Crysta’s Outreach Program — Friday, May 15, 2009 (archives)

Donna looked like a million bucks in a loose-fitting kimono dress. It wrapped around her thin body in a way that emphasized her cutest attributes. It reached down below her crotch—a bit too long to wear on campus for fear of inspections. (What is she hiding under that long dress, an Inspector would wonder.) But for a night out on the town, it was perfect. “Is my little slave ready for her night out?” She patted the head of her naked subject, and then rummaged through a bag of things she had picked out for Crysta to wear.

“What do you think of this robe?” she asked, holding up a tiny little terrycloth robe.

Crysta grabbed for it, but Donna pulled it away like a matador. The petulant slave pouted in such a cute way, Donna relented, and let her don the little garment. She watched as Crysta cinched the cloth belt, barely corralling her big tits. The girls both smiled at Crysta’s reflection in the mirror. It was a really cute outfit—not so long as to be unfashionable or unflattering, but not so short that she would be embarrassed to wear it about campus. Donna adjusted the robe’s lapels to just cover each nipple. She knew this was important to Crysta.

“What about my bottom?” Crysta asked.

Donna craned her neck to be funny, and looked at Crysta’s pretty bottom. “It’s lovely.”

“No, I mean, when we go out, I will need to wear a bottom.”

“You’re my slave, remember?”

“But I’m practically naked!”

“You are not! This robe covers you nicely.” Donna was only partly kidding. Although most of Crysta’s butt was uncovered, as was her pussy, the front of the terrycloth robe came really close to covering her crotch—closer than many of her other outfits, which she wears happily about campus.

“You know what I mean,” Crysta sighed. Donna really did know exactly what was troubling Crysta. On campus, it’s customary for girls to leave the bottoms of their cheeks uncovered. The more cheek they show, the less likely they are to be inspected. It goes without saying, then, that a girl’s bottom will be seen from time to time by other students. This is a natural consequence of the rules of the College, so all the students take it in stride. Some girls still place a hand behind them when they bend forward to drink at the water fountain, or as they climb the stairs. But even this form of modesty goes by the wayside after a few weeks on campus.

But off-campus, everything is different. A bottomless girl would be a major spectacle in the streets and shops downtown, and although Donna is pretending not to know it, she does know it, all too well. (She recalls with a shudder the shoe store incident—that was the last time she wore a short skirt to go shoe shopping!) Dressing to go off campus is a real challenge for all the girls of the College. If they wear something too modest, they’re almost sure to be inspected before they reach the front gate of the college. On the other hand, if they wear something a little more revealing, then they run the risk of becoming a spectacle on the outside.

Donna smiled benevolently at her slave. “Yes, honey, I understand,” she said. She reached into her bag, and produced a thong and a pair of bikini panties. “You can choose,” she said benevolently.

Crysta smiled and kissed her master. “I won’t be greedy,” she said. I’ll wear the thong.

“Let’s go!” Donna said. She grabbed her bag, and patted Crysta on the butt as they left the room. The thong was a good choice, Donna thought to herself, admiring Crysta’s butt. The tiny robe covered the thong’s waistband, so it was completely hidden from the rear, making it look as if she was bottomless. It was a short scary walk to the front gate—scary because both girls were out of compliance with the Dress Code. Crysta’s thong was a serious no-no, and Donna was carrying some extra clothing, which she was planning to dole out to her subject as rewards during their evening’s fun.

Sure enough, they spotted an Inspector lurking near the front gate. He was watching for girls leaving the campus in too many clothes to be considered “decent” on campus. As the girls hid in the shadows, one of their less wary classmates wandered into his trap. She was wearing a pretty sun dress that was perhaps a little longer than the average length worn by girls on campus. “Uh-oh,” said Donna.

The inspector jumped out of his shadowy hiding place and announced an inspection. All the girls on campus are trained to rip off their clothes immediately upon inspection, to avoid the appearance of hiding anything, but this girl hesitated. Instead of jumping out of her dress, she began crying and begging for mercy.

