College Tale Trilogy Part 2 – Serena’s Dentist Appointment

Serena walked down the hall looking for a copy of the college newspaper. She usually found them to be a very good read, letting her know the latest news of what was happening. She finally found one and was thumbing though it when a particular article caught her eye, filling her with dread:

“Government Dentist to Visit College

Peter Kent reports:

The Government has identified the college attending society as the most likely to neglect visiting their dentist. Because of studying commitments and their active social life, things like this are often relegated far down their list of priorities.
To keep the young nations teeth healthy, dentists will be sent out to every college in the country and they will perform checkups on every student…”

“Oh no!” Serena whispered to herself. She stopped reading and felt sick. She hated dentists. In fact, she hated anything remotely medical; doctors, opticians, hospitals, etc. Her parents had jokingly said that she had a “healthophobia” but this was looking like it was true.

Serena continued reading to find out the exact details of these visits and discovered that a dentist would be arriving at her college next week and appointments would be scheduled for every student over the next two months.


Three weeks later, it was the day of Serena’s appointment. She sat in the launch hall listening to her friends talk about the volunteer helpers from the men’s charity but couldn’t get into the conversation. Her appointment was scheduled for right after lunch and it was all she could think about.

“I’m sure it will be alright, Serena,” she heard Jodie say to her.

Serena could only smile weakly back at her friend’s attempt to reassure her.

Lunch ended and as the other girls headed off to gym class, Serena made her way to the office the dentist was practicing from. She knocked on the door and was beckoned in.

“You must be Serena. It’s good that you’re on time. I’m Mr. Hawthorn, the dentist. This is my dental nurse Miss Winters. Have a seat.
“There’s no need to be nervous,” he said sensing her anxiety. He pointed to the large leather chair in the centre of the room.

Serena felt a fraction better seeing there was another woman present. She looked around and could see that the room had been converted into a make shift dentist surgery with various posters and diagrams of the mouth pinned to the walls but the room seemed a bit dark. She sat nervously in the chair.

“Sorry about the light. The bulb blew a few moments ago. The janitor is on he’s way over to replace it,” the dentist said. “Right, let’s have a look at you.”

He ushered her to open her mouth. Miss Winters handed him a torch and a small wooden pallet and he began to examine her teeth.

“Hmm,” he said as he looked around her mouth, “What I’d like for you to do is rinse with a special solution.”

He stood and poured a red liquid into a beaker. “I’ve examined many students at this college and one thing I’ve learned is that you are all absolutely convinced that you clean your teeth thoroughly and instead of trying to argue with you, I’ll show you the evidence that you could do better. This solution will stick to all the plaque in your mouth and highlight it red.”

He handed Serena the beaker but she was so nervous that instead of grasping onto it she knocked it out of his hand, spilling it onto her clothes. It soaked through instantly.

“Oh dear!” the dentist said. “Quick, that stuff will stain! Take your clothes off and I’ll have them sent to the laundry immediately!”

Serena was in a little shock from the accident but then suddenly heard what the dentist said about her clothes. She started to look around for a towel or something else to cover herself with.

“Come on, come on now! Your clothes will be ruined if we don’t get this sorted fast!” he said.

“Yes! Please hurry!” Miss Winters added and reached for Serena’s shirt and started to unbutton it.

“Hey! I don’t have anything to change into!” Serena said trying to get Miss Winters’ hands off her.

“Don’t worry about that! Your clothes are more important. We’ll sort something out for you later,” the dentist said.

While Miss Winters was still trying to unbutton her shirt, the dentist grabbed her skirt and pulled it straight down her legs and off her. As she was conforming to the college rules about wearing only one bottom covering, she was not wearing any panties and gasped at the sudden exposure of her bare vagina. Serena instinctively tried to cover herself with her hands which made Miss Winters’ job of trying to get her shirt off even more difficult.

“We don’t have much time, Serena! The longer the solution stays on your clothes, the harder it will be to remove!” the dentist exclaimed. He grabbed her wrists and held them straight up allowing Miss Winters to pull the shirt right off the top of her head. Not having anything underneath the shirt, Serena was now completely naked in the chair save for her shoes. Serena was speechless and sat in the chair, one arm trying to cover her breasts, the other her vagina.

Miss Winters scooped up Serena’s clothes and rushed out the door, off to the laundry.

“I hope it’s not too late. Miss Winters will be back in a moment but we can continue without her,” the dentist said.

“I need something else to wear,” Serena said a little flabbergasted that she had to tell him.

