Forced Nudity (archives)


Girls, it’s important to look at the calendar before you get dressed in the morning. This girl failed to notice that today is “bare legs” day. A careful reading of the Dress Code is important, too, because the definition of “legs” includes the perineum, which outlaws the wearing of any kind of shorts or panties on “bare legs” day. On this day, girls must wear only the very shortest dresses or miniskirts, and they must be very careful that the skirt doesn’t cover any part of their legs.

As I said, this girl forgot to check the calendar, and so she wore shorts when she left her room in the morning. Within less than a minute, a Dress Code Inspector stopped her and reminded her of the special day. She apologized profusely, and removed her shorts immediately, thanking her good luck that she decided to wear a shirt, instead of going topless. But then the Inspector gave her the bad news: her shirt covered part of her thigh, which is not allowed on Bare Legs Day, so she had to remove it as well. The Inspector took the clothes as evidence of her crime.

There she was, naked.


Feeling awkard about her nudity — none of the other girls were nude — she covered her breasts and pussy as best as she could. But this only made her look and feel more awkward.

Girls, when you’re caught in public without any clothes on, something that does happen from time to time, you should decide which body parts you really need to cover. As long as you’re fully shaved, you really don’t need to cover your pussy, because your pussy is already covered. Keep the lips of your vertical smile together so your vagina is covered, and that way your hands will be free to cover your breasts. If you practice this, you will feel more and more comfortable being nude in public. With practice, you may actually decide on your own to be nude, rather than waiting to be forced into nudity.



I usually practice just before ‘bare legs’ day. By practicing, I mean I go nude on my own accord. This way if I am stripped on ‘bare leg’ day, I’m already accustomed to the nudity.

Personally, I do not have a problem with exposed breasts. I mean, boys go topless all the time. Just look at the basketball courts. Half of them are topless. Their chests have nipples, the same as mine. My breasts are larger than their pecs.

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