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One of the really nice things about the College is the way the girls like to dress in tiny little skirts.  A “Dare” game has sprung up over the past few weeks that adds to the enjoyment.


Here’s how the game works.  The girls dress in a cute top and a tiny little skirt.  Then each girl picks one of the other girls in the game, and ever so slightly loosens her skirt.  Then the girls continue to go about their business — class, lunch, walks in the park, whatever.


It’s important to start the game as decently as possible, because girls are only allowed to loosen their friends skirts, and never allowed to adjust their own skirts.  This girl is wearing a sexy little skirt that’s exactly the right length.


This poor girl is losing the game.  Her shorts are all she has left, and they’re completely unzipped.


This girl has been fully unzipped.  A big part of the fun of the game is watching her walk to class really carefully as her skirt begins to slip lower and lower on her hips.  She desperately wants to make it to one more class before losing her skirt.  It’s against the rules for the girl to try to hold her skirt up as she walks, or pull it up if it has slipped.


When her skirt finally falls completely off, she is expected to shriek with embarrassment to draw her friends’ attention.  Then, to get her skirt back, one of her friends will make her pay a penalty, which can be made up on the spot.  For example, she might have to lose her top, as this girl did.  Once her skirt is snugly in place, the game can continue!


Here’s another girl who has lost her shirt, so she’s going to try harder than ever to keep her skirt on.  She’s looking furtively over her shoulder, hoping not to see one of her girlfriends, who might loosen her skirt at any moment.



This girl has lost her skirt once already, and her friend unzipped her top, baring her cute little titties.


Here’s another denim skirt, which is exactly the right length!


This girl is wearing a really cute skirt, and a thin white top.  Such a top is popular among the girls on Campus because it shows her nipples, making it much less likely she will be inspected.


But this particular girl is so cute, she gets more than her share of inspections, both official and unofficial.  Unfortunately for this cutie, some of the boys have figured out that the “fondling” rule, which allows boys to fondle the bare skin of scantily clad coeds, can be abused, and stretched in a clever way.



All a boy needs to do to cop a feel of this girl’s adorable little breasts is to begin feeling her between her sexy legs, which is permitted.  Since this cutie is wearing such a short skirt, the boy is allowed to feel right up to the top of her thighs, and even to rub the parts of her cheeks that are exposed.  Naturally, the girl will begin to self-lubricate as his touch circles ever closer to her most intimate areas.  At some point, she will certainly worry about revealing her sexual excitement to the boy, which gives him permission to rape her according to the rules, which were set up to discourage girls from wearing provocative clothing.


At this point, the girl can ask the boy if there’s anything she can do for him.  This is code for “please stop fondling me,” which a girl is not permitted to say, under the Dress Code.  Quite the opposite, a girl who is being fondled is required to spread her legs as needed to give her fondler the access he needs to touch any part of her exposed skin.





So, to stop the boy from touching her moist, hot pussy, she offers to take off her top.  Without waiting for him to respond, she removes her top, and enjoys a nice upper body massage.


“I like playing the Dare game, because it gives me a chance to be the innocent girl who loses her clothes through no fault of her own!  I love the attention I get when I lose my shirt.  Boys think my tan lines are really cute, for some reason, and they like to play with my nipples.  Then, without warning one of my girlfriends will unzip my skirt while a boy is fondling my little titties, so I try to be very still as I feel my skirt slip lower, and lower down my hips.”


Not every girl is completely happy to be playing the game.  This girl has lost her top already, and her sexy little skirt is fully unzipped.  She will be walking very gingerly now, to delay the inevitible as long as possible.


Some girls have jobs to do.  This cookie girl needs to be in uniform as part of her job, so she really shouldn’t play the game.


But how could she say no?  The Dare game is just so much fun!  Yes, she lost her shirt, but she took advantage of a number of other girls, loosening their skirts, and laughing with delight at the misfortune of one of her friends, who desperately tried to keep her skirt on, because it was the only item of clothing she was wearing!


