Dress Code Guidebook — Cheerleaders (archives)

Many girls have asked whether cheerleaders at the College are exempt from the Dress Code.  The fact this request is so often repeated has always perplexed the College staff.  Of course, the answer is no.  Cheerleaders have no special need to wear panties.  Like all other girls, they are expected to remain naked under their short skirts.

The argument in favor of allowing Cheerleaders to wear panties is twofold.  First, unlike other girls, they have no choice in their skirt length;  They are required to wear uniforms which might be a little too short for their comfort.  Second, they are required to do high kicks and spread their legs during their performances in front of the entire student body.  Again, they have no choice in this matter, so the ordinary rationale for requiring girls to go without panties (that it encourages them to wear decent clothing) doesn’t apply in this case.

We would argue, to the contrary, that this rationale applies perfectly well to cheerleaders, just as it applies to all girls at the College.  Here’s why: the cheerleading coach chooses the uniform to be worn by all cheerleaders.  If this uniform weren’t considered fully decent by the majority of girls, even during performances, then there would be few takers.


As a result, the cheerleader coach is strongly motivated to choose an outfit for her girls that allows them to be fully decent under all the environments in which they will appear — during performance as well as just walking around campus in their uniforms.

Here you see the official uniform of the College Cheerleaders, which features a skirt which is quite a bit longer than necessary.  These girls are proud of their uniforms, which are often quite a bit longer than the skirts they ordinarily wear.  Why, even looking up at a cheerleader at a substantial angle, we see her skirt covers the majority of her pussy.  This allows the College Cheerleaders to feel comfortable and confident at all times.


Naturally, during their performances, cheerleaders will do the sort of high kicks and splits that will defeat any protection their skirts would ordinarily provide.   The students understand and forgive this temporary lack of modesty as an unavoidable consequence of the routines they are required to perform at school functions.

The cheerleading coach has an important job to do.  She must judge the proper skirt length for the cheerleaders, so they will feel comfortable in their uniforms.  Here at the College, we feel the most appropriate way to choose the proper skirt length is by testing it on an actual girl.  Our model will wear the skirt, and bend forward slightly.  If the skirt reaches down exactly to her butt-hole, as shown below, then the skirt length is exactly right.  Using this method, the skirt won’t be so long that the girl feels out of place among the other girls, nor so short that she will feel, well, naked.  After all, her butt hole will be fully covered at all times, which is all we ever ask of our skirts, isn’t it, girls?  Of course it is!


Finally, it is important to note that by requiring cheerleaders to abide by the same Dress Code as all other girls, they help to asuage the qualms of their co-ed classmates regarding the possible accidental flashing of their most intimate areas.  In part through the cheerleaders’ tireless efforts, all girls have started to feel much more comfortable abiding by the Dress Code.


Here, a cheerleader demonstrates a typical maneuver, which some girls might find embarrassing, but which cheerleaders must perform in the most public setting conceivable during College functions.  Because her skirt is plenty long by College standards, she feels comfortable performing without panties, and helps to reinforce Dress Code compliance on the part of all college co-eds.

Thank you, College Cheerleaders!

As much a having to go without panties a we perform our cheers has been, well, exposing for us all, it has had one advantage compared to my last school – it has cut down on how many of the college boys seem to spend all their time sneaking around trying to see us naked! They tried everything – like hidden cameras in our showers, with live feeds to video screen they set up at their parties so everyone could see us nude, wet and soaping ourselves (and sometimes each other).
Comment By Cheeleader At 10/27/2008 4:59 AM

Or sneaking in dressed as girls so they could be close by, trying to be inconspicuous, as we stripped off in our changerooms and took our showers, and then stealing all our clothes and towels so we would have to run back to our dorms naked, trying to cover ourselves with our hands from the large groups of boys standing around. They even sewed weak but metallic threads into our outfits and used powerful magnets to have all of our clothes fly off in the middle of ours performances! Even in our underwear, so being allowed to wear panties didn’t help that day I can tell you!

Yep, we spent so much of our times unexpected naked in the presence of groups of college boys that the rules here seem much easier, on the whole.

Comment By Cheeleader At 10/27/2008 5:01 AM

To the cheerleader commenting above, well, all I can say is that cheerleaders may find that, because they can’t help flashing everyone at every event, the college boys don’t do those things to them anymore, but that certainly isn’t the experience of most of us here, even though so many of us are seen either topless or stripped by inspectors.

In fact, just last week these boys came to watch girls showering – as they are entitled to do, there is a huge window they can look through – and took photos, set up video cameras, and held up cards with scores from one to ten on them as each naked girl appeared. I am more shy than some, and it is hard to soap up in the shower with a hand over your pussy and an arm over your tits, while every time you look up you see a half-dozen boys laughing with obvious hard-ons pointed at you!

Comment By Angela At 10/27/2008 9:16 AM

Angela, I remember you in that shower, trying so hard to keep those c-cups covered and with your other hand over your pussy (or was it in your pussy? I couldn’t tell but will check the photo blow-ups). Look, next time just relax and show us everything – we saw it all anyway, and if you hadn’t been so stingy with views of your snatch we might have resisted the urge to put the video on the school intranet, we might not have made all of those posters of you showering. Just think of us as volunteer pussy inspectors – obviously not Code inspectors, but whatever – and walk up, open those legs, show us your pink… Better for everyone…
Comment By michael At 10/27/2008 9:23 AM

Sometimes it´s a bit embarresing. During competition, iis normal, that a lot of spectators are there. Especially the boys wait for we had to performe high kicks, or to spread our legs. In fact of our short uniform, we always give them a good look on our privates, which are in the specified manner clean shaven.
Comment By Diane At 10/31/2008 10:50 AM

It is often my job to make sure all the cheerleaders are clean-shaven before a performance, so I like to have them all line up in costume and bend forward, flipping up their skirts to show that they are not wearing panties and are clean shaven. Of course, from that angle it can be hard to tell if they are clean shaven all over, so I have to use my hand to check. I just slide my hand between their legs until I feel their clitoris, and then check a bit further, and I know the rules are being obeyed. This new girl once suggested this was excessive, so I just spent a little bit longer on her clitoris, slowly rubbing it and around it until I could be sure she was totally smooth and until she was becoming a little wet, too. Since she would be showing her pussy to hundreds of our college boys, I think she will soon get the message.
Comment By inspector At 11/4/2008 11:01 PM

Cause of the bad performance in practice, our coach made a special arrangement with the coach of the football team. Whenever a cheerleader makes a big mistake, she distributes a demerit. When she had issued 14 overall, the next girl will be punished. The punishment is to be inspected by that boy, who was elected as the most valuable player in the last game. As I was selected the first time, I had to remain after practice, until the boy came. First he said, that he wanted to check, if was wearing any kind of underwear and for that reason, he striped me naked. Than I had to bend over and spread my legs. After that he wanted to test, if I was clean shaven. Off course he did it by rubbing my clit for a long while, until he found, that I became wet. This gave he a reason to rape me consensual in accordance with the CCC. I know, that this happened to all my team-mates who were selected to be punished.
Comment By Karina At 12/22/2008 10:07 AM

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