Dangers of wearing a long skirt (archives)

Dangers of wearing a long skirt
“Hey Mary, you should read this” Carrie said, holding the College magazine.¬†Jane knew Mary was new at college and had had some problems following the dress code.

“Oh, it’s the College magazine? I never read that stuff. I don’t have the patience for it”, Mary responded.

“Ok, then I’ll read it for you. Listen up. There are some priceless tips in here for the dress code.” Jane said, and that caught Mary’s attention.

Jane reads the title of the article out loud: “Dangers of a wearing a long skirt”.

“Is that a long skirt?” Mary burst out. “It barely reaches her thighs!”.

“Be quiet and listen. It will all make sense in a minute” Jane said firmly.


Mary keeps quiet now and Jane continues.

“See this girl. You can’t tell if she’s wearing panties or not. Wearing panties with a skirt would be a violation of the dress code. So inspectors would be very much tempted to pick out this girl.”

“Look at this, even when she’s lifting her leg at the highest possible angle, you can’t tell whether she is wearing panties or not. Catastrophic if she should meet an inspector. This is just the sort of thing they are looking for.”


“Here are some more examples you should see. In this very unlikely position, the girl barely exposes her pussy from behind.”

“Although standing in this position would make it adequately visible for an inspector that she isn’t wearing panties, it is not a position that she is likely to be standing in. Furthermore, the shade of her skirt could make the inspector doubt whether she is wearing panties, even in this position.”


“Again, a good example of the effect the shade has on the visibility of her pussy. Although it should be visible from this angle if she is not wearing panties, it is almost impossible to tell, because of the shade from her skirt.”


“Only one thing can happen for a girl with a skirt like this, who meets an inspector. Inspection! In this case, it is important that the girl acts quickly and undresses before the inspector gets impatient or too many people see what’s going on.”


“When undressing and being inspected, the girl has to stay completely naked, although usually a lot of people are looking at her. This girl has not given the inspector any reason to call the girl in for a hearing, because she has been compliant and fast to undress”


“At this point, it is quite important the girl stays ‘dry’. If the girl is visibly excited, a state that could easily happen for most girls in a situation like this, onlooking boys can perform a ‘consensual rape’ in compliance with the College Code of Conduct.”

“A close inspection will tell if she is indeed visibly excited.”


“This girl is given back her clothes and she can continue her day. This girl, however, chose to leave her skirt off and go bottomless for the rest of the day. That way she can feel sure that she won’t risk an inspection again that day. It is embarrassing to go bottomless, but it’s nothing next to an inspection.

“The next day she will wear a skirt that’s not quite so long.”

I think the girl made the right decision to leave off her skirt. Her top is really quite decent, and gives the impression she’s fully dressed. The only time she’s really vulnerable is while she’s up and walking about. When she’s seated in class, in the dining hall, or on the bus, people will focus on her top, and on her winning smile, and probably not notice she’s naked below the waist.

Nice story.


Comment By Richard Hertz At 8/5/2007 5:10 PM


She’s f*cking gorgeous anyway, so there is no reason why she should be embarrased.

Comment By Grinch At 8/6/2007 10:33 AM

A pity you don’t have photos of her being checked for excitement – and of the look on her face when she realises all those boys are hanging around waiting to find out!
Comment By horny boy At 8/7/2007 9:36 AM

Long skirts, short skirts, no skirts.

Whatever the girl feels comfortable wearing she should wear. Fear of inspection is not the reason to amend what you wear. The inspections are necessary part of the ensuring the code is being honored.

Let’s say you decide to forgo a skirt. It is still an inspector’s duty to determine if you have shaved clean or not. If you are not smooth, your pubic hair still counts as a bottom.

Wear whatever you want, and let the inspectors do their job. No need to be embarrassed. It is as embarrassing as going through customs or a DWI blockade.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/13/2007 10:17 PM

can anyone tell me how to get in touch with this girls agent?
Comment By Pete Philips At 3/30/2009 5:51 PM

Can anyone give me the name of this girl’s agent?
Comment By Pete Philips At 3/30/2009 5:54 PM

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