Dress Code Clarification: When is a top long enough to be a dress? (archives)

Hello again, co-eds, as the Dean of Conduct, I hope you’re having a wonderful time at the college, and most of all that you are enjoying the freedom you have been offered through our very liberal Dress Code.

We know the boys enjoy the way you girls express yourself through dress, and the administration is happy, too, that you have stepped up and embraced some of the more daring features of the Dress Code, such as a complete lack of underwear.

Still, there have been some questions, and that’s understandable.  The weather is starting to get warmer again, and so you girls have started wearing your dresses a bit shorter, for comfort.  Unlike other colleges, there is no dress length requirement in the Dress Code.  The only rule is that you feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.  Of course, not wearing panties, many girls prefer to wear dresses that are at least crotch-length, for modesty, but even this is not a requirement.

As dresses get shorter and shorter, the question arises: How short does a dress need to be before it counts as just a top?  It’s a reasonable question, because the shorter dresses make modesty more difficult.  I know many of you miss your high school days, when you used to relax in a t-shirt and panties.  Here, at the college, you can still wear the same t-shirt, but, of course, without the panties.  And, depending on the length of the t-shirt, you might feel a bit awkward wearing it without any bottom at all.


We understand how you feel.  At first, you might feel as if you shouldn’t show your bare bottom in public.  Maybe you might like to wear a little skirt with your t-shirt, which will make you feel a little more modest.  So let me put your mind at ease.  If your t-shirt is long enough to cover any part of your butt crack, it counts as a dress, and you shouldn’t wear a skirt, or any bottom, with such a shirt.

Trust me, I understand how you feel.  A shirt this short doesn’t cover the things a dress usually covers, so how can this be counted as a dress?  You’ll put it on in the morning, and look at yourself in the mirror a long time, before you build up the courage to walk out of your room, and face the world.


Just take a deep breath, and step out of your door.  If you see other bottomless girls, you’ll take comfort in their company.  If not, then you’ll have their admiration for your courage to wear the clothes you want to wear.

At first, when you wear a t-shirt this short, you’ll find yourself pulling it down, to cover your pussy, but trust me, girls, this only draws attention to your discomfort.  You’re better advised to just let the dress cover your belly and upper abdomen, leaving the lower part of your abdomen completely exposed.

At first, you’ll be shocked by the cold seats in the cafeteria as you sit your bare butt down on them, but after a while, you will enjoy the freedom you feel, walking around the campus bottomless.  You’ll naturally get some attention, especially from boys.  Many will just look at you.  Some will touch you, too.  When they do, smile and enjoy the attention they give you.  If the bus is crowded, for example, and you don’t get a seat, you will want to reach up and hold onto the strap.  A boy sitting nearby may take advantage of your situation, stroking your pretty butt and between your sexy legs.  You should not be too embarrassed to spread your legs apart, although you should try not to become sexually excited.  Sometimes this is hard, especially if the boy strokes you gently and persistently, or if he alternately strokes your anus and vagina, especially if he uses his tongue.  If you lose control, and allow yourself to become excited, then, of course, the boy may rape you.  Remember, you are consenting to the rape by allowing yourself to become excited.  Often a boy will offer you a bargain to avoid being raped.  For example, many boys will ask for your t-shirt as a gift to remember you.  If you would prefer not to be raped, you may feel free to offer the boy your shirt, but then, of course, you will be naked.  The choice of nudity or rape is up to you, of course.  If you give the boy your shirt, then you will have nothing to offer the next boy who wants to rape you, so most girls choose to be raped in this situation.

Many girls like to remove their shirt while being raped.  For one thing, your pretty breasts will excite your rapist, and help him finish the job quicker.  More importantly, you will be more comfortable in the nude.  Your rapist will probably enjoy your sexy body.  Your rape will be most enjoyable for you and your rapist if you take off your shirt, and spread your legs as far apart as they will go.  Your pussy will be well lubricated, of course, and so it will be very attractive to your rapist.


However, he may ask you to turn around so he can enter you from behind.  Relax, let your rapist choose how he’ll rape you, and try to enjoy your rape as much as possible.


‘Your pussy will be well lubricated, of course, and so it will be very attractive to your rapist.’

The photograph of the shy, shaved brunette and her rapist is certainly very attractive to me! She’s a beautiful girl and that expression she’s wearing makes her even more adorable… plus we finally get to see a dick in someone’s pussy.

It’s certainly a photo that would look very nice on a school brochure, or even on display at a recruitment fair. Now wouldn’t that student be surprised? ^_^

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