Crysta’s Outreach Program — Wednesday, May 13, 2009 (archives)

“Are you OK?” Donna asked as the girls looked for a place to sit. The dining hall was crowded.

“It’s never much fun to be raped,” Crysta said. She was clearly worried it would happen again. After a girl is raped, her pussy stays red for a while, and if she has no clothes to cover it, then another boy might rape her at any time. Crysta knew that if a boy approached her with the intent to fondle her, that she was required to spread her legs so he could see and touch her pussy as much as he liked. This was one of the risks of making out with Donna while bottomless – but smooching with her sexy roommate was so good, it was worth getting raped once in a while, she felt. Still, she was looking for a table that afforded the girls a little privacy.

“Let’s sit here,” Donna said, pointing to a table with two boys at one end, and lots of wide open space at the other end. A minute after the girls sat down, the boys joined them. The girls tried to ignore the boys, but soon the fondling started.

Crysta turned around, and spread her legs as required by the fondling rule. Her boy smiled at the sight of her red pussy. “Please, no,” Crysta whimpered.

“It’s OK,” said the boy, stroking Crysta’s hair. “I’ll leave you alone if you do me a little favor.”

“Thanks,” Crysta said, unzipping the boy’s pants.

“No, not that,” said the boy. “I want a different favor, which I’m hoping you can do for me.”

“OK,” Crysta said quietly. She really didn’t have a choice. She had to do anything the boy asked, or else she would be raped again. “What can I do for you?”

“It’s your friend,” he said, gesturing at Donna.

The other boy was stroking Donna’s bare skin, but he wasn’t allowed to touch her pussy, because it was covered by a pair of panties. With so many rapists afoot, Donna was glad to have kept her panties on!

“What about my friend?” Crysta asked.

“I want you to kiss her.”

Donna stood up, clearly scared. Crysta came over to her, and wrapped her arms around her shivering roommate. “It’s OK, sweety,” Crysta whispered as she brought her lips near.

“Wait,” said the boy.

The girls looked at him.

“I want your friend to take off her panties first.”

Donna said, “You can’t make me—”

Crysta put her hand over Donna’s mouth. “Yes, he can,” she whispered.

Donna understood. Either she took off her panties, or Crysta would be raped. Of course she took off her panties. She looked at the boy, who nodded imperceptibly. Then she looked at Crysta, who was shaking. “It’s OK, Crysta,” Donna said. Then, the girls kissed. It felt strangely exciting, being forced to kiss each other. While they kissed, Donna felt a pair of hands on her butt, so she spread her legs, and tried to ignore the fondling.

“Now, your top,” said the boy to Crysta.

“Please,” whimpered Crysta again.

“Tell your friend to sit on the table,” he ordered.

“Please don’t rape her,” Crysta begged.

“It’s OK,” Donna said. She didn’t see this coming, but now she was naked, and being forced to make out with Crysta, it was just a matter of time before her excitement would show. Donna climbed up onto the table, spread her legs, and leaned back on her hands. Her pussy was already pretty wet.

“Now lie down on the table,” ordered the boy. She did as ordered, hanging one leg off either side of the table. Just lying there, her pussy exposed to the gathering crowd, was enough to excite her. She felt awful being so powerless, and even worse that she was so turned on by this.

“Now,” said the boy to Crysta, “climb onto the table.” Crysta knew what he wanted her to do. She crawled onto the table, over her trembling friend, and began licking her pussy. Crysta’s own pussy was hovering just inches from Donna’s mouth as she dove in again and again. Crysta pressed her whole face between Donna’s legs, slobbering in her juices. She pushed first her nose and then her tongue into each of Donna’s sexy holes, and grabbed her thighs and butt. An electric shock went through Crysta when she felt Donna’s hot mouth on her own asshole, and then her pussy. She relaxed and spread her own legs to give Donna full access. Suddenly, Donna screamed and squeezed Crysta’s face between her thighs. Crysta knew Donna was cumming, which made her cum, too. The girls both came for a full minute, each one pressing her whole face into the crotch of the other, rubbing it hard back and forth across the other’s slippery lips.

After a long time, Crysta slumped on her sexy friend, laying her head down on her legs. Gradually, she became aware of the sound of giggling. It was Donna. Her finger was still in Crysta’s asshole, wiggling back and forth. Crysta’s ass was in the air, waving back and forth, and she was smiling, her pussy literally dripping! A group of girls had come to help Donna and Crysta, wiping them with napkins, and holding their hands, helping to their seats.

Donna was so happy, and she couldn’t explain it. Was it because she escaped being raped? She didn’t think so—she had been resigned to it. It was because she had the opportunity to make love to her best friend. And somehow that she had been forced to fuck her friend made it all the better!

“Thank you so much,” Donna said to the girls who had been helping them. “We’re OK, now.”

“Do you want to get seconds?” Crysta asked, feeling suddenly very hungry.

“Seconds?” Donna echoed, sitting sideways on the bench seat, gently pawing Crysta’s large breast.

Both girls laughed.

And yes, they had seconds.

Is it the bottled water that gives today’s beauty that healthy glow?

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