Foreign Exchange Student

Jodie and her friends were clearing up their things from the English Literature class that had just finished when Ms. Marshall from Student Services popped her head into the classroom.

“Not interrupting am I?” she asked the class lecturer.

“No, we were just finishing up.”

“Good. I have a new student here. She’s a bit late but I thought she should join her class as soon as possible.” She looked back outside the room. “Well, come and introduce yourself to your new classmates.”

A shy oriental girl stepped into the room clutching her bag to her chest, not looking up at anyone. Seeing as she would need help coming out of her shell, Ms. Marshall said, “This is Yuriko, a foreign exchange student from Japan. Who would like to be her buddy?”

Always keen to make new friends, Jodie stuck her hand up straight away. She introduced Yuriko to her circle of friends, Bonnie, Ella and Kandi and they continued to pack up then headed out for their break.

The girls were all excited about Yuriko, quizzing her on life in Japan, the social scene there and her old college.

“How are you getting on with the rules here like the dress code and the code of conduct? It must seem pretty strange to you,” Ella asked.

“Yeah,” Jodie chipped in, “We’ve got gym next and I hope you won’t be embarrassed to wear the ultra short gym kits.”

“That’s right,” said Bonnie, “Jodie said ‘ultra short’, but really they don’t come down below your waist so they leave your butt and vagina exposed.”

“But that’s okay,” Kandi said trying to reassure Yuriko, “We won’t be having gym with the boys…. well I hope not anyway…” The four girls looked at each other remembering the last few times they were forced to share gym class with the boys. It was rare but could be a highly humiliating experience.

“Oh no, that’s all fine.” Yuriko said, “I studied the college materials for a week before I came here and we actually have a very similar system at my college back home.”

“REALLY?!” Bonnie exclaimed. “I thought this college was unique!”

“Oh it is. So is mine. In fact my college in Japan is the only one like it in the country. We do have different rules but there are some similarities. On the whole we’re almost the same college. Look, I’ve got some photos.”

Yuriko got out her smartphone and the girls gathered around.

“Here are some of my classmates warming up for their gym class.”

“As you can see, we have the same kind of short gym wear. We often have really hot summers in Japan so for our safety these kits were introduced and are mandatory. They can be a bit embarrassing to wear, especially when there are boys around but they really do keep us cool when in the sun.”


“As you may have noticed, we have a sponsor for our kits with their logo on the front.”


“Wow!” Jodie said, “You guys look very athletic. If that is only the warm up what do you do for the actual gym classes?”

“Lots of different sports,” Yuriko answered, “but one of my favourites in gym is when we have to make towers and other complicated structures. They can be quite challenging but are very fun.”


“That’s really impressive!” said Ella.

“We just start off small. We can build quite high towers involving many girls.”

Kandi was also impressed but concerned, “Wow! That sounds dangerous. How do you guys manage that safely?”

“Well our gym classes are generally separated but while we girls are partaking in gym, a few of the boys are assigned as monitors to keep watch and make sure we are not going to fall.”

Sympathetic, Bonnie got Yuriko’s earlier mention of embarrassment, “And this is when you feel shy about wearing the kits, exposing everything to the boys watching.”

“Well yes. It can be embarrassing especially with all the bending over and leg spreading we have to do but like I said, most of the time it is just those few boys that are present. However, sometimes if heavy equipment is needed to be set up or moved around then we would have help from a larger number of boys who may come and assist. But one of the rules our college has is that when a girl is exposed like we are in our gym kits the boys must keep their gaze above our necklines or below our ankles.”

“Does that really work?!” Jodie was sceptical, “I’m sure the boys would all be looking at… you know, between your legs”.

“Oh yes it does work! Disobeying the rules would bring great shame upon the boys so the rules are very rarely broken. This is a picture of the tower formation from another angle. I asked one of the boys monitoring the girls to take it as I was having a problem getting the focus correct. He was very kind in doing so because I was disturbing him from his duties.”


Yuriko continued, “If the boy was looked at their vaginas while taking this picture, it would have brought great shame upon him.”

Bonnie was in a state of disbelief, “I don’t see how he could take this picture and not look at the girls private parts while they’re on full display like that…”

“Well the boys are very good about this. They understand the humiliation we feel being exposed in front of them. He even told me he would only be looking at the soles of their shoes and nowhere else while taking the picture.”

