Crysta’s First Bottomless Day in High School (archives)

Crysta’s First Bottomless Day in High School

Her first truly bottomless experience

One morning, Crysta woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon.  For a few seconds, she thought it was Sunday, and then she remembered.  It was a school day, and she was late!  She ran downstairs and found her mom making breakfast, and serving her little sister.

“You’re just in time,” mom said.

“Put some clothes on,” chided her little sister.  This admonition was the girls’ little joke, because neither one of them dressed for breakfast.

Crysta ignored the remark, and sat next to her sister.  “I’m thinking of wearing a short dress to school today,” Crysta said.

“That’s nice, dear,” said mom.

“Which one?” asked her sister.

“The pink baby-doll dress.”

“You mean the one with the sheer top?  That’s so cute on you.  Go and put it on,” her sister encouraged.

Crysta was indignant.  “It’s not that sheer.”

“Model it for us, Crysta,” said her mom.  “We’ll tell you if it’s too sheer.”

Crysta said OK, and bounded up the stairs to her room.  While Crysta was gone, her mom had some wise words for her baby sister: “Listen,” she said.  “You know how sensitive Crysta is about her breasts.  She’s always afraid they’re not covered well enough.  So don’t say–” she stopped short when Crysta returned.

Crysta’s mom put her hands to her face, and said “Oh, Crysta, I don’t know about this.”  Then sensing she was too negative, she added, “You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress, but maybe it’s a bit too…”

“I know, I know,” Crysta said.  “It’s a bit too sheer.”  She paused to adjust the gossamer fabric cradling her beautiful breasts.  “But it has gathers, see?  It’s not all one layer, and so it’s not so obvious, see?”  The fabric was a fine pink mesh, and her breasts filled it out nicely.

Her mom repeated: “but…”  and then changed her mind.  “Listen, it’s getting late.  Don’t miss your bus.  Have a nice day, Crysta,” she said.

After Crysta left, her little sister said, “Oh, my God!”

Her mom agreed.  “That’s the most daring dress I’ve ever seen her wear.”

“Stay by the phone, mom,”  I think Crysta will be calling you soon.  They both laughed.

Bus stop

Crysta waited at the bus stop with her friends, chatting with them about the latest episode of whatever TV show was popular, or about music, or one of her favorite topics, boys.  Soon enough, the bus came, and she got on.  Oh!  The seat was cold.  But she didn’t say anything, because she didn’t want her friends to know her butt was naked.  She arranged what little fabric covered her lap so that her underwear (or lack thereof) would remain a mystery to her friends and classmates.  When the bus stopped at the school, she waited her turn, and got off, still chatting with her friends.  She really felt special in her new dress, and it seemed that other people reacted warmly to her as well.  This was going to be a good day, she thought.  She went to her homeroom class, stopping on the way to get a drink of water, and sat her naked butt down in her usual seat.  She glanced down at her lap, and noticed it was uncovered, so she crossed her legs.  She knew from experience that dresses sometimes ride up, and leave her pussy uncovered when she’s seated, but with her legs crossed, her pussy was completely hidden.


Crysta’s close girlfriend, Alex, who sat behind her in homeroom, whispered to Crysta that she admires her courage to wear that dress.

“I know, it’s a bit sheer,” Crysta whispered, covering her breasts with her hands.

“No, not that,” she said.  “I mean to go completely naked from the waist down takes guts!”

“From the waist down?  You’re kidding, right?”  She looked at herself, and tried to stretch her dress to cover her.  My God!  This baby-doll dress is shorter than I thought!  How could I have missed this?  Alex is right!  My butt is completely naked, and my pussy is fully on display!  She wiggled in her seat, trying in vain to add just an inch to the length of her little dress.  Her mind was reeling.  The jig is up, she thought.  Now everyone will know I’m not wearing panties, not even a thong!

Crysta, what seems to be the matter? asked the teacher calmly.

