FAQ: Can I wear a very short dress or skirt?

Kiki writes,

Hi there! It’s so exciting to be at the College. It’s so different from High School, and everyone has been so nice to me. One of the many changes has to do with wearing panties. In high school, the girls were required to wear panties, or at least a thong, even with an outfit where panties are not needed, and even if panties don’t really go with the outfit. When the weather was warm, I liked to wear just a top, and, of course, the mandatory thong. Here’s one of my favorite high school outfits.

One of my favorite high school outfits

Now, here’s my question: The thing I love about this top is how sexy I feel when I’m wearing it, and the thong can’t be seen from behind, giving it a cheeky look.  I know a thong isn’t allowed here at the College.  But this top is so short that I would be scared to wear it to class without something under it.  On the other hand, the whole appeal of this outfit is that it’s so short — that’s what makes it sexy!

To help you understand my problem, I’m enclosing a picture of me wearing this top without panties, which I would prefer you not publish, because it’s a little embarrassing.

My favorite sexy top, worn in accordance with the College Dress Code

Answer:  Dear Kiki,

You have nothing to be embarrassed about, so we went ahead and published your picture.  You need to look within your heart, Kiki, to truly understand how you feel about this cute little dress, and how it relates to your natural sense of modesty.  You mentioned that when you were in high school, you wore a thong because it was required as part of your dress code.  Did you wear the thong for any other reason?  For example, did the thong help you feel more comfortable wearing such a short dress?  If so, then maybe your sense of decency is challenged solely by the length of this dress, regardless of whether or not you wear anything under it.  This is exactly why we require girls not to wear anything under their dresses: we want you to feel comfortable with the dress itself.

I’m a bit troubled by something else you said, Kiki.  You hinted at being a little annoyed that your high school made you wear a thong when it didn’t go with the outfit.  Do you think the thong goes with this outfit?  Look carefully at the two pictures you sent us.  You look cute in both pictures, but I think you’ll agree you look just a little cuter in the second one!

You mentioned being “scared” to wear this dress in public.  It’s natural to have a bit of a tingly feeling when you go out in public wearing a really cute outfit.  And a freshman girl who is used to wearing panties might feel awkward or even slightly aroused with nothing but a gentle breeze between her legs.  This is all quite normal.  It’s even OK to be a bit scared.

But is there more to your fear than just being “scared”?  Ask yourself: what am I really scared of?  It’s a tough question.  Some girls are simply scared of having another student see her pussy.  If that’s your fear, then set it aside, because none of your coed classmates are wearing panties either.  Just look up any stairway on campus, and tell me what you see.  Look at the girls sitting on the wall outside the dining hall, or the ones sitting “Indian style” on the grass in the Commons.  No one is really bothering to notice your pussy, so you can put that fear out of your mind.

But there is another fear some girls have that is a bit more serious.  A girl may become aroused by the feeling of nudity associated with not wearing underwear, especially when she feels her pussy is visible to other students.  A visibly aroused pussy is a violation of the Code of Conduct, of course, so a girl in this condition might also be worried about being raped by a nearby boy to punish her for displaying herself in such a disgraceful way.  It’s not fair, is it?  But rapes happen, it’s a fact of College life, and you should try to make the best of it.  Some girls find it more exciting to be raped in the nude, so if you are about to be raped, think about removing your clothes, or letting your rapist remove them.  Try to complete your sexual satisfaction during the rape itself, or immediately afterwards, before putting your clothes back on.  Often, you will find your classmates eager to help you reach orgasm.  Once you have climaxed, you will find that you are less susceptible to arousal, so this problem is self-limiting.

Not keen to be raped in public?  Many girls feel the same way.  If your roommate is a girl, you might enjoy cuddling with her in the morning before you put on your clothes.  If you both climax during this intimate activity, then you will be less likely to experience unwanted arousal later in the day.  If your roommate is a boy, you can have sex with him, or even better, it might be exciting to go bottomless to breakfast, and let him bring you to orgasm (or leave you teetering on the edge of orgasm) in public, where he can put on a show of raping you for the benefit of onloookers.  Many girls find this exciting.

So, in summary, Kiki, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this dress, and if you want to wear it, you should wear it.  If we’ve touched on any of your fears, then we hope you are feeling more at ease after reading our response to your very insightful question!

13 thoughts on “FAQ: Can I wear a very short dress or skirt?

  1. Slick P. Wraith

    I would like to tell Kiki that she looks much better in the second picture because in the first one, the polka dots combined with her panties are quite bright and she will attract a lot of attention to herself which is something new students often try to avoid. Also, the loud clash of colours will be a great distraction to the boys and may excite them. Without the panties, her whole outfit is tonned down, allowing her to blend in with the other students on campus and even though she looks much cuter, without the loud colour of her panties, she will be much less likely to excite the boys as they will hardly notice her.

