Decent but Naked (archives)

Decent but Naked

As Hillary demonstrates here, if a girl shaves completely, then her pussy all but vanishes, even when she’s naked.


As you can see, Hillary is pretty decent. If she wants to go out in public, to a restaurant or night club, for example, then all she really needs to put on is a little shirt to cover her boobs, and she’s good to go.

Hillary should probably refrain from wearing a shirt when she goes out in public. She is still wet on her breasts. Wearing a top will soak the material. A white cotton tee shirt would become transparent when wet. The shirt then serves no purpose.

Hillary should not keep her friends waiting for her to dry off. She should hurry along as is. She is fully decent without a top. She’s good to go right now.

Comment By base At 10/12/2007 5:44 PM

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