College Visit

There’s about 20 of us on this bus. We’re high school seniors, and we’re on our way to visit a college. We’re trying to see if it is a college we want to attend.
It was mostly my idea. My name is Cara, and this is the only school that offered me a scholarship. I can’t really afford to go anywhere else, and I really enjoyed my high school friends, so I’ve convinced a lot of them to come with me. I hope they decide to come to this school. As for me, my mind is pretty much made up.
I should clarify; some of the girls didn’t feel comfortable going alone, so they brought their parents. So there are the ten of us girls, and then some moms and dads. Hang on, let me count: 4 moms, and 2 dads.
Oh, here’s the college. The bus driver dropped us off in front of the administration building. It is summer, so there’s not a lot of students on the campus. We did see one girl, sitting on the steps of the admin building. Oh goodness, she was practically naked! I hope she doesn’t get caught by any administration officials. The lady who set up the visit said that the college had a pretty strict dress code, one which even had inspectors to ensure compliance.
We went into the admin building, and the place seemed almost desolated. I wondered how we’d be able to audit a class; she had said it wouldn’t be a problem.
The school official met us outside, and he had three students with him. Wow, these three girls were almost naked too! I wonder how they get away with dressing like this?
We started to walk across the campus, and the school official found me and started talking with me as we walked. “Cara, right? You’re the one who set up the visit?”
“Uh, yeah, that’s me. I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this.”
“Yes, but I thought my assistant told you to ensure that you followed the dress code while you were here? All of the inspectors are still in force.”
“Yes, about that….your assistant told me to follow it, but never sent me the codebook. So we just dressed as conservatively as we could.”
“I can already see that almost all of you are in violation. We’ll just have to make some adjustments to this trip to prevent you girls from getting inspected. I wasn’t planning on this, but lets visit the pool facilities first.”
I wondered what he could possibly mean by us being in violation; we were all more dressed than the three students he had assisting him. And how would the pool help us?
Just then, another official came over and ushered all the parents along a different path, saying that he wanted to discuss some more “technical details” about our education here, assuring the parents that we would be alright in the hands of this other administrator.
As I watched them round the corner and head inside a large and mostly windowless building, we walked over a large hill into a little valley that housed a desolate pool. Literally, it was entirely vacant.
The official and the three students who were escorting him then turned around and had us sit on the hill in front of the pool.
“It is unfortunate that you were not made aware of the various tenets of our dress code and code of conduct here at the school. However, ignorance to the rules is no excuse for violation of them. For this reason, I will now explain some of the most pertinent parts of this code, and then I will expect you all to get in compliance! In case anyone does not think I’m serious, I’ve called several inspectors over from other duties, and they should arrive here within the next few minutes. Anyone who fails to comply risks having the offending items confiscated and having to remain in that state, until they return here for a hearing!”
He paused here, letting this sink in. What did he mean by the offending items? Surely they wouldn’t confiscate a girl’s clothes? Would they leave her naked?
“I’d like to let one of the students explain the rules. Chantel, if you would.”
One of the girls who had been sitting with us got up. I saw a quick flash from underneath her tiny miniskirt that revealed she was not wearing underwear. And the thin camisole she had on top made it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra either. I hesitated to imagine what code would justify this, but find my much more dressed friends in violation.
Chantel stood in front of us with a bright smile. It was obvious why the official chose her; her bubbly personality was already starting to assuage my fears about this dress code.
“Ok girls! The first thing to know about this dress code is it is SERIOUS! There are random inspections, as well as peer inspections, to make sure you are always in compliance! So when you are on campus here, or if you are a student, then ALL THE TIME, you MUST follow the dress code!”
The fear I felt in the pit of my stomach came back.
“I’m gonna have my friend come up so we can demonstrate things.” With that, another of the girls, this one wearing a little baby doll dress on top, and apparently nothing on bottom, stood up. And just like that, she whipped off her dress and was standing before us completely naked! Our group let out a collective gasp at this.
Chantel pulled out a marker. She then drew a dotted line all the way around her naked friend, at the belly button. “Ok girls, the first thing to know, and this will make it much simpler to get dressed in the morning, is that you are allowed ONE layer! This means if you are wearing a bra and a top, or panties and jeans, you are in violation of the code! You may pick one or the other, but not both. If it crosses this line, it is considered a dress and is your ONLY layer allowed!” The last of the three girls, who was wearing a cute little sun dress, stood up. “See, for example, Carmen here is wearing a sun dress. We take it off and-” with that, Chantel whipped the dress over her friend’s head, leaving her as stark naked as the first girl- “we see that she is wearing nothing underneath.
“This code is very simple to follow. The only other thing, which the dean of admissions already mentioned, is that if you are inspected, you are expected to comply with all instructions promptly, and if the inspector finds you in violation, he WILL take your clothes. A hearing will be scheduled, and you are expected to remain nude until the hearing. At the hearing, a judgment will be made, and more severe things can happen. So DON’T EVER BE IN VIOLATION!”
Our little demonstration seemed to stop for a moment, as we took all this in. I looked at all my friends’ faces, which ranged from shock and utter disbelief to…. really? Smiles? Some of the girls actually looked excited at this prospect!
