Dress Code — Accessories (archives)

Dress Code — Accessories

Accessories pictured here include a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. Together with a warm sweater, these accessories keep a girl nice and warm, even on the coldest winter days:


I recall this gal. She wondered why I stopped her for an inspection. She raised her sweater to prove she wasn’t wearing a bra, even though I didn’t ask to do so.

The problem I saw was her top was close to her pelvic bone and tailbone. I simply needed to measure it.

She raised a fuss saying it didn’t matter since she was bottomless. I pointed to the panties in her hand. She forgot that carrying extra items of clothing counts as much as wearing them.

She was sorry and pleaded I not take her hat, scarf, or gloves. She had other sweaters, but not those accessories. Before I could say a thing, she handed me her panties and sweater promising to be more careful in the future.

I handed her the clothes and suggested the donation box for some underprivileged girl. She gave me a kiss and ran to donate the clothing.

I probably should have told her that the swear was short enough to not count as a dress, but she was gone in a flash.

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