College Pool (archives)

Notice to College Girls who use the pool:

As you know, the Dress Code prohibits girls from carrying a bathing suit to the pool area, so it is expected that girls will not only swim in the nude, but also travel to and from the pool area in the nude.  Understandably, some freshman girls will find this a bit of a shock, but as you notice your upperclass peers taking advantage of the pool, you should begin to realize that campus nudity is quite common, and one more naked girl walking to or from the pool will not elicit undue notice or attention.

While in the pool area, girls are requested to curtail unnecessary display of their genitalia by keeping your legs and buttocks together as much as possible.  Girls should be aware, however, that they may be fondled by other girls or by boys on the way to or from the pool, and also while they are in the pool area.  Again, this is a normal and natural occurrence.  If you should find yourself relaxing by the pool, and feel a strange hand between your legs, please separate your legs, to allow your fondler complete access to your body.  You should not only spread your legs, but also relax your buttocks.  If your fondler asks or motions for you to turn over or get up on your hands and knees, please do so.  While being fondled, you are expected to refrain from displaying sexual excitement.  Remember, why you are in the pool area: to relax, get a tan, and swim, and certainly not to obtain sexual gratification.


After you have been fondled, it is considered improper for you to continue to keep your legs spread.  Rather, you should try to maintain a more dignified posture.  The pictures above and below give examples of behavior you should avoid while poolside.


Some girls’ legs just naturally spread themselves apart when they fall asleep.  This can be very embarrassing, since everyone at the pool will be treated to a full view of your pussy while you are sleeping.  If you see a girl suffering from this problem, you should wake her up by gently touching or licking her pussy.  In this case, the girl will usually wake up, and realize her indignity, and take action to correct it (after you finish fondling her, of course).


Remember, when you’re wearing clothes, girls, no one will know when a stray sexy thought might cause you to become excited.  Many freshman girls find that just wearing a short dress without underwear is enough to make them very excited.  The thrill of the slightest breeze revealing your most intimate body parts — or those of the other girls wearing similarly short skirts — is enough to cause engorgement of the labia, and vaginal secretions.  So it is all the more understandable this may happen as well in the pool area, while you, and all the other girls, are stark naked.


The problem for you while you are naked, however, is that you don’t have the luxury of clothing to hide the fact that you’re a bit turned on.  As you know, it can be very dangerous for you to become visibly sexually excited while your pussy is in full view.  This is absolutely prohibited by the College Code of Conduct, and you may be severely punished for displaying your pussy in this condition.


The best thing to do, if you find yourself in this condition, is to find a relatively secluded area, and sit down.  Spread your legs apart, so your natural moisture has a chance to dry, and try to think non-sexual thoughts long enough for the bright pink puffiness of your labia to subside.  At first, you will be shy, or perhaps even embarrassed to spread your legs while you are sexually excited, and it is quite likely that your feeling of embarrassment will be made worse by the stares you get from other girls.


Just relax, and let them look at your engorged pussy.  To help you get over the feeling of sexual excitement, you might try gently stroking your inner thighs to take your mind off your pussy, which is feeling like it’s about to explode at any minute!


You will find that stroking your thighs (or asking a nearby boy or girl to do it for you) will also help you keep your legs apart, so your pussy can get some air, and hopefully begin to dry, and return to normal.

Another tip many girls find helpful is to lift your butt off the ground.  This will help you spread your legs apart fully, allowing your pussy to cool off quickly.




Still other girls find their engorged pussies are best relieved by lying on one cheek, and pulling back on their other leg.  This method has the advantage that both your pussy and asshole are fully exposed, allowing your hyper-sexed body to return to normal even more quickly.  Again, you might want to enlist the help of a nearby swimmer to stroke your buttocks as a way of taking your mind off your sex organ.  Sometimes a fellow student will be so kind as to lick your asshole, which will almost certainly take your mind off your pussy.


We hope that showing you these pictures of girls who are sexually excited will help you feel more comfortable, in case you find yourself in the same situation.  After you spend some time at the pool, you will see other girls in the same predicament, and you will feel more comfortable airing your excited pussy in public, until the sexual feelings subside.


We hope these tips will help you girls enjoy the pool in a safe and dignified manner.


College Dress Code Inspection Team



Excellent poolside tips.

Some girls who become sexual excited might think jumping into the pool will save them from the embarrassment of being on display, but they should think again. Water jets surrounding the pool may increase the sexual stimulation. Also, upon emerging from the water, a girls with a swollen pussy will be wet from the pool water. It is natural for others to assume an engorged, wet pussy is an open invitiation for sex.

Comment By base At 1/5/2009 2:08 AM

It should be mentioned that if a girl is taking a nap by the pool, it can be assumed that they themselves have arranged for them to be waked, as anything else would be irresponsible as they could get a sun burn.

That’s why, if a girl is sleeping, you are in no way obliged to wake her up if you wish to fondle her or beyond.

Comment By grinch At 1/6/2009 11:50 AM

I wa at the pool today, and a girl was sleeping on the grass, naked of course and with legs spread fairly wide. She didn’t