Crysta’s Outreach Program — Tuesday, May 19, 2009 (archives)

“Oh, Donna! I was so worried about you!” Crysta ran to her naked friend, and hugged her, and kissed her passionately before realizing something was wrong. Donna was crying. She tried to pull away to get a good look at Donna’s face, but Donna clung to her best friend with all her strength.

“They raped me,” Donna cried. “They raped me,” she trailed off.

“They?” Crysta asked.

Donna sniffled and nodded, still clinging to her friend. After a few more good sobs, Donna relaxed her grip on Crysta, and the two girls looked at each other, oblivious to the passers-by who caught surreptitious glances of Donna’s exquisite naked body. Crysta wiped a tear from Donna’s cheek, and Donna let out a hiccupping laugh. Crysta laughed too. What a relief, the girls thought. The nightmare is over.

But the nightmare wasn’t quite over.

Donna was stark naked, Crysta’s bag of clothes had been confiscated, and the girls had an appointment less than an hour later at a high school four miles away.

“Maybe we should reschedule,” Donna said.

“No!” Crysta said. Then embarrassed at having startled her naked friend, she explained, “I’m sorry, I can’t bail on this. I’ll fail Poli Sci if we don’t do this.” Then, as a city bus pulled up, she added, “Come on, it’ll be fine. I’ll take good care of you.”

Donna smiled for the first time in quite a while. Something about Crysta taking good care of her made everything seem OK, even naked. Crysta took her hand, and they boarded the bus. Donna clung to Crysta’s back, hoping none of the other passengers would turn around and see her pretty little butt, and wondering if her throbbing, pulsing pussy was still puffed out enough to be seen from behind.

One of the passengers stood up, giving Crysta his seat. Crysta quickly sat down, and patted her lap. Donna took the hint, and sat on it, making a half-hearted attempt to keep her legs together.  She gave up the effort, and relaxed her tense body, leaning her head back against Crysta’s neck. She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see all the passengers craning their necks to look at her. Soon the girls forgot about all the other passengers, and snuggled as if they were alone. Crysta stroked Donna’s inner thighs, from her inner knees upwards, stopping just short of that most tender region. Crysta smiled with satisfaction each time Donna groaned with unresolved passion and spread her legs a fraction of an inch wider. feeling her own pussy swell and mosten just as much as that of her sexy naked roommate. After what seemed like a long time, they finally got to the high school. They got off the bus, and made their way to the school’s office.  Thankfully, the students were all in class, so Donna was able to slip inside unnoticed.

There was one office worker on duty when the girls presented themselves, and asked to speak to the principal. She took one look at Donna’s beautiful breasts, turned bright red, and stammered something she meant as “Please go right in.”

The principal’s door opened, whereupon he warmly greeted the girls, appearing not to notice that Donna was not only naked, but in a state of intense sexual excitement. “Please, have a seat,” he offered.

The girls looked around. There were no chairs.

“Have a seat,” the principal repeated.

The girls shrugged, and sat on the floor, which was luxuriously carpeted. Crysta crossed her legs, “Indian style.” Though her dress was very short (it was little more than a top) she had lost any sense of modesty. She pretended to ignore the principal’s rather creepy interest in her smooth-shaven pussy. Donna was a little coyer, keeping her legs together, and half-sitting half-kneeling, and looking rather uncomfortable, keeping her right hand in her lap, and her left hand over her breasts.

“Which one of you is Crysta?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Crysta blushed. “I’m Crysta, and this is Donna.”

“I’m delighted to meet you both,” said the principal, shaking Crysta’s hand. He reached for Donna’s hand, and then thought better of it. She needs both hands for modesty, he realized.

Donna blushed, and extended her right hand, raising herself up to a full kneel. “I’m glad to meet you,” she said. Politeness is more important than modesty, she thought to herself.

An awkward silence followed. Donna looked at Crysta, and made some sort of gesture, which Crysta took to mean “I’m naked here! What are we going to do about this?”

“Um,” Crysta began, “Donna is naked.”

Donna turned crimson. The principal let out a belly laugh, startling the girls. “It wouldn’t do for a pair of girls from the College to address one of our classes on the Dress Code in such a state of un-dress, now, would it?”

“My thoughts exactly,” Donna whispered to Crysta.

He opened the door, and said, “Would you please call Katherine, Megan and Chelsea, and ask them to come into my office?”

Donna and Crysta were still sitting on the floor when three very pretty girls walked into the principal’s office. Katherine had long straight black hair and voluptuous hips. Megan was a petite girl with sexy brunette hair, and though her breasts were small, they were nicely shaped, with her firm nipples clearly outlined in her white top. Chelsea had short blonde hair, and she was thin, like Megan.

“We have a naked girl here,” explained the principal, “and so between the three of you, I’m hoping we have enough clothing for four girls.”

There was a stunned silence as the three girls absorbed his meaning.

“Let’s start with a pair of panties,” he said.

No one moved.

“Do you girls mean to tell me that none of you is wearing panties?”

Katherine said, “You see, our teacher said we should dress like the College girls”

Megan added, “She thought it would help us learn about their Dress Code”

“And it would make, um…” Chelsea glanced at the sexy girls, “… our guests feel more comfortable, our teacher said.”

