Dress Code Guidebook — Leggings (archives)

We know you want to look pretty as you move about the campus, but you also want to feel decent and modest.  At the College, this is our goal as well.  If you are a typical girl, you wear some clothing as a way of achieving this goal.  Naturally, you don’t need to cover your whole body, so you need to choose clothing items that cover strategic parts of your body, while leaving other parts uncovered, to show everyone how pretty you really are.  If you prefer to leave your feet bare, as many girls do, then you can consider leggings as an alternative to stockings.  Leggings provide excellent coverage of your legs, as you can see in this picture.


Of course, leggings are considered a “bottom” if they cover any part of your thigh, so a girl who wears them must feel comfortable wearing them as a bottom, as this girl clearly does.  As you get dressed, consider how pretty you will look from various angles.  If your butt is extra cute, for example, then it would be a shame to cover it up with a skirt.  In this case, leggings can be the perfect choice!


To help you make up your mind that leggings are a pretty alternative to other bottoms you could wear, here are a couple more pictures for your consideration.  As you can see, this girl’s leggings cover her legs quite well, helping her to feel decent and comfortable.


Look closely at this girl’s feet.  Aren’t they pretty?  As an alternative to stockings, leggings have the wonderful advantage that your pretty feet won’t be covered up by unnecessary clothing.


Thank you for considering the pros and cons of leggings as an alternative to other bottoms you might have considered wearing.

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