Don’t be over confident (archives)

“What’s with you? You look all sweaty and confused – and you are wearing panties!”


The other girls hadn’t noticed it, but when Jane came in, Mary saw right away that something was different. Jane was wearing panties. Jane is the type of person that’s the first and fastest to everything. She always has all the answers in class and she always wants to get as much as possible out of her day. She has no time for inspections and to make sure she never experiences one, she is always wearing a micro skirt or a very short dress, that exposes her pussy. Just enough to always avoid inspection. In fact, Jane had never experienced an inspection.

This is of course not the point of the complex workings of the code. The dress code only encourages girls to be decent. To avoid girls go about indecent because they want to avoid inspections, there are the rules of touching and consensual rape. Girls cannot deny anyone, friend or stranger, to touch any of their bare skin. Furthermore, should they get excited, boys are allowed, no encouraged, to perform one or more consensual rapes. This if of course not supposed to make girls want to dress decently.

Jane is far too busy. She has proven again and again, that she can beat the system. Jane is so confident, because she is in control of her emotions. This includes being able to control whether she will get excited. Even if someone gropes her between her legs, or even touches her pussy, she doesn’t get excited. As everyone knows this, hardly anyone ever tries to get her excited. Jane is satisfied with this development, which allows her to avoid inspections, almost always avoid groping and then she can get to do all the things she is so busy doing.

Mary had noticed two things that wasn’t usual for Jane. Jane wasn’t looking awfully confident, and she was wearing panties.

Mary repeated her question “What is it, Jane?”

Jane looked up as if she woke up from a dream. “Uhh. Huh? What is it? Nothing … I mean … whatever. Whoa … I …”.

“You are not making any sense, Jane!”.

Jane took a deep breath. “Well … I think I am going to be a little less busy and wear clothes that are a bit more decent from now on”.

Jane continued. “I guess I can tell you. You are my friends and you’ll see it on the college intranet tomorrow anyway.”

“I was standing in the line in the dining hall in my short dress. It barely covers my pussy if I stand normally. And my cleavage reaches under my nipples. You all know how I dress – I really don’t have time for those inspections”.


“I never get excited in public if I don’t want to, so boys usually doesn’t get anything out of touching me. As I was standing in line, one boy was touching me from behind. He was sliding his hands up my thighs slowly, as he reached my pussy. That works on most girls, but not me.”

Mary, having read up on the code quite recently, said “So, did you spread your legs to allow access, as the code specifies.”

“Of course, I even bent over to make sure no one would accuse me of anything.”


Mary nodded. “OK, I would’ve probably tried a bit to keep him away, but I guess you know what you’re doing”.

“Well”. Jane looked down. “I stayed completely dry – I can do that even if someone touches me in the most profound way. Whether I get excited is totally controlled by my mind”.

The boy soon gave up and we just stood waiting to get our food. This was when I let my thoughts wander. Yesterday I had been making a little video with myself. I love that, I don’t know why. It is so exciting to see myself on film.

“Yeah, I know, we all get excited by your short films” Mary said, “But you are usually the one who’s most excited about them”.


As I thought about that film yesterday, I suddenly felt something on my thigh. It was a drop of liquid running down my leg!.

“What’s this?” Exactly then I heard the boy from before speaking to me. “Are you standing there getting all wet?”.

“No, of course not” I replied. “I never get excited in public. Don’t you know that”.

He lifted one of my legs up on the table so my legs were spread completely. I hoped that it wasn’t true. Had I really become excited from thinking about yesterdays video session? As I thought about it, I heard small sound. It was the sound of a drop hitting the ground. Although it was as quiet as a single rain drop in a hurricane, everyone heard it and looked up.


Boys gathered to see if it was really true. Hands from all directions touched my pussy. I was resisting, but by now four guys were holding on to me, lifting me up on the table.

As I yelled “No, I am not wet, I am never wet”, it only attracted the attention of more guys. As it became apparent to everyone that I was indeed excited, the boys wouldn’t let this invitation pass them. They put me on the floor and held my body down and my butt up.


The boy that originally touched me in the line, went behind me, pulled out his dick, and slit it into my pussy in one move. When that’s possible in a tight college girl pussy, it’s a sure sign that it’s wet. So I stopped yelling that I wasn’t wet – it was pointless when everyone could see I was.


After a few thrusts, he pulled it out and came in my asshole. He immediately stood up and left. I tried to stand up as well, but a strong arm held me down.

“Oh no you don’t.”

Another boy slit his cock into my pussy. This was a big one. I didn’t see who it was, but I made a short high pitch scream when he entered me. Luckily, his big cock actually added to my excitement and made it easier for me to contain him. As he slit it back and forth, farther and farther into my pussy, faster and faster, I could feel that I was about to come. He finished just short of my own orgasm, and as he left, I was left hanging. So close, but no cigar!

I think I could have left, but now I didn’t want to. I kept on the ground, with my butt in the air, hoping some guy would finish what Mr. Big Cock started.


Yes, some guy took over. He only just dipped the tip, when I came. “Aaaaaahhh!”. I screamed out. As I came, the boy kept thrusting, harder and harder, until he came inside me.

As I stood up, I almost fell down again, because my knees were so weak from the efforts. I walked away with a weird combination of a pout and a grin. I left the dining hall, with cum dripping from my exposed pussy all the way home.

The first thing I did when I came home, was put on a pair of panties. I would no longer risk indecency, just to avoid inspections. Inspections aren’t so bad. After all, they are just making sure all of us girls stay decent.

Mary agreed. “Yes. If there is one thing I am sure of by now, it’s that the code really works. It does encourage us to be decent. You are the proof of that”.

Jane, you still have complete control. You just daydreamed of your previous video shoot. That’s natural, and it’s bound to happen again, too. You need to set your mind to avoid daydreaming about your video sessions, well, at least while in public.

With panties, the inspectors will stop you to see if your shaved or not. Once you have your panties off, he may feel your pussy for stuble or wetness. What if you daydream then? See? Same thing can happen wearing panties.

If you start suddenly wearing panties, everyone will know you no longer can control yourself. You’ll be a sitting duck for the guys. Without panties, you can smile making them think it was all your idea to get wet in public and pretend to resist.

If you give in, there’s no hope for the the rest of us!

Comment By Sandi At 11/26/2007 5:43 PM

Well it is good that people are enforcing the code – I can tell you from experience that it is sometimes necessary to have a girl spread her legs absolutely as wide as they can go, so that her totally exposed pussy can be checked for excitement. After she got wet, even just those two drops, she got what she deserved, as those boys took the time to enforce the code properly, just sliding their young hard cocks into that tight pussy, and in one case, of course, into her asshole. Consensual raping a girl’s asshole often encourages a girl to abide by the code in future, I’ve noticed, or at least to try to obey the visible excitement rules.
Comment By college boy At 11/28/2007 7:09 AM

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