Dress Code: Perfect Length Dress (archives)

Hi, girls.  It’s me again.  The Dean of Conduct.

Many of you have written in, asking me to tell you the perfect length dress.  The answer is simple: whatever you feel comfortable wearing is perfect for you.

Unfortunately, this isn’t completely satisfying to all of you.  One girl wrote in and told me she was horribly embarrassed when one of her teachers set up a row of folding chairs in the front of the room, and asked all the girls wearing dresses to sit in them.  Then, she asked all the girls to touch knees.  “Touch knees?” they asked.  He explained that each girl should spread her legs apart so that her knees touched those of the girl sitting next to her. Picture the scene…  A dozen or so girls, each wearing a dress, but, of course, none of them wearing panties, are sitting in folding chairs, with all the boys looking right up their dresses.  One by one, the girls complied with the teacher’s request, much to the delight of the boys.  Some of the girls covered their faces with their hands.  Some of them blushed.

“What’s wrong, Monica?” said the teacher.

“My dress is too tight,” she said.  She couldn’t spread her legs, like the other girls.

“You can fix it,” said the teacher.  “I’ll wait.”

All eyes were on Monica as she adjusted her dress and sat down.  The poor girl had to pull it up to her waist.  Slowly, she spread her legs, like the other girls.

“I hope you all see the point, here,” said the teacher.

No one saw any point, except that all the girls were adhering nicely to the Dress Code.

“The point is that none of your dresses are long enough to keep you completely modest.  So why even try?”  He looked at the girls, then the boys. “Just dress for comfort, OK, girls?”

The girls relaxed a bit.  They did see his point.  “Before you get up, I have a request to make.  I would like you to decide which one of you is wearing the longest dress, and strip that girl naked, OK?”

The girls were stunned.

“I’m making a point,” explained the teacher, “in case I didn’t make it already.  You don’t need to wear long dresses.  Short ones are good enough.  So every day, the girl wearing the longest dress will be stripped naked, mostly to entertain me and the boys, but also to make the point that you don’t need a long dress to be happy.”

The girls all looked at each other.  “No,” said Monica as the girls all eyed her pretty dress.  She bolted from her chair in front of the room, but the other girls were faster.  They mobbed her, and ripped her dress off her, leaving her stark naked, and crying.

Girls can be so mean, sometimes.

One or two of the girls comforted the naked Monica, and helped her back to her seat.  Being stripped naked by her classmates had left Monica quite moist and pink.  She sat down at her desk, and kept her legs together.  The teacher stroked her inner thighs.  She covered her face, and spread her legs apart, showing the whole class how excited she was.  “Monica, will you do me a favor?” asked the teacher.  Monica nodded, her hands still covering her face, her legs spread wide, so we could all see her pink pussy.  “Will you remain naked for the next 24 hours, and then come to class tomorrow, still naked?”  Monica let out a long sob, and nodded again.  “I really think this will teach you that you don’t need to wear such a long dress.”

Turning to the other girls in the class, he added “None of you need to wear a long dress.”  He held up his finger, wagging it at the girls.  “But everything is relative,” he reminded them.  “Whoever wears the longest dress will be stripped naked by your classmates, and they’ll see to it that you remain naked for 24 long hours until the next class.”

“What about the weekends?” one girl asked.

“All the more reason to wear a short dress,” said the teacher.  “Weekends can be long, especially if you’re naked.”

I bring up this story to illustrate my advice to you girls.  The best length for a dress is crotch length in front, and mid-butt in back.  That way, you’re completely decent when standing, and not so decent while sitting with your legs apart, but in that case, no dress would be completely decent.

So what’s the perfect dress?  Here it is, girls:  A crotch-length sheer black minidress.


Standing, this dress is perfectly decent, as you can see.


“Can you turn around for me, Honey, and show me your backside?”


Here, too, the dress covers her nicely, leaving about half of her pretty butt exposed.  When she’s sitting, a girl who is not wearing panties will naturally keep her legs together.


