one bottom, to keep her from wearing too risky outfits.

After the inspector has explained this to her, she understands she has to take off her panties in order to wear her shorts.


“Look, I’ve taken off my panties”, Mary says, handing the panties to the inspector. “Can I have my shorts back now?”


“Sorry, I need these as evidence. The panties too”, the inspector tells Mary. This is of course standard procedure at this college, but Mary hadn’t really thought it through.

Mary is devastated. Does she really have to get all the way home without a bottom on? Should she try to convince the inspector to give her, her panties back?

She remembers the inspector hasn’t mentioned that he cannot see whether she is wearing a bra, so she wouldn’t want to risk it. Instead she thanks the inspector, picks up her bike, and continue on her bike.


Certainly an newbie mistake. most bicyclists wearing skirts are showing the inspectors and the world that they do not have panties as the wind catches their hem. Others simply place their shorts or skirts in a backpack or basket as they ride. Unfortunately, some really demented boys will steal the bicycle seats from the bottomless girls. A few girls have resorted to carrying their seat with them.

The benefit for riding bottomless is that you will not sweat into your clothes. Many girls who prefer to wear dresses on campus will ride naked and dress at the bike racks.

World Naked bike Ride Day is celebrated here like most other places around the globe.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 12/4/2007 6:22 PM

Jeez, that inspector must be pretty new to the patrol, too. He just missed the fact that Mary was not clean shaved, so it wasn’t just a double bottom violation, but an example of the very rare and very serious TRIPLE bottom violation.
Comment By …? At 5/14/2010 5:00 PM

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