But soon, the shoe was on the other foot…  Or should I say, the skirt was only half-covering another girl’s pretty butt.


The Dare game is played all day long, in between other activities.  The game doesn’t stop for a little trampolining.  At any other college, a girl might prefer to wear some kind of tight bottom, like shorts or at least panties, so she won’t put herself so much on display while jumping on the trampoline.  But here, we have rules, which are designed to encourage girls to dress more decently.  If a few girls end up showing their pussies to their fellow students, that’s just the price we have to pay for overall decency.


Look at the joy on this girls face as she jumps.  Would you let a lack of panties stop you from enjoying yourself this much?


I think not.


Well, I suppose we all saw that coming.  This girl just lost her skirt — again!  She’s smiling now, but what she doesn’t know is that her best friend has thought up an insidious punishment for her.  Her friend will make her bend over, while she smears K-Y jelly all over her pretty butt, and between those sexy legs of hers.  And she’ll take her time doing it, too.  Despite trying to keep her urges under control, the naked girl will open like a pretty pink flower.  It won’t take long for a boy to notice her state of sexual excitement, and he will take this as an invitation to have his way with her, after which, she will get her skirt back.  Hey, being raped is just part of the game, after all!


While playing the game, girls often try to embarrass each other by “accidentally” exposing their friend’s bare ass, for example.  This can be innocent fun, but it can be dangerous as well.  While the girls are playing, they are often fondle each other in a sexual way, which is part of the fun of the game.  If a boy happens to catch sight of a moist, pink pussy, he is expected to rape the girl to punish her for allowing herself to be publicly exposed in this way.


While playing the game, girls try to be as decent as possible, under the circumstances.  This girl crosses her legs after sitting her bare ass on the chair.


The Dress Code prohibits panties, which encourages girls to wear skirts long enough to cover their pretty butts.  Even so, many girls ask, what’s the fun of covering up completely.  Girls like to show a little bit of their pretty cheeks, even if they accidentally show an upskirt view now and then.


There are a few reasons girls like to leave the lower part of their cheeks uncovered.  For one thing, the girls are cute to look at, and ever girl wants to look her best.  Here at the college there’s another important reason not to cover up too much: Inspections.  Which girls are the ones who get inspected again and again?  You guessed it: the ones who cover up too much.  For all the Inspector knows, these girls might be hiding a Dress Code violation under all those clothes.  So through repeated inspection, the girls here at the College have been conditioned to leave a considerable amount of skin uncovered by their cute little outfits, even when they’re not playing the Dare game.


It’s not unusual for a girl to accidentally expose herself while bending over.  Girls should try to avoid feeling embarrassed when this happens.  If you feel your skirt is too short to do any good, then, simply take it off, especially if you’re wearing a substantial top…


This girl feels all snuggly warm in her sweatshirt, so she wisely decided to forgo the skirt.  This is the beauty of the Dress Code.  If a girl feels comfortable leaving her bottom bare, she can go right ahead and do so.  While it’s true that this girl might feel a bit underdressed in “civilian” life, here at the college, it’s quite common for girls to wear a top such as this one as if it were a very short dress.



Excellent post, by the master himself. Good to see you’re back posting and continuing our educational experience.
Comment By base At 4/23/2010 9:45 PM

Yes, Base, it’s nice to be back… BTW, I have been finishing some stories that I had started a long time ago, so they don’t show up as new. You might want to go into the ‘List All’ and check out Crysta’s Outreach Program stories.


Comment By Richard Hertz At 4/24/2010 2:32 AM

Ahh such a pleasant surprise to see all these posts, Richard. Good and useful information as always.
Comment By Grinch At 5/3/2010 12:55 PM

I like the skirt worn in the first picture!! :O)

Wonderful length & I love that there are pleats. More pleats would be even better so it would also be a flying skirt occasionally going up in the wind (a softer fabric would help too).

Uh, though–piercings. What was she thinking???

Sunshine & Blessings,

Comment By Giovani At 5/12/2010 12:17 PM

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