The dean of admissions got up, and we expected to start hearing him lecture us again. Instead, Chantel announced that we would get to see a mock inspection. He stood up to Chantel and asked to inspect her. Chantel promptly stripped down (it took her about five seconds to get completely naked. I didn’t know anyone could do it that fast. I guess no underwear really speeds the process up.) and handed her clothes to the Dean. Now that all three of his assistants were naked, I noticed every one of them was completely hairless in the crotch area. He looked at her clothes for a few moments, then looking satisfied, he set them on the ground. He then asked her to sit on the ground and spread her legs into the air, and put his face right up into her pussy! He seriously was close enough to lick it, and I can’t be entirely sure that he didn’t. He then began to put his hand on her pussy, and slowly felt all around it.
Seeing our looks of confusion, one of the naked girls announced “pubic hair counts as a bottom. Since she was wearing a skirt, she must be entirely free of pubic hair or she would be in violation of the dress code.” We still must have looked confused, because the two girls who weren’t currently at the gynecologist’s asked us to stand up and crowd around Chantel.
As we did, we saw the Dean guiding his fingers all around the outside of Chantel’s vagina, And then inside of it. He slowly traced his fingers around every inch of the inside. After about two or three minutes, He looked satisfied and stood up. Chantel stood up as well. “I have found Chantel to be in compliance with the dress code. As such, normally I would give her her clothes back, and she would be free to go. However, there is one small problem.” As he was speaking, he was gathering up the clothes of the three girls. “We are at the pool, and all females are required to be nude when at the pool. In fact, it is a violation to even be clothed while heading to or from the pool. Hence, all of these clothes are in violation. I am now confiscating them. And if I were a real inspector, I would give each of these girls notices to appear at hearings. As I am not, I can give them warnings and simply confiscate these clothes. However, all of you girls are clearly in violation of this part of the code.” He looked at his watch. “There should be a group of inspectors here within the next three minutes. I’d suggest you girls get compliant. I can take your clothes back to the admin building, and that way they won’t know that you were in violation.”
Stunned, the group of us slowly got up, but no one made a move. Were we really supposed to strip, here and now? The Dean certainly seemed serious. The three girls that had assisted him had now jumped into the pool and were splashing around. The rest of the group, including the expectant Dean, seemed frozen in time. He looked at his watch again. “Two minutes. I’d start removing your clothing unless you want it confiscated for a week or more.” Still no one moved. Finally, Laura, who had always struck me as something of an exhibitionist, broke the tension. She had stripped down completely nude and, handing her clothes to the Dean, jumped into the pool and began splashing with the other three. How I wished I had that kind of spontaneous courage. The Dean smiled and remarked, “One down. Nine to go.” The rest of the group slowly started to undress. Feeling the massive amount of peer pressure in the situation, I felt my hands almost mindlessly starting to unbutton my top, then slide it off my shoulders. Slowly they went to the zipper on my long skirt, and then that hit the ground. They then reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I shrugged the straps loose of my shoulders, and the weight of my oversized chest pushed the bra from off my body. I put my hands into the waistband of my panties, then I looked around for a moment. A couple more of the girls had jumped into the water. Most were simply standing around completely naked, looking more than a little uncomfortable. The Dean was wandering around collecting all the clothing. Finally, I pushed my panties to the ground and stepped out of them. I hesitated uncomfortably for a moment, mostly not knowing what to do with my hands. Eventually I just let them drop to my sides and stood there, watching the Dean gather the last of the clothing into a large pile.
“Girls, please get out of the water for a moment. I’d like to say some things to you.” We took a moment while we waited for the six or so girls to get out of the water, and we sort of lined up semi-circle around the Dean, who began walking around in front of us, slowly sizing up each girl before moving on to the next one in the line up. I began to realize no inspectors were going to arrive; it was a good ten minutes before he finished looking at each of us in turn.
“I’m going to head back over to the admin building to store these clothes. You girls are free to play in and around the pool until I get back.” He then pointed at three different girls, and had them come up to the front. It was clear to see why he had chosen these three. “Each of these girls is to be commended for their adherence to the dress code. The rest of you…. well, let’s just say that if you continue to be in this state, I expect to see no other bottoms on.” I looked at the rest of the girls, including myself. Every one of us sported some kind of pubic hair, everything from a little spot or landing strip to ones that looked like they’d never even been trimmed. With that, the Dean gathered up the clothing and left us girls to the pool. A dozen or so girls immediately jumped in. Another half dozen or so laid down on various lounge chairs around the pool, attempting to get some kind of tan. Myself, I went and found Chantel sitting on one of the chairs and started to talk to her.

Wow, this entry has gotten really long. I promise to tell you guys about the rest of my visit, but right now I’m late for class. See you later!

6 thoughts on “College Visit

  1. Raoul

    You know, if officials like the dean weren’t above reproach in their conduct, I’d swear that code book didn’t get mailed on purpose. It was quick thinking, though, to take them to the pool. He’d have never gotten them all into compliance otherwise.

    1. base

      Quick thinking? Years of education, and do you think the Dean might have escorted others around campus once or twice?

      1. Raoul

        On most campuses the dean’s assistant would get stuck with that job. If he does this often, the Dean must be a very hands-on type of administrator. So to speak.

        (Now that I think about it, donjuan, if you wanted, you could have not sending the codebook out be a kind of scam perpetrated by the assistant so he (or she) has an excuse to strip the girls who come for a tour. Only this time, the Dean interfered. Anyway, nice story, with much potential)

        1. base

          On smaller campuses, the Dean does get to know the students, especially those on scholarships. And on this campus, making the Dean’s List does mean something entirely different than getting a 4.0 GPA.


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