Dressing with Shadows – Victorielle (archives)

A most discrete and appropriate means for retaining modesty is in the newest of fashion is here and ready for any budget. While nudism is not appropriate for college campus life, nudist will tell you they are dressed in the sun. This is really not what the College code of Conduct wishes to stress to new arrivals. However, a more modest means of nudism is to dress with shadows.
On a bright sunny day, there is little reason to worry dressing for warmth. Yet being completely exposed is not in keeping with the Dress Code. Victorielle was stopped and asked to strip to properly show how to dress with the sun by using shadows for modesty. For this demonstration, she also went topless for the contrast also her sundress was a single item.
Some ladies will attempt the double handed cover when dressed in only the sun, but as we can see, it is usually ineffective and draws more attention to the bits that are not covered.DOMAI used with permission

Lowering her arms but being aware of the sun position, Victorielle has managed to place a shadow over her pussy. The causal observer passing by might not notice if she was wearing dark panties, sporting a bush, or just wearing a shadow. Again, her being topless is only for demonstration purposes.

DOMAI used with permission

Relaxing on the ledge, Victorielle is again showing the use of shadows in fashion. Most passers-by will again not know whether she is nude or not. Being topless in this image is a means to distract attention from the shadow areas, but that is not our point.

DOMAI used with permission

One must take care in wearing shadows. A misplaced arm or a turn towards the sun… or the sun movement throughout the day can cause ones fashion to change. Here Victorielle’s shadow becomes part of the “see-through” fashions, and we can see she is sporting a pretty bush.

DOMAI used with permission

Since Victorielle was wearing a summer dress before this demonstration began, we had no choice but to thank her for her assistance but keep her dress for evidence at the hearing. Unfortunately for Victorielle, the judge sits with the sun to his back, and his view will be similar to this:

DOMAI used with permission

All images in this story are used with permission from DOMAI.


Dressing with only shadows is a good look for her. I hope the fashion catches on.
Comment By Nemo At 8/30/2008 3:13 AM

I like the pretty bush.
Comment By Ooooooya At 11/15/2009 4:10 PM

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