He looked around the room but able to spot anything for her he said, “I’m sure Miss Winters will bring you back something.”

He asked her to open her mouth, deciding not to risk giving her the solution again. “When was the last time you had a check up?”

“Not for a while…” Serena said shyly. She was so uncomfortable being totally naked in front of this man but she was also a little puzzled as to how he was acting so nonchalantly about the situation.

“How long’s a while?”

“…5 years maybe…?” she said trying to remember.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Come, come,” the dentist said.

Serena was relieved thinking it was Miss Winters with something else for her to put on but then she heard a male voice.

“I’ve another light bulb for…,” the janitor said as he stepped into the room.

Serena was mortified. The janitor stopped talking mid sentence as he saw her in the chair naked trying to cover herself up.

“Excellent!” the dentist said.

“Err… do you want me to come back?” the janitor asked realising that he might have stumbled across an awkward situation.

“No, no. I need that light as soon as possible,” the dentist said.

“Come on, Stuart,” the janitor said to someone else who had been waiting outside.

Another man entered the room with the janitor and he looked just as bewildered at Serena sitting naked in the chair. She realised that “Stuart” was one of the volunteers sent by the Men’s Help Charity.

They both made their way over to the busted light unable to take their eyes off her. Now with two more strangers in the room who weren’t acting nonchalantly about her nudity, Serena was feeling very embarrassed and tried extra hard to cover herself with what little she could; using both arms to cover her breasts and crossing her legs to shield her vagina.

The dentist continued to ask Serena a few questions while examining her mouth but was finding her raised crossed legs a bit difficult to navigate around.

“Please uncross you legs Serena, they’re in my way.”

She wanted to protest but couldn’t come up with a reason she thought would convince him. She slowly uncrossed her legs and as she did so, she noticed the janitor and Stuart stop working so they could watch her. She bit her lip in an effort to stifle her embarrassment and after uncrossing her legs, she kept them tightly together.

The dentist saw Serena with her arms tightly wrapped across her breasts and legs firmly closed.

“It’s not that cold in her, but I’ll turn the heating up a bit,” he said moving away to the radiator. He also used the opportunity to collect some dentistry equipment from a draw.

“Since my assistant is not back yet, I’m going to need you to hold onto a few things for me.” He held them out to her expectedly.

The janitor and Stuart stopped working once again to watch Serena very closely and she realised that in order to hold the dentists’ items, she would no longer able to guard her breasts and would expose them to all present. She was no longer concerned about the dentist but the other two men were looking at her very lasciviously.

The dentist started waving the tools around breaking her thought process and getting her attention. He looked like he was starting to lose patience with her as he was silently insisting that she took the items from him.

Reluctantly, she let go of her boobs and had to use both hands to grasp what the dentist was trying to give her. From the corner of her eye she could see a look of awe on the other two men’s faces as her breasts sprang to their natural position on her chest.

The dentist noticed their lack of commotion, “All done fellows?”

“Nearly!” they both chorused leaping back into activity.

“So Serena,” the dentist said, “I get the impression that you don’t like dentists very much, with such a long time since your last check up.”

Serena being a polite and nice girl thought that he might be taking offence. “Oh, it’s nothing personal. I have a bit of a phobia with anything medical…”

“So does that mean…? When was the last time you had a checkup from a doctor?”

“Not for years,” Serena said without thinking.

“My dear girl! That’s no good! It’s vitally important you have regular checkups with your doctor. In fact, I would be ignoring my duty as someone who has taken the Hippocratic Oath if I didn’t try to rectify the situation immediately. My wife is a doctor and has taught me everything about examining the female body.”

“It’s not really necessary…” Serena said fearing where this was going. She could sense herself becoming more embarrassed with the talk of a body examination, especially with the other two men listening.

“No, I insist. I would not be able to sleep tonight if you left here without some sort of body examination just to briefly check that everything is okay. ”

Serena cringed but at hearing this, Stuart nearly fell off the ladder he was using, make a loud racket.

“Ah, all done then,” the dentist said looking up at the new bulb fitted in the socket.

The janitor and Stuart quietly huffed at the fact that the dentist had seen the new bulb in the fitting and they could not stall to watch some of Serena’s body exam. The two slowly cleared up their gear and headed out the door.

“Right, as I said, this will be a quick check over, just to make sure you don’t have any obvious problems. Please stand up.”

Serena stood feeling much better now that the janitor and Stuart had left but as the dentist pored over every inch of her naked skin, waves of embarrassment swept though her once again. He got her to turn around a few times while he examined her all over for a few minutes.

