Dress Code — Shirt and Panties (archives)

Dress Code — Shirt and Panties

One of the cutest looks a girl can have is the “shirt and panties” get-up. Here’s a girl who makes it work for her:


As you can see, her shirt and panties really aren’t necessary. She knows it, and she’s OK with that. The fact that her tits and pussy are perfectly clear even while she’s fully dressed makes her comfortable with the idea of taking these clothes off.


Here’s another girl with the same idea. This girl has cute little ones, which are snugly covered by this tight-fitting shirt.


Since her boobs are no bigger than those of many boys, she doesn’t see why she can’t take off her shirt, just as the boys do. I’m inclined to agree with her.


And having removed her shirt, some girls feel a little silly wearing just panties. I don’t blame them. This girl has a burning desire to rid herself of her cute little pink panties:


Such a nice look, the shirt-and-panties look. I’m all in favor of it!

Whenever a girl wears a tee-shirt and panty outfit to my classroom, I call her to the front.

I ask, ‘What are you wearing?’

She’ll say, ‘A shirt and panties,’ or some say, ‘A shirt and bottoms.’

I ask, ‘Isn’t it underwear?’

She’ll reply either, ‘Yes, but…’

I’ll cut her off, ‘The Dress Code forbids undergarments does it not?’

She’ll insist, ‘When underwear is worn as an outer garment, it counts as a top and bottom.’

Comment By Professor Ashford At 10/19/2007 3:37 AM

I will ask, ‘How is one to know whether your underwear is still underwear or outerwear?’

She’ll try the excuse, ‘When you can see underwear, it’s outwear.’

I have to remind her that the entire Dress Code was based on girls wearing too revealing of outfits because they relied on their underwear covering them and being seen. Of course, she’ll disagree, but I insist the only means to stay within the original intent of the Dress Code is for her to remove her underwear, and it not be seen.

I toss her removed garments out the second story window into a tree.

Comment By Professor Ashford At 10/19/2007 3:41 AM

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