That is, of course, until her teacher makes her spread them to illustrate a point…


So here it is, girls, my recommendation for a nice dress length.  Since no dress will keep you modest if some crazy teacher makes you spread your legs in front of the whole class, you might as well not even worry about that.  Pick a dress that covers exactly what needs to be covered, leaving your pretty legs bare.

Unfortunately, girls, there’s nothing in the Dress Code that protects you from a teacher who insists on stripping the girl wearing the longest dress.  In such a case, I would recommend wearing a dress slightly shorter than comfortable.  I understand from the girl who wrote in, that the next day, none of the girls wore a dress longer than crotch length, and so the girl who was stripped that day was really surprised, having thought her dress was short enough to keep her safe.

The next day was Friday.  The girls were extra careful, because whoever was wearing the longest “dress” would have to spend the whole weekend naked.  This would be a real pain, because the kids liked to go off campus on weekends to the bars in town, and it’s even more embarrassing to be naked in town than it is on campus.  As it happened, the girls all wore just tops on Friday — no bottoms at all.  The teacher made them take their positions on the folding chairs.  Some of the girls wore sports bras.  Others wore half shirts, tank tops, and crop tops.  One girl wore a wife-beater t-shirt that barely covered her tits, but since it covered her belly button, it was the longest “dress” of the day.  The girls were gathering around her, and they were about to strip her when the teacher offered the girls a deal.  “If you all promise to stay dressed just as you are now, all weekend, then no one has to be stripped.”  The girls nodded gravely.  Many of them would be facing their parents this weekend.  The teacher reiterated the deal: “Not a stitch of clothing below the belly button, or the deal’s off.  If I find out that even one of you girls wears a dress, skirt, or pants this weekend, then I’ll make every one of you go naked for a whole week!”

Many of the girls were secretly excited by the prospect of going bottomless, and so they liked the idea of being “forced” to do so.

A pretty girl wearing nothing but a semi-sheer top with cute elastic gathers holding her big tits raised her hand.  “Some of us are going to the topless bar tonight.”

“OK,” said the teacher.  “and I would care because…”

“Well,” said the cute girl, “we like to take off our tops there, because then our boyfriends get free drinks,”

“and then we take advantage of our horny boyfriends,” laughed another girl.

The big-breasted girl continued, “so we always wear little miniskirts when we go there.”

The teacher stared at her blankly.

Big Tits was horified.  “But if we go bottomless, then…”

“Listen,” said the teacher.  “what you do with your weekend is up to you.  Just do it without any clothing below the belly button.”

Miss Big Tits gulped.  “OK,” she said.

“You’ll see, girls,” said the teacher.  “Being bottomless will be fun.  I think you’ll enjoy your weekend.”

And they did…








Many of them would be facing their parents this weekend.

But Mom, it’s a class assignment! And Dad thinks you should give it a try before saying bad about it, too.

Great story Professor Hertz

Comment By base At 4/20/2010 8:58 PM

I was one of the girls who was forced to spend the weekend bottomless. Friday night was bad enough. I had been looking forward to a girls night in town, but all my friends were going topless, which is the only way to get into our favorite club. I didn’t want to go naked, and I’m not even sure they would let me in if I did.

But that was nothing compared to the sheer torture I experienced when I went home for the weekend. I’m not sure I can bring myself to write about it. Let me just say this: having multiple orgasms on the front lawn is not as much fun as you might think.

Comment By Lucy At 4/21/2010 5:36 PM

OMG, Lucy, you poor girl! What happened when you got home? Did your parents punish you?
Comment By Giselle Hordosi At 4/21/2010 6:53 PM

Well, Giselle, it’s so painful, I’d rather not talk about the horror that awaited me when I arrived home. Instead, I would like to tell the story of my trip home.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I sat my bare butt down in my car. I hadn’t gone far before the ’empty’ light went on. I thought I could make it home, but I ran out of gas about 10 miles from home, about half a mile from a 7-11.  I must have sat in the car for half an hour before I got up the nerve to waLk…

I think I’ll just email the rest to Dick, ok?

Comment By Lucy At 4/22/2010 1:00 AM

I see Dick has posted my story. Thanks, you sweet boy!
Comment By Lucy At 4/22/2010 5:41 PM

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