Ella wanted to hear about another topic, “What else do you do for gym class? Anything really exciting?”

“Well it’s not extremely exciting but swimming is another favourite of mine. We only have one pool though. It’s a very large one but this is the one time we have to share it with the boys in mixed sessions. The water in the pool can get naturally quite warm as well but again because the college faculty are looking after our wellbeing and don’t want us to get too hot we are not allowed to wear anything too heavy in the pool but because it is officially a mixed session we are also not allowed to be naked completely to spare our modesty in front of the boys. Our Gym sponsor came up with a new material that will help spare our blushes yet allow us to remain cool even in warm water. Here’s my friend Jade in one of the swimsuits.”



“What’s really great about these suits is you can wash off the chlorine pool water really easily in no time at all.”


“Do you not find it still embarrassing wearing that in front of the boys because it looks very see through?” Kandi asked.

“Well the boys are still very good about averting their eyes from us and it’s better than being fully naked in front of them. Some of the girls have still mentioned that they get too hot in even these. The college can’t afford a separate pool for us and they’ve said splitting the usage between the girls and boys would be too difficult logistically so the college has been experimenting with a smaller water tank for the girls’ use only so that we can swim naked and not get too hot. The good thing about it is that it’s transparent so if a girl gets into difficulty in the water she will be seen quickly. A boy is assigned to watch us to make sure we don’t have any problems but still has to obey the rule of keeping his eyes above our necklines or below our ankles.”


“It can be quite fraught splashing about in the tank and you end up sometimes having to spread your legs wide open which can be very embarrassing with a boy present. Haruka was having trouble getting the synchronised swim routine correct and she was shy with the boy monitoring the group watching her. Two friends helped her out and the boy was very reassuring that he was not looking at her vagina.”


“We have great soccer players too!” Yuriko continued, “I’m not very good at that game but some of my friends are brilliant. As we run around it can get very hot and sweaty so our gym teacher makes us remove our kits completely so we don’t overexert ourselves in the heat. Sometimes the boys have to do referee and linesmen duties and you can become very self-conscious running up and down naked in front of the boys with you boobs bouncing up and down but again we are constantly reassured that the boys are only looking at us from the neck up or at our shoes and are definitely not watching our bouncing boobs or jiggling butts. Here’s a photo of some of the soccer team.”


“As you can see soccer keeps the girls very fit. You can tell that by the toned figures.”


“I have a few friends who take gymnastics too. They usually do their sessions naked as well for heat reasons. Here are the squad having a well deserved drink after a very strenuous session.”


“This is Miku. She has become one of our best gymnasts and the one all the other gymnasts aspire to be like because, as you can see, she is very flexible.


“She like all the other girls is still a bit shy about doing all this naked. Gymnastics is separated from the boys but again, a few boys are present to make sure the girls don’t go too overboard with the stretching and flexing and hurt themselves. Actually while Miku was doing one of her stretches, one of the boys took a few photos so he could show all the other girls the correct way to perform some of her stretches without hurting themselves.”


“Miku felt very self-conscious and awkward with the boy paying such close attention to her but he was very kind and told her he was obeying the rules and was not looking at her pert tits and was not dreaming about sucking her hard nipples. He also took this next photo to show the other girls.”


“Again, Miku felt very embarrassed with the boy so close to her exposed vagina and spread bottom but the boy was very honourable and promised he was not looking at her dark butt hole and proved this by saying he had not seen the beauty spot she has near her anus and was not studying the delicate details of her brown pussy lips.”

Bonnie was a little confused by the boy’s seemingly contradictory statements but before she could question it, Jodie jumped in, “I remember when I tried gymnastics once. I ended up pulling a muscle and decided it wasn’t for me!”

“Yeah it can be hard on the body,” Yuriko said. “The boy’s gymnastics lessons used to have a few issues with sore muscles after sessions too. With so many incidents arising, the college decided to implement Nuru massages to help the girls and boys after sessions.”

The other girls had a puzzled look on their faces. “Not heard of that before,” Ella said.

Yuriko explained, “A Nuru massage is the best kind of massage that promotes body healing and tension release. With boys being stronger it was decided they would massage the girls. Rather than them just using their hands to massage us, the boys use their entire bodies and the girls do the same for them.  Here are some of the girls waiting for their turn to get the massage.”


