Dress Code — See through clothing (archives)

Dress Code — See through clothing

See-through clothing is permitted by the Dress Code, but be very careful not to wear anything under it or over it. Some girls like to wear sexy see-through clothes with a covering over the top. The Dress Code prohibits this for one reason: to discourage the wearing of such sexy clothes. By forcing girls to reveal their most intimate body parts for all to see, we expect they will be reluctant to wear see-through dresses.



Here is an example of a beautiful white dress, through which the girl’s pussy and tits can be clearly seen. If she’s the least bit shy about showing these body parts in public, she should not wear such a dress!

Below is another example of a girl wearing proper clothing. Here, she is wearing a see-through shirt as a mini-dress. Any shirt long enough to cover a girl’s belly button can be used as a dress, even if it doesn’t quite cover her pussy.

In the interest of decency, we show only the shirt here, to spare the girl the humiliation of revealing her naked, hairless pussy. We strongly urge you NOT to click the girl, because the linked photo is not nearly so kind to the little cutie!


Many girls seem to like wearing see-through clothing. It is a distraction to the class. I call them to the front of the classroom.

I ask, ‘What are you hiding beneath your clothing?’

She will answer, ‘Nothing!’

I say, ‘Exactly. The clothing covers nothing.’

She will say, ‘I covers me!’

I insist she removes the garment to prove it. I point out she is showing no more than previously and she should not be shy or embarrassed to strip. She is forced to strip in front of her fellow students. Once naked, I asked what the garment is covering now. Nothing. The garment is as useless as before. I toss it out the second story window into the nearby tree.

Comment By Professor Ashford At 10/19/2007 2:31 AM

I have to disagree with you mister Ashford.
It’s true that those dresses do not hide anything, so it’s easy to check if a girl is obeying the dresscode.
but some girls want a bit protection from the sun or be just a little bit warmer than they would be if they were nude.
so if you look at it this way you see that see through is one of the best clothing options on our college.
Comment By John At 5/2/2009 4:13 PM

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