Crysta stopped wiggling.  Should I cover my pussy with my hands, she wondered?  No, that will only make it worse.  I’m so naked, I’m so naked, was all she could think.  And everyone knows it.  She took a deep breath to try to calm down.  I don’t feel well, was all Crysta could think to say.

Would you like to see the nurse? asked the teacher, still very calm.

Crysta’s mind was still reeling.  Can’t you see what’s ailing me?  I’m half naked for crying out loud!  But until someone else said it, Crysta surely would not say that.  Instead she said, no, I don’t need to see the nurse.  She took a deep breath.

“OK, Crysta,” said the teacher.  “I hope you feel better soon.  By the way, that’s a cute dress.  Is it new?”

Crysta looked around the room, waiting for it to erupt in laughter.  But no on laughed.  All her classmates were looking at her, and her dress.  She had to come up with some sort of reasonable response or they would stare at her all day.  “Thank you,” Crysta said.  “Yes, this is the first time I’ve worn it to school.”  What possessed me to wear such a short dress?  She remembered leaning forward to drink from the water fountain.  Oh, crap, she thought.  I bet I gave people an eye-full.

“Well, it looks very nice on you,” said the teacher.

First Period

None of her classmates made any comment about her naked pussy, which was a good thing.  She summoned the courage to go to her first period class.  She sat down, and crossed her legs just in case.  She expected someone to comment on her half-nudity, but no one did.  Maybe the dress wasn’t as short as she feared.  The teacher got right down to business, and the class proceeded in an orderly fashion, until he called on Crysta.  He asked Crysta to step up to the front of the room.  This is it, she thought.  He’s going to ask me why I have neglected to put on enough clothes.  Time seemed to stand still as she walked forward.  She turned to face the class, not bothering to hide her pussy, which she now knew was fully visible.  Does my dress even come close to covering it?  How could she have been so stupid?

“Could you write your answer to problem five on the board, please?” the teacher asked.

Crysta turned around, keeping a wary eye over her shoulder as she wrote on the board.  To her relief, no one giggled or pointed at her.  Feeling the excitement of public nudity fill her pussy, and her erect nipples against her see-through dress, she was glad to face away from her classmates.  Unfortunately, she had to bend down, because the only blank space left on the board was at the bottom, but she kept her legs together, so she was able to maintain her dignity, more or less.  As she devoted all her attention to writing the answer on the board, she forgot, if only temporarily, about her half-naked condition.  She stood up, and faced the class, no longer quite so concerned about keeping her legs together.  The teacher seemed pleased with her work, and told her to sit down.  No lecture about proper attire, no unusual glances at her pussy or her half-covered breasts.  No cat calls from the class.  Everything was surprisingly normal.  So she sat down, and the rest of the class period transpired without anything unusual happening.

Second Period

Second period was gym.  She remembered when she was a freshman, how surprised she had been that the girls are expected to take off their clothes in the public hallway, put them in their locker, and walk naked to the gym, where they donned their shared uniforms.  It was a shock at first, but there was a good reason:  The school was overcrowded, so there were no girls locker room facilities.  Because many of the girls were uncomfortable about walking to gym class with other students watching, the school allowed them two extra minutes, so they could wait until most of the students to clear the hallway before changing out of their clothes.  Crysta’s greatest fear, however, was not that she would be seen naked, but that if someone watched her strip, they would realize she hadn’t been wearing panties.  Today, with a dress so short she had no hope of hiding her lack of panties, she found to her surprise that she had one less thing to worry about, and she just took her dress off, threw it in her locker, and closed the door.  Crysta was lucky her locker was near the gym, so she never had far to walk naked.  She felt sorry for the girls whose lockers were clear across the campus, because they not only had to walk further naked, but they also had to strip sooner, while all the other students were still in the hallway, in order to make it to the gym on time.  After a few months of this routine, though, the students began taking the presence of naked girls in stride.  The gym class went without incident, although it ran late.  The girls hadn’t even handed in their uniforms when the bell rang, and the hallways filled up with students.  At the sound of the bell, the girls all stripped and threw their uniforms in the hamper, and joined the throng. While some girls ran so they would be naked for as little time as possible, Crysta walked.  For one thing, she didn’t have very much clothing to put on — a see through top and no bottom — and for another, she felt she had an excuse to be naked — gym ran late — but no excuse to be bottomless.  In a strange way, she was more comfortable naked.  As she passed her third period class on her way to her locker to get her little dress, a strange thought struck her.  Maybe I could just go to my anatomy class naked, and explain I didn’t have time to get my dress.  People would understand that, wouldn’t they?  No, that’s crazy.  Eventually, she made it to her locker, and put on what little clothing she had to wear.