“Katherine, I can’t believe you’re not wearing any underwear. Take off your jeans and show me,” ordered the principal.

“Can he make me do that?” Katherine whispered to her friends. They were scared to death of being stripped themselves, so they remained silent.

Finally, Katherine slowly unzipped her pants, and started pulling them down. Sensing her discomfort, Crysta got up to comfort her. As the girls hugged, it became clear that Katherine was crying. “There, there,” Crysta said, kissing her, and petting her pretty hair. As the girls hugged, Donna pulled down Katherine’s jeans and allowed Katherine to step out of them. Crysta knelt, and kissed Katherine’s beautiful bald pussy, and hugged her around the butt. Then she stood up, kissed her on the lips, and said, “Good job. I know stripping isn’t easy, especially at first.” She patted Katherine’s bare but, and Katherine tried to smile.

Looking at Megan and Chelsea, the principal said, “if either of you is wearing panties, now is the time to fess up!”

Neither girl made a move, which seemed to anger the principal.

“OK,” he said. “Here’s what we’re going to do.” He looked at his three students to make sure he had their attention. “The three of you will take off all your clothing, and put it in a big pile. Then we’ll let Donna pick out the clothes she wants, and then whatever’s left, you can wear back to class.”

Katherine, who was already half naked, took off her shirt and bra, and dropped them to the floor next to her jeans. She turned to Megan, who took a step back and looked at Chelsea. “Alright,” Chelsea said. She took a deep breath, slipped off her skirt, and put her hands over her face, she was so embarrassed to be completely bottomless.

Donna stood up and comforted Chelsea. “It’s okay, honey,” she said, patting Chelsea’s cute little butt, which was still mostly covered by her thin white silk blouse. “Let me help you with that,” Donna offered. She felt terrible unbuttoning Chelsea’s blouse, because her erect nipples made it clear she was uncomfortable. She did what had to be done, though.   She opened it up to reveal not only her exquisite breasts, but her complete lack of underwear as well. “Very good, Chelsea,” Donna said, patting her pretty butt again. Donna took Chelsea and Katherine by the hand and sat them down on either side of her. The three naked girls sat with their arms and legs tangled together like sisters. She noticed Chelsea’s pussy was pink and moist, and whispered to her that it’s not unusual to feel a bit of excitement after being forced to strip in front of other people. She rubbed Chelsea’s engorged pussy. “Just relax,” Donna suggested. Chelsea snuggled closer to Donna, closed her eyes, and spread her legs wide as Donna idly fondled her new friend.

Suddenly, Megan bolted for the door. But the principal was too quick for her, blocking her exit. “Please, no!” Begged Megan, but it was too late. The principal grabbed her by the arms and neck, preventing her from hitting or kicking him. As she flailed wildly, the principal asked “Donna, will you do me a favor, and check to see if Megan is wearing panties?”

“She isn’t, wearing panties,” Donna said without even moving. Meghan’s wild kicking had already revealed her commando style.

“Will you girls please work together to strip Megan, then?” asked the principal.

While the principal guarded the door, Megan ran wildly around the room trying to avoid Crysta and three naked girls intent on stripping her. She lashed out at random and succeeded in ripping Crysta’s pretty dress, as well as inflicting numerous superficial wounds with her fingernails. Eventually, superior numbers triumphed, and Megan found herself naked, her clothes in shreds on the floor.

The principal realized that Megan, now naked, was no longer a flight risk. He picked up the clothes, put them on his desk, and sat behind it. “I am very disappointed in you, Megan,” said the principal. “Why can’t you be more like Katherine and Chelsea, who were happy to offer up their clothes to our guest, Donna, who desperately needs them. Now that you’ve gone on this rampage, you’ve not only torn your own clothes, but also those of our guest, Crysta.”

“It’s OK, Megan,” Donna said, patting the floor next to her. “Come sit with us, while we wait to see what your principal wants to do next.”

Megan reluctantly sat next to Donna, and spread her legs like the other girls, even joining in the giggling as they touched each others’ inner thighs and “accidentally” stroked one another’s pussies every now and then.

The principle shook his head at the naked girls, and then gestured dismissively. The girls took this as a signal to get up, and examine the pile of clothes. The principal tried not to notice the girls’ pendulous breasts as they bent over the pile of clothes, or their cute little butts. For their part, the girls weren’t much worried about the principal, so they didn’t make much of an effort to keep their legs together. He had already seen them naked, so what further harm would come of showing him their assholes and pussies as they continued to bend over the pile of clothes. Soon, they managed to piece together enough decent ensembles to cover, if only barely, their sexy bodies.

Today’s pretty girl yearns to break free from the confines of her bikini bottom.  But one look at her pretty little bottom tells you she’s so sweet and innocent, what do you think?  Do you agree she should set herself free?

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Just got two words to say in response: ‘Day’ ‘Um.’ Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Comment By Keith At 3/14/2010 7:45 PM

Can’t wait for the next one, keep it up!

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Love this series

It seems a shame to stop Crysta’s Outreach Program — Tuesday, May 19, 2009 and not continue. All the girls are naked in the principal’s office and Crysta still has to teach her class!

Any chance for more?


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