    1. Kiki

      Thanks so much, Slick, you’ve given me renewed courage to go to class tomorrow wearing my favorite polkadot top, even if it is a couple inches short of crotch length.

      Dick, you know me so well, better than I know myself! I do get fondled a lot, and I always play it off like it’s no big deal, by giggling and squirming and stuff, but deep down I worry about getting too excited and even cumming in public, which thank God has never happened to me. My roommate is a boy, and he likes to go swimming before breakfast. He keeps asking me to go with him, but I’ve always felt it was too much of a pain to go swimming first, and then come all the way back to the dorm to put on some clothes and then go to breakfast. He says a lot of girls have breakfast in the nude early in the morning, (before 7) but I just have to take his word for that, because around 8 when I go, almost all the girls have at least a top on. What if he’s lying just to get me to go with him? Or maybe he’s playing a practical joke on me. On the other hand, it would be fun to go swimming and then straight to breakfast with him. I like the way he touches me, and I do find it much more exciting in public. Maybe I’ll go swimming with him tomorrow, and then straight over to the dining hall for breakfast, and then I can trick him into raping me. I’ll let you know tomorrow, if the plan worked. Thanks, Dick, for the idea!

  2. Jessica

    I guess I have a question too. My thongs are tiny (and sometimes see-through) but it just feels like when Im wearing one I am much safer and more protected. I know Im young (Im only a freshman) and so I am new to all of this but I just dont know how I would be able to feel comfortable without my thong on. Wouldnt boys and men be more inclined to look up my short skirt if I wasnt wearing my thong? Wouldnt they be more interested in looking between my legs if my thong wasnt there to save me and protect me from them? I realize that my thongs dont cover much, hardly anything really. When I try to think about it logically I know my thongs are just a thin strap that snuggles against my tight little asshole, but it doesnt really cover it. I mean its only about the thickness of dental floss. So if I accidentally spread my legs apart or bend over, and my dress rides up, my thong won’t really save me. My asshole will be on display. Then I think about the front. Maybe it’s sexy. Or maybe it’s lacy. Then in between the lacy stuff is my pussy. So again in a short dress sitting in a public place I would have people looking right at my pussy anyway. I mean thongs are almost never totally opaque. Sometimes I like to wear my wicked weasels too. Then it covers nothing. So sometimes I think I might as well just take it off. But I always chicken out. It may seem silly but I feel like my thong is my own little suit of armor even if it is tiny and see through and doesnt cover anything.

  3. Dick

    Hey thanks Slick. The info was real nice. So that means that all the comments from Dean, some girls and boys, inspectors are faked???

    1. Slick P. Wraith

      I’ll put it this way: If there really was a Dean who enforced nudity as the dress code of his college, he’d probably be on the run from the police! 🙂

    1. Dick Hertz Post author

      Perhaps some people have been getting the wrong impression about the Dress Code at our College, so let me please set the record straight.

      We absolutely do not tolerate nudity at the college, except in certain specific situations, such as while sleeping, showering, visiting the pool, etc. Girls are expected to remain decent at all other times.

      This brings up another very often misunderstood aspect of the Dress Code, which is the absolute rule against wearing panties under a dress, no matter how short the dress is. There is just one purpose of this rule: to make girls wear longer dresses. Certainly, a girl may wear a short dress if she wishes to (in fact she may wear a top as a dress if it is long enough) but this is completely up to her.

      Listen, folks, the girls at our College are old enough to make their own decisions. All we can do is encourage them to do the right thing, and then hope for the best.

      The stories on this blog may have led you to the conclusion that you will be able to see half-naked or even fully naked girls running around our College. This is not at all true. Sure, at the pool, most of the girls are naked, but elsewhere about campus, the girls are good and decent young girls.

      Just so you know: here at the college, we are a decent bunch of people. Thanks!


  4. Serena


    I feel so self-conscious when I wear a really short dress, like everyone is staring at my pussy. When I stand in the cafeteria line, boys touch my ass and even get all the way to my vulva and clitoris! I really would feel better wearing a longer dress, if it weren’t for all of the inspections. And I have a complaint about the bathrooms. First of all, the new toilets are so uncomfortable! The way they make you sit with your legs spread so far, it almost hurts! And now there is no wall in front of the stalls, so anyone can just come in your stall. So many times when I was trying to “do my business,” boys have come in and played with my pussy and breasts and even taken pictures and videos of me peeing! The only explanation I’ve gotten for this behavior is that they use those pictures and videos as “study aids,” but that seems like a pretty lame excuse. What do you think?


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