Third Period

Third period was anatomy.  Today’s was a fun class.  The teacher asked for volunteers — a boy and a girl — to serve as models for demonstration.  Being a model is fun, and it counts as a grade, so half the class raised their hands, including Crysta.  But the teacher called on Marsha and Joe.  The teacher asked the models to take off their clothes, which was a bit of a surprise, since they volunteered without knowing they would have to be nude.  They were both reluctant to strip, so the teacher asked Marsha to take Joe’s clothes off.  That, she was willing to do, so Joe was naked before too long.  Crysta noticed that Joe’s dick was soft, which surprised her.  She always gets excited even thinking about getting naked in public.  Just walking to gym class is often enough to get her juices flowing.  The teacher respected Marsha’s reluctance to get naked, so he let her keep her clothes on for a while.  He announced to the class that today’s lecture would be about arousal.  He said Marsha was probably experiencing some sexual excitement at the prospect of taking her clothes off for the class, and this would be visible as liquid secretions from her vagina, swelling of her labia, and increased pinkness or redness of her vaginal opening.  Marsha blushed at the mention of these symptoms, nearly the color of her cute red minidress.  He asked Marsha to stand “at ease”, with her legs slightly apart, and for Joe to feel Marsha’s panties, to see if they were damp to the touch, a sure sign of sexual excitement.  Joe tentatively extended a hand between her legs as she covered her face with her hands.  Joe had a visible reaction.  What just happened? the teacher asked the class.  Some students ventured an opinion that Joe likes the way Marsha’s panties feel.  Do you think that’s right, Marsha?  She almost cried, she was so embarrassed, but she managed to say no.  Why not? asked the teacher.  Because…  but Marsha couldn’t bring herself to say it.  The teacher insisted, and waited for an answer from Marsha.  Slowly, and with great reluctance, Marsha lifted her little red dress to reveal her bright red vagina.  Crysta gasped at the sight of another girl who goes commando under her dress.  I guess I’m not the only one, she realized.  Joe, will you help Marsha out of her dress?  Joe obliged, his wiener stuck at about half-mast.  The two naked students standing before the class were both gorgeous, Crysta thought.  I bet that’s why the teacher picked them.  Marsha, do you think you would be able to reach orgasm today, standing here naked in front of the class?  Marsha covered her face again, and managed to nod.  What about you, Joe.  It was Joe’s turn to blush.  His dick relaxed a little as he shook his head, no.  Well, let’s see if your predictions will come true.  Joe, I want you to run your hands over Marsha’s back, from her sexy little shoulder blades, down to her butt.  Boy, her butt is cute, Crysta thought.  At the same time, I want you to press your lips against hers.  Marsha, I want you to explore Joe’s mouth with your tongue.  Class, I want you to take note of any physical reactions as they happen.  It didn’t take long for Joe to salute.  Marsha, please spread your legs apart a little further, and relax your cheeks.  No, don’t stop kissing Joe.  Let Joe run his fingers down between your cheeks, then between your legs, and into your pussy.  Marsha was dripping wet, and Joe was rock hard.  Now, Marsha, wet your hands by rubbing them between your legs, and use your slippery hands to massage Joe’s penis.  Don’t rub him for more than a few seconds, because you don’t want him to cum yet..  Now, Marsha, I want you to kneel on the mat facing the front of the class.  Spread your legs slightly, so the class can get a good look at you.  Joe, use Marsha’s natural juices to moisten her anus.  Do you feel Marsha’s contractions?  As Joe stroked the beautiful girl, she begged, “Give it to me”.  Joe looked at the teacher, who shrugged.  He knelt behind her, and pushed his dick into her pussy, and grunted as she screamed again, and started moving her butt back and forth.  Joe pushed his dick into her pussy in time with her motions, and it didn’t take long before they both came together.  The two students came to rest seated on the mat, Joe’s dick still stuck in Marsha’s pussy, and they hugged.  Then they kissed, Joe tenderly stroking Marsha’s hair, and Marsha rubbing Joe’s manly chest.  The bell rang, and Crysta filed out of the room with the rest of the class, her own pussy feeling a bit tender and juicy.  Now that was a fun class!  She had forgotten completely about her own state of undress.