“I don’t get…” Kandi said. She was speaking for all of them.

“It works like this,” Yuriko explained, “the boy and girl are naked and we cover ourselves in a very slippery gel. We lie on top of each other and use our body weight to slide and rub against one another giving a deep tissue massage. I’ll show you Asa doing it. See?”



“That looks and sounds very sexual! How is that allowed?” Bonnie asked incredulously.

“Oh no, far from it! It is actually very embarrassing for both the boy and the girl being completely naked in front of each other like that. This is the one time the college actually insists upon it. The college is adamant that this is the best way to deal with students that have sore muscles and tension after gym sessions. They didn’t want to be sued for neglect and not looking after their students so we all have to do this even though we all find it awkward and highly embarrassing. Look, see how Jayden and Eric, a foreign exchange student from America are a bit awkward being naked with each other here? Even like this Eric is still trying to be an honourable student by looking over Jayden’s butt to keep his eyes focused above her neckline. It must have been difficult for him to do since her vagina is pointing directly at him.”


Bonnie was still doubtful, “Hmm… But I bet the boys love it though, being naked with you girls. Don’t they try to have sex with you?”

“Oh no! Sex is highly frowned upon if you are not married and it would cause great shame upon the boy and girl if they were to have sex. There are some situations when the girl and boy are naked together and the boy gets an erection which is allowed because it is natural he may get one in that situation but any actual sexual activity is considered shameful.
Sometimes, when a boy is sliding against you giving you the Nuru massage, he will get an erection which you can tell he is embarrassed by. Sometimes as they continue to rub against you, you can make a mistake because both of you are very slippery covered in the gel and you get into the wrong positions and his hard erection can accidently slide into your vagina.
We both try our best to stop this from happening but because of the gel and all the sliding it is easy for this to happen several times and you can see that the boy is having great difficulty trying to maintain his composure and not let all the sliding affect him.
Another thing that often happens is with his hard dick sliding against you, his dick can often brush or rub against your clitoris creating very sexual feelings in you but you have to try to ignore them. That can be really difficult because it’s hard not to notice how hot his dick is when it is grinding against your clitoris.
The boys too try really hard to ignore the feelings of their dicks rubbing against our bodies and try to hold back but the sensations can sometimes become too much for them and they end up ejaculating all over you. If a boy is overwhelmed by the feeling of his dick when it has accidently slid into you he can sometimes be a bit slow to react and end up ejaculating inside you. In either case when this happens, the boys are extremely embarrassed and always apologise profusely. In that situation we are both spared from the shame because it was an accident.”

“And you girls try not to cum?” Jodie asked.

Yuriko began to blush and shyly looked at the ground. She was embarrassed by the question and terminology used.

“Yes,” Yuriko said. “It is so shameful for a girl to have an orgasm in public it is used as a punishment.”

The other girls were really puzzled now.

Yuriko explained, “Having an orgasm in public is one of the worst things you can do and you bring great dishonour upon yourself. There was this one girl who was very rude to the tutor and constantly disrupting the maths lesson for everyone. The tutor gave her the harshest punishment the college has. She was stripped naked in front of the class and made to sit on the lectures desk with her legs up and spread wide apart. That would have been embarrassing enough exposing herself to the whole class like that but as it was a normal mathematics lesson, the boys were there as well and they could see everything!
Then he did something even more humiliating… he Hitachied her! She was made to keep her legs wide open while he placed a vibrating Hitachi on her vaginal area teasing her labia and clitoris building up the tension. She was struggling trying to resist the enjoyable stimulation as she knew how humiliated she would be if she came with the whole class watching her.
But that was the lecturer’s intent, to teach her a lesson not to misbehave in class.
The tutor kept increasing the intensity of vibrations and kept working on her until he was able to place the Hitachi directly on her clitoris increasing her pleasure greatly which she didn’t want as she started moaning ‘No! No! No!’ but couldn’t help herself as she reached orgasm and shamefully came in front of the whole class embarrassing herself greatly! That was the worst day of her life and she never disrupted classes after that.”

Jodie, Bonnie, Ella and Kandi were speechless. The four of them were a little wet and slippery between their legs with their clits tingling because of the story Yuriko told.

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    nicely done. My version of a foreign exchange student was one who feared getting deported of she didn’t follow the dress code rules to the letter. So she mailed all her clothes home.


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