Dress Code Guidebook — Necklace, Bush, Stockings (archives)

Here’s a fashion idea for you, which we must warn you is not strictly in accordance with the Dress Code because it entails the wearing of two bottoms, but most girls find they’re able to get away with it: Necklace, bush, and stockings.


This pretty girl has the most delightful solution to deal with the Dress Code here at the college.  Having such small breasts, she sees no need to wear a top, and we agree.  Her cute little tits are so cute, it would be a shame to hide them under a top.  This girl chooses to wear a necklace as an alternative to a top, knowing it draws your eye to her pretty face.


She has chosen to grow her bush, covering her pussy naturally.  As you may know, from your study of the Dress Code, your bush is just like a bottom — it covers your pussy, keeping you modest, and like any bottom, you should not wear another bottom with your bush.  So if this pretty young girl is ever inspected, she’ll have to remove her clothing, but then she still won’t be naked, because she will still have her soft, sweet, bush, to keep her covered.


So wearing a double bottom, with stockings in addition to her bush, she is certainly taking a chance, but she’s willing to take the risk, being that the downside isn’t all that horrible.


Of course, after she’s cited a few times, she will probably want to reconsider the wearing of stockings, because repeat offenders are often treated much more harshly by the decency court.   Although the judges aren’t permitted to sentence a girl to be raped, they can offer her the option of being raped as an alternative to being tied up for days at a time outside the dining hall.  A girl faced with that sort of choice may very well choose to be raped just to get her punishment out of the way.  And, of course, this type of punishment is sufficiently harsh to encourage a girl to avoid the indecent behavior that tends to get her in such trouble.



I have a question about the Code in this instance: I know that I am allowed to touch any exposed flesh of the girls at College, but, since her bush counts as a bottom, does that mean that I am not permitted to touch her pussy, even if I can see it through her pubic hair?

Recently I was passing a group of girls on the lawns, and one of them got on all fours to look through her bag. I think she might have been recently inspected and had her clothes taken away, but in any case she was bottomless. As her beautiful bubble butt was pointing back at me, I decided to test whether she was excited and so I came up behind her and slid my finger into her pussy. From the position I was in I couldn’t even see if she had a bus or not, but she did – what does the Code say?

Comment By collegeboy At 9/22/2008 9:52 PM

When in doubt ask for consent. Many young ladies will gladly allow you to touch them. They may be as uncertain of the rules as you are. Touching should be considered a consensual act. The female in question has no reason to deny you from touching exposed parts. Often they will allow you to feel their pussy through their bush.

The last thing you want is an argument. What if the judge rules in favor of the girl? You will have committed a first degree felony. This is not a good thing for you. Consent will save you every time.

Comment By base At 9/22/2008 10:47 PM

That’s right, Base, politeness is a good policy, and if you’re a boy at the College, and you want to feel up a pretty girl who is dressed in a way that shows she invites this kind of thing, then asking her the simple question before touching her will afford her the opportunity to toss her hair, smile and you, and say ‘yes, of course!’.

In the rare case in which a girl prefers not to be touched, she may say so. Then you can point out that it is your right to touch her, and she is really not allowed to refuse. This dialog will afford her the opportunity to bargain with you. Sometimes a girl will offer to give you her top as a gift in return for not touching her between the legs. This is such a sweet gesture, most boys will agree, and a strong friendship can develop right on the spot between the girl and the boy.

Comment By Richard Hertz At 9/25/2008 11:34 AM

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