Fourth Period

Fourth period was Conversational French.  Crysta always felt a bit uncomfortable in this class, because the teacher liked the students to sit in a circle.  She was always afraid the boy directly across from her was looking up her dress.  Today was even worse, because it was such a nice day the teacher decided to take the class outside to sit on the grass.  Most of the girls sat “Indian style” with their legs crossed.  It would have been nice to have a pair of panties now, Crysta thought, but there’s not a lot I can do about it, so I’ll just rest my hands in my lap to cover my pussy.  As she looked around the circle, she noticed two other girls with their hands in their laps.  Maybe they’re not wearing panties, either, Crysta thought hopefully.  She would be so happy to know she wasn’t the only bottomless girl.  Marsha was bottomless last period, so maybe there are others.  One of them moved her hands, and Crysta looked between her legs.  Darn!  Panties.  Crysta?  Crysta?  Oh, crap.  The teacher called on her while she was busy trying to figure out which of her classmates was or wasn’t wearing panties, and she had no idea what the question was.  She asked, in her best French, for a clarification, and soon became absorbed in the class.  The bell rang before she solved the panty question.  Oh well.  Lunch is next.


Lunch was always fun, and today was a special day.  Some of the girls decided to have a “lottery” at noon.  The leaders were recent “winners”, who had the honor of picking the next winner.  At exactly noon, they announced the name of today’s winner.  Not over a loudspeaker, but quietly.  They told their friends, and they told their friends, and so on.  As the excitement spread through the cafeteria, students craned their necks to try to spot the winner.  Soon a commotion erupted in a far corner of the room.  One girl tried to escape, but she wasn’t quick enough.  It was Audrey.  Oh, poor Audrey, Crysta thought, she’s such a sweet girl.  But at the same time, Crysta was looking forward to see her stripped.  She wore a cute sky-blue top and denim skirt.  Her classmates brought her kicking and struggling to raised floor at the front of the cafeteria, where she begged for mercy.  Some of them held her arms behind her back, while others reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties down to her knees.  As the poor girl continued to beg for mercy, her classmates slowly lifted her skirt, revealing to the ones with the best seats a neatly trimmed bush.  It wasn’t long before someone pulled her skirt right off.  Please let me keep just one piece of clothing, she begged, her panties still around her knees, and her nipples pressing against her thin top.  One of the leaders seemed to take pity on her, telling her to pick which item she wanted to wear.  My panties, she whimpered.  Granting her wish, the girls removed Audrey’s top.  The crowd cheered as her breasts flopped out of it.  Her classmates released her, leaving her standing before the cheering crowd wearing nothing but a pair of panties around her knees.  Thank you, she said, as she started to pull up her panties.  Not so fast, said her lead tormentor.  I said you could wear them, but I didn’t say you could pull them up.  You are required to keep your panties around your knees until the last period, at which time you will take them off for that long ride home in the bus.  It was with a mixture of anxiety and relief that poor Audrey stepped off that stage, taking little tiny steps.