“Not a good start,” Crysta whispered.

“Look,” the girl said, lifting her dress. “No panties,” she announced through her sobs. The inspector seemed unimpressed, so she lifted the dress higher. With his help, she lifted it right over her head, making it clear to everyone that she was in full compliance with the Dress Code. But she was unable to remove it completely because it buttoned in front, and it was too tight on her to slip off without unbuttoning it. And now it was completely inside out, so the buttons were inaccessible.

Donna giggled as the blinded girl was ordered to spread her legs and submit to a manual body cavity inspection. Her dress fell down over her body, which irritated the inspector. “Keep that dress out of the way”, he ordered. So, blind to the gathering crowd, she held her dress up over her head as the inspector did his job. In fact, he did more than his job, in this case. The girl was stunningly beautiful, with perfect breasts, a nice flat belly, and exquisitely rounded rumps. He took his time checking her nipples, which were fully erect, then feeling along her belly. He felt her smooth inner thighs, prompting the girl to spread wider. The girl shuddered involuntarily as gently probed between her legs. Then, he pressed gently on her back to indicate she should bend over.

The girl’s sobs turned to wails as she bent all the way over, exposing her pretty butt in all its glory to the gathering crowd. In a way, it was a blessing that her face was covered, sparing her not only the embarrassment of seeing the throng that was admiring her beautiful naked body, and even more, the embarrassment of them seeing her cry like a baby.

“Take off your dress,” ordered the inspector.

“I can’t!” hiccoughed the girl.

Whack! The inspector spanked her bare butt, leaving a red handprint across both cheeks.

“Please!” begged the girl.

Whack! Another direct hit. Her pussy was fully engorged and glistening.

“We should do something,” Crysta said, moving toward the inspector and the sobbing girl.

“Take off your—“ Donna called after her friend, but it was too late. Crysta was in the spotlight, now, asking the inspector if she might help the girl out of her dress.

“A girl’s touch is needed here,” Crysta said. “Can’t you see she’s shivering?”

The inspector nodded stepped back, and let Crysta take over. She stood behind the girl, and bent over her. The warmth of Crysta’s body on her naked rear end felt so nice. She relaxed as Crysta cupped her small breasts, and smoothed away her goosebumps. The frightened girl waited patiently while Crysta nuzzled her, gently sliding her arms, face, and breasts down the shivering girl’s pretty body. Soon, Crysta began focusing on the girl’s firm cheeks and thighs. The poor girl’s pussy was bright red and slippery wet, because the inspector had been “accidentally” hitting it with his middle finger with each slap of her butt. Crysta licked away the girl’s pain, eagerly drinking the excess moisture between her wide-spread legs, and nuzzled her sexy little asshole, spreading her tender cheeks with her thumbs. The girl fell to her knees as Crysta probed deeply with her tongue, and soon began to shake with ecstasy as she came. Crysta kept probing, so the girl kept cumming until the inspector took Crysta’s hand, and helped her off the still convulsing girl.

Expecting thanks, she looked at the inspector. Receiving none, she turned to leave.

“Not so fast,” said the Inspector. “It looks to me like you’re wearing—”

Oh, shit! Thought Crysta. I forgot I’m wearing a thong. He must have seen it while I was tending to the girl. She stepped out of it, and then dropped her robe, sweetly handing them both to the Inspector.

“I hate to write you up,” he said, looking Crysta up and down, “seeing as how nice you were to this girl.” He looked at the still-writhing girl, on hands and knees, still head-bagged by her dress.

“I understand,” Crysta said, looking around nervously. Donna seemed to have vanished.

“And I’ll need to take your clothes into evidence, you understand.”

Crysta nodded, and took her ticket. There was nothing else to do, but head for the exit and hope for the best.

Look into this cutie’s light eyes, and tell me she isn’t an angel!

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A more selfish play would have been to make a run for it as the inspector was distracted by the girl’s inability to remove her dress completely.

A smarter play would have been for Crysta to remove her thong before coming to the aid of the girl.

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