Fashionable Panties (archives)

Fashionable Panties
Many girls around campus are wearing just panties on the bottom.

Of course the girls wear just panties and nothing else on their bottom, because of The Dress Code that states that only one layer is allowed at any part of the body.

There are many types of panties that are used, but they are all sort of the same. This situation creates a demand for fashionable panties. Not just plain panties – that’s too boring when it’s outerwear. Something special is needed.

For example this popular item. The Ultra Mini Panties


Quite fashionable, aren’t they?


Those are cute little panties! Usually when I’m in a hurry for class, I don’t want an inspector stopping me to check for Dress Code violations. So I wear just a pair of sheer panties. The inspectors can see I do not have pubic hair – the reason they usually make me remove opaque panties. Those panties probably would keep the inspectors happy, too.

My favorite panties were a gift from a friend: Candy Panties. I wore them one day to class, but we got talking and missed lunch. So I started to nibble at my panties, and so did my friends. during lecture, I guess we all just got the munchies. When class was over, all I was wearing was strings. The inspectors were happy I wasn’t violating the rules.

Comment By Nancy Newdsome At 10/13/2007 8:11 AM

2 thoughts on “Fashionable Panties (archives)

  1. Anonymous

    Cleavage isn’t just for blouses. Cleavage is desirable with panties as well. The day is fast approaching that all young women will be prancing about with pronounced pantie cleavage. Just as it is proper for some of the breast to be displayed, so to it is perfectly acceptable for much of the vagine to be displayed.

    1. Tanager

      It’s about time that plunging necklines extend to panties as well as tops! It’s the final frontier for beautiful décolleté.


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