Fifth Period

As she walked to her fifth period English class, Crysta remarked to one of her friends that Audrey put up a good fight.  Not only was it an enjoyable show, but after watching that spectacle, somehow Crysta’s lack of panties seemed insignificant.  Too bad Audrey isn’t in any of my classes, Crysta thought.  I would have wanted to see how she handles herself naked.  Huh?  Crysta awoke to the prodding of the girl behind her.  Wake up, Crysta, she was saying.  The class is over.  I suppose the class was rather boring, and being right after lunch didn’t help.  Crysta noticed her legs were wide apart, and she hoped she hadn’t been sleeping that way.  That would have been embarrassing.

Last Period

The last class of the day!  So far, no one had really noticed Crysta’s lack of panties, so it had been a good day.  She hated history class, and being the last class of the day made it even harder to concentrate.  Worse, the classroom was on the south-west side of the building, and there was no air conditioning.  As the students took their seats, they started fanning themselves.  As the class began, one of the boys raised his hand and asked if he could take off his shirt, he was so hot.  The teacher said that wouldn’t be fair to the girls, as they wouldn’t have that same opportunity.  The boys laughed, and said they could take off their shirts, too, if they wanted.  To the teacher’s surprise, many of the girls also agreed.  One of the girls said as long as they’re wearing a bra, then they should be allowed to take off their shirts.  The teacher countered that this would not be fair to the girls who happen not to be wearing a bra.  Should we make them swelter in this heat, just because they forgot to put on a bra this morning?  It should be their choice, said one of the students.  Do you mean, if a girl wants to go completely topless, we should allow that?  There was a murmur of agreement.  It’s not that simple, said the teacher.  Some girls will keep their tops on out of a sense of modesty, while others will feel pressured to remove their tops, and feel uncomfortable.  Leaving it up to each girl’s individual choice is inherently unfair, he concluded.  Crysta was getting very nervous as the teacher progressed through a complicated chain of reasoning regarding the issue of fairness.  At times he seemed to be leaning toward not allowing any girls to take off their tops, and then at other times he leaned toward requiring girls to take off their tops, regardless of whatever they might be wearing underneath.  Well, the discussion must have been interesting, because Crysta barely noticed the time.  The teacher yelled to be heard over the final bell, “Tomorrow, all girls must come prepared to take off their tops!”

Home, Sweet Home

The day ended without incident.  No one noticed, or perhaps no one cared, that she was bottomless.  Her total mortification that morning had faded as she gathered with her friends.  They got on the bus, still chatting and giggling with each other.  The girls made a dash for the back seat.  It was a bench seat that went all the way across the bus.  It was meant to seat about five people, but there were already four people sitting there.  Crysta and three of her cute giggling friends all sat down on the laps of the girls and boys already seated there, and on each others’ laps.  The driver ignored the melee in the back, and just took off.  It was just another fun ride home.

“Hi, Mom,” said Crysta as she walked in the door.

“How was your day?”

It was an odd question.  Mom usually didn’t ask about her day, but maybe she was worried because Crysta’s dress was so short.  “Fine.”

She looked into Crysta’s eyes, and smiled.  “Good,” she said.  “I’m glad.”

So this explains Crysta’s education in the bottomless world. Wonderful!
Comment By base At 10/7/2007 6:20 AM

I tend to worry about how much my breasts can be seen in some outfits. I love showing as much cleavage as possible, but not to show my nipples in case I get a little aroused showing off. Well, my roommate might call it an obsession of mine. I’m always asking her opinion, and she doesn’t try to trick me into showing more than I wanted, she answers honestly to me all the time. Unfortunately, she only answers the questions asked.

If I’m dressing and trying to decide on a top, I might ask her opinion. She’ll tell me I look great and my breasts are secured and fine. But she won’t remind me that I’m bottomless as I head off to class.

I know it’s my fault for not asking or being too obsessed with keeping my breasts covered, but a little extra help would be nice.

Comment By Alicia At 12/9/2007 10:29 AM

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