“Ok, no obvious problems there. I will now check your breasts.”

She sighed and allowed him to gently touch and squeeze her soft young breasts, carefully checking for any signs of concern. He continued to kneed and squash her boobs asking her to raise her arms. Although she felt uncomfortable, his touch didn’t feel too bad but then he began to focus his attention on her nipples. He lightly pinched and squeezed, making them more sensitive to his touch. It was inevitable, her nipples started to stiffen up and within seconds they were at maximum firmness. He continued to exam her nipples and the areola around them. After some time he said, “Your breasts seem all clear. Now if you could sit back in the chair and place a leg over each of the arm rests.”

Serena grimaced to herself knowing what was going to happen next. She sat back in the chair parting her legs, exposing her pussy to the dentist. He pushed her legs further apart making her vulva open up slightly.

He leaned in very close and proceeded to check over her labia, checking every fold and crease of her pussy for anything suspicious.

With this stranger touching her most intimate area, the embarrassment she was feeling was intolerable, however she began to feel a bizarre sensation of arousal too which the dentist was beginning to make worse.

Unbeknown to Mr. Hawthorn, while examining Serena’s vagina, he accidently bumped her clitoris several times with his fingers, sending little bursts of pleasure through her. He continued to innocently inspect her vagina and noticed that her clitoris had begun to protrude from under its hood slightly.

Just when Serena thought she would not be able to withstand any more stimulating contact without displaying further signs of her arousal, the dentist began to probe inside her, causing her to become very wet. She tried to will her juices not to flow but it was an impossible task. Her pussy began to ooze her fragrant love fluid, leaking about the dentist’s fingers.

“Hmm… you’re very well lubricated down there, aren’t you?” the dentist asked rhetorically. Serena could only gulp with awkwardness.

There was another knock on the door. “Thank God!” Serena thought, “Miss Winters has sure taken her time! I can’t wait to put something on!”

“Come, come,” the dentist said sliding his glistening wet fingers from out of Serena’s slippery pussy lips.

The door open and Serena was once again mortified when two new men stepped into the room. She became horrified when she realised one of them was the Dean.

“How are you getting on Mr. Hawthorn?” the Dean asked.

Serena quickly flung her legs off the sides of the chair, crossed them and leaned forward to cover as much as her exposed body as possible.

“Oh, just fine,” the dentist said.

The Dean now noticed Serena naked in the chair and gave her a quizzical look. The fellow accompanying him had his eyes glued to her naked body from the moment he had stepped in the room.

Serena wasn’t sure what to do with the Dean looking at her as if he was expecting something. Indeed he was expecting an explanation as to why she was naked. But in her anxious state, she got a little confused and suddenly thought of the ‘no covering up’ rule when being inspected. She wasn’t sure if this applied in her situation and figured that it could be why the Dean was looking at her in that way. She decided to play it safe and uncrossed her legs and let her arms fall to her sides.

The dentist suddenly realised what the Dean was after.

“Oh, we had a little accident with some dental solution. My assistant has taken her clothes to be cleaned.”

“Very well,” the Dean said satisfied. “This is Mr. Fairborough, one of the college sponsors. I was just giving him a tour of the campus when he mentioned he had had a bit of a tooth ache all day. Since we had a dentist on campus, I thought we’d pop over for a quick diagnosis.”

“Of course,” the dentist said wiping his pussy coated fingers on a paper towel and extending his hand to Mr. Fairborough for him to shake.

Mr. Fairborough had long since forgotten the pain in his tooth when he saw Serena’s naked body sitting in the chair. For reasons unbeknown to him, she had just uncrossed her legs making her hairless vagina easy to see and also put her arms down presenting her delicious breasts.

As a sponsor of the college, he only had brief knowledge of its rules and regulations. He knew a bit about the code of conduct and that inspections went on but he had never been ‘fortunate’ enough – as he saw it, to have seen an inspection with his own eyes when he visited the college.
While staring intently on Serena’s body, he become conscious that he could detect the faint scent of something in the air. Then began to notice that right at the top of her inner thighs, she was wet and shinny and realised that he was smelling the intoxicating scent of her womanhood.

“…Mr. Fairborough?” the dentist asked. He jumped suddenly realising that he was being spoken to.

Serena cringed again with embarrassment knowing that her nakedness was drawing all of Mr. Fairborough’s unwanted attention. She desperately wanted to cover up again but didn’t want to risk the Dean’s wrath.

Mr. Fairborough, having snapped out it, shook the dentist’s hand, elaborating on his tooth ache. The dentist asked Serena to step out of the chair for a moment while he quickly examined the other guest. She got up and stood in the corner, naked, shy and very embarrassed. Mr. Fairborough sat in the chair and throughout his short examination, he could not take his eyes off Serena’s lovely naked body.

The dentist was soon finished, diagnosing the source of Mr. Fairborough’s tooth ache and told him to see his regular dentist for treatment.
All done, the Dean was keen to resume the tour of the college but Mr. Fairborough had not yet had enough of ogling Serena and tried to think up some reason to stall. He searched his brain and suddenly remembered something in the College Code of Conduct about girls not allowed to become sexually aroused in public. While Serena sat back in the chair, he called the Dean over to the corner of the room.

“I don’t want to get anyone in trouble but I think young Serena may be in breach of the College Code. I think she is sexually excited…”

The Deans eyebrows furrowed and a scowl came across his face. He looked at Serena and with all his years of experience it was very easy for him to spot a girl who was exposed but desperately wanting to cover herself up so it seemed to him as though she was trying to hide something. He then realised that even at the distance he was from her, he could clearly see that her nipples were very erect.

Serena noticed the Dean looking at her sternly. She couldn’t hear what Mr. Fairborough had said to him but he was not pleased.

The Dean stepped to her with Mr. Fairborough in tow, “It appears that you may be in violation of the Code of Conduct, Serena. Please separate your legs, placing each one over the arms of the chair.”

Serena took a large gulp of breath. As if she wasn’t suffering enough embarrassment already being completely naked in front of 3 men, she now had to spread her legs for them. She did as the Dean had commanded and he and Mr. Fairborough bent forward to peer closer at her vagina. She was still very wet and shiny with traces of her pussy juice smeared all over her inner thighs.

“SERENA!” the Dean bellowed, “How dare you allow yourself to become sexually excited in public? …And in front of two guest as well?! I cannot believe you have embarrassed yourself like this! This is wholly unacceptable! You should be very ashamed of yourself!”

Serena wished the ground would open up and swallow her. All she could do was look down at the floor, not sure if she should shut her legs.

The Dean turned to the other two men, “I am very sorry about this display of total indecency.
Mr. Hawthorn, I am sorry to hold up your dental work further but this is very important. I will need an inspector to reprimand Serena immediately.”

The dentist was a little bemused not having much knowledge of the CCC but was more concerned that he had not finished her body exam. He really was concerned for her health. Mr. Fairborough however, was relishing the thought of Serena receiving her ‘reprimand’.

“I am going to continue Mr. Fairborough’s tour. Serena, you will remain here. I will send for an inspector to implement your punishment. After he is done, you will allow Mr. Hawthorn to finish with you then you may be on your way.”

The Dean headed for the door. He turned to Serena one last time and said, “I am thoroughly disappointed in you!” then he left.
Mr. Fairborough followed him out a little confused, thinking that he would have been able to stay and watch the inspector ‘at work’.

With the Dean gone Serena felt safe enough to finally close her legs.

“I’m sorry you’re in trouble Serena, but I should finish the examination to make sure you’re healthy. I just need to check one more area but I need to find something first,” the dentist said. He began rummaging around in his bag.
A few moments later, he still had not found this mystery item. There was a knock on the door and without being asked, a young man opened it and walked in. The dentist looked at the boy silently enquiring as to who he was.

“I’m Mark, an inspector. The Dean sent me.” Mark then looked at Serena.

Having given up searching for what he was looking for, the dentist sat on the counter to see how Mark would discipline Serena.

“Ready?” Mark asked.

She wasn’t but she didn’t really have a choice.

Mark asked her to stand up, “The Dean told me you were wet and that I should see for myself.”

He placed his hand on her vagina and slid it all around noticing a definite slippery moistness and lack of friction as her pussy was still covered in her juices. He slipped a few fingers inside her just to be thorough.

“Well, the Dean was right,” Mark said.

He made her turn around and bend over leaning her weight on the chair. She heard him unzip his trousers and moments later felt his hot penis head pushing against her pussy lips. He sank his dick deep into her and when he was fully in, he leaned against her ear and said, “the Dean wants a full report when we’re done. He said that if by the time I’ve finished punishing you, that you have refrained from showing any further sexual excitement, I am to give you some reprieve but if you cannot control yourself and you orgasm then I must arrange for another punishment in a much more public place …so you must not cum while I fuck you.”

With this news, Serena now had to be determined not to cum as Mark started to slowly withdraw his cock then plunge it into her with enough force that he kept moving the chair she was leaning on forward. If he continued like this, she would be able to hold off an orgasm however, she had thought that too soon.

As Mark fucked her, he picked up his pace considerably, thumping into her quicker and quicker. He brought his right hand around her waist and under her stomach to start playing with her clitoris while his left hand groped for her left breast, gently pinching and squeezing her nipple.

Now she was in big trouble. There was no way she could resist the attention her sensitive nipple and clit were receiving. As Mark continued to fuck her with force, she felt that sweet sensation of an orgasm building rapidly within her. She tried earnestly to stifle these sensations but they were just too strong. With Marks fingers working her clit and nipple and his meaty dick giving her pussy a deep internal massage, she could not take anymore and  simply exploded letting out a cry as she came, her body trembling and twitching, nearly making her loose balance. She half collapsed onto the chair with her ass still in the air while Mark continued to fuck her. Although very strong, her orgasm started to subside and as she came to her senses, she now began to feel humiliated that she was made to cum in front of the dentist and was only glad that she could bury her face in the chair, hiding away.

Having made her cum, Mark concentrated on his own orgasm. He began to grunt and it was clear he was close.

Suddenly, the dentist leapt up asking Mark to cum on her, between her butt cheeks. Mark didn’t know why but didn’t really care. He followed the dentist’s instruction pulling his dick out of Serena’s pussy and ejaculating all down the crack of her ass, his thick gooey spunk oozing down her butt crack, flowing over her butt hole. Serena was too drained to enquire as to what was going on but the dentist offered an explanation.

“I couldn’t find my lubricant and I need to give her a rectal exam,” he told Mark. “Serena stay in that position.”

Another wave of embarrassment flooded over her as the dentist put on a latex glove, smeared Marks cum further around her butt hole, and then slowly eased one of his large fingers deep into her rectum. He moved his finger all around her butt cavity, feeling along the walls. Serena found this to be very uncomfortable but had to grin and bear it. She was unconsciously tensing up.

“Just try to relax Serena, it will be easier for your small bottom,” the dentist said. Just when she thought it could not get any worse, she realised that Mark was still in the room casually watching the dentist exploring her ass hole.

She could help it, she tensed up again. Her ass was automatically trying to force Mr. Hawthorn’s finger out of her.

“Serena, you’re making this very difficult for me, which is making it very difficult for your bottom. Mark could you give me a hand?”

Mark came over and placed a hand on each of her butt cheeks and spread her butt wide apart.

“Oh, that’s much better!” the dentist said scooping some of Mark’s cum from her butt crack into her ass hole. He then buried his chubby finger deep into her ass once again.

She could now feel some of Mark’s spunk dribbling down over her pussy and all of this now made Serena feel totally humiliated.

She heard the door open and closed her eyes not wanting to see who it was this time. She heard a female voice say, “Here are the clothes back, all nice and clean!”

“Good,” the dentist said. “We’re all done here too.” He slipped his finger out of her cum filled ass and let her stand up.

“Well, there’s nothing of major concern. You appear to be fit and healthy but you really should not take chances and should have regular checkups, ok?” he said handing her some paper towels to wipe herself off with.

Serena just nodded taking the towels. She wiped away Mark’s cum and put her clothes back on. She waited hesitantly for Mark to say something about her having an orgasm but he just left the room without saying anything.

“So, that was your first dental exam in 5 years,” the Mr. Hawthorn said. “I hope you didn’t find it too traumatic…”

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12 thoughts on “College Tale Trilogy Part 2 – Serena’s Dentist Appointment

  1. William Kazak

    Serena may think back about her visit to the traveling dentist later in her life. Maybe a few guy friends and a girl friend will help Serena to re-enact the entire scene. She would then see that it was actually a good day in her young life. I would like to volunteer to help her to do that.

  2. Serena

    That dentist appointment was so humiliating! Especially when the janitors came in and they were looking at me. I am NOT looking forward to my public punishment!

    (Thank you so much for writing this story for me! It was great!)

  3. Dick long

    Dear wrighters of CCC
    I would like to start my own fantisy world based on smithville. a gosttown near whare I live. Imagine a ccc euroslovic type place set in the 1870’s to present and mabe futcher with my own fantisy added. As you’ve probibly gussed I’m not a good wrighter but have a good imagination. This town has no male children which modern midicen will find is coused by a viral parisite that attaches to the “y” cromosome harmlessly, except in the sperm cell witch it kills. So no male children the young female baby boom is 14-17 and are undisiplined and uncontroled. So the men form a council to deal with this and all up comming problems. They develop a list of rules to help and decide to meet mounthly to refien them. This is the first list.


    On this the fourth day of July in the year 1876. We the men of the councell. Acknolageing that no male children have been born in the last twenty years and with the knolage that the large number of undiciplined girls turning sixteen this year we must do something so these new rules will take efect imedently. 

    1) clothing. No female may ware anything from the waist to the knees. All females must remove any clothing requested at any time for any reason for any amount of time.

    2) Disipline. Any male will disipline any female at any time for any reason.

    3) Sex. No female has the right to refuse any male the use of her body for any reason.
    3a) It is all males responseabity to take care of any female showing any signs of sexual arosal.

    4) Maintance. On Fridays all females are to be spanked to tears.
    4a) if a male is in question of maintance from the curent marks on her bottom. it is his responseabity to repet it to the point of tears or beonde if nesacary .
    4b) any female of reporduction age will have her needs maintained on Fridays and repeted as needed throughout the week as well

    5) Population. This comunity will maintain a one male to ten female ratio by controleing male imagration. 

    6) Tools. All males are to carry a strap or paddle to specks

    This list is read on Sunday morning at church in 1876. To a age span from young girls to 70 year old women. And the councel will demand the imedent removal of all offending clothes most of whom are warring dresses. I am asking you to wright this story as you have experince in the aditude ect… That will happen as all the females sit with thire bare bottoms on the pews. The preacher talk about men being the head of the house, disipline and sparring the rod ect… This blog will be open to all wrighters as long as the storie line is followed.

     Please help get this started.

    1. base

      The best writer for your fantasy is you. Also, your style somehow seems appropriate for a late 19th century town. Spankings and sex slavery is not something I care for in a story, but others might. Start your blog. Write your stories. Those that like your new world will come to read and contribute.

    2. Slick P. Wraith

      It seems that you don’t really need help. As base said, the best writer to start your fantasy is you since you already have the world and its lore fleshed out. Starting your blog will automatically inspire readers to want to write additional stories, just like what happened to me from reading the stories of all the writers on this site before I ever wrote one.

      One thing I find helpful is a spelling/grimmer checker. They don’t catch every mistake, but they help. I use the one in Microsoft Word but I know Word can be pricey. I don’t know if there is a spelling/grammar checker in the free alternative OpenOffice but the free web browser Opera has an automatic spelling checker (and an inbuilt notepad too).

      1. base

        Most likely, your mail utility has spell check. does have spell check, and most people never need to buy M$ Office. Open Office serves the home user’s needs for free – this is not a case of getting what you pay for, OpenOffice is great. Save M$ Office for when you need to write a 1000 page technical report.

  4. Dick long

    Let me thankyou for trying to inspire me. Also I have spellcheak. Yes I spel that bad. Now let me put what I need help with in your world. You have a family day at CCC with a big meeting in the auditorium, little sisters, mothers, mabey grandmothers they are told CCC rules apply to them as well if they are at the school you have a mass inspection and strip all that are not in the rules, how do they react as a whole and as groupe knowing they have to comply.

    1. base

      If you have spelchek, yu shud uze it.

      Also, please use the Story Idears from Readers for these fantasies. I just cannot bring myself to write a story about grandmothers with wrinkled saggy tits trying to get out of their girdles and support hose with clothing hanging off their walkers. Only to find their dentures hidden in the pockets. Good luck with that one.

      1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

        Ha ha! Base, your interpretation of this story would be worth its weight in gold for the comedy value alone!

  5. Mzm

    I’ll take this moment to point out that a naked man is a little more vulnerable than a woman while under anesthesia. Many dentist chairs create a confinement which force legs to close by design. This comes as an non deliberate effect and advantage mainly to a female dentist who might have a male patient. So i would like to kindly point out that, barring chest up, a man’s key erogenous zone is just as easily accessible as when his legs are parted and seated in such a position. Next time you all visit the dentist and have to go under, think about that!

    Another great story. It would be good if more people understood that dentists don’t have to be restrained simply to making sure your teeth are healthy!

    1. base

      Simple trick before going under anesthesia, misbutton your shirt. When you awake, if your shirt is properly buttoned, you know someone was having fun.

      The hygienist at my dentist office is a rather large woman with equally large breasts. She smashes those pillows into me as she works on my teeth. I tend to look forward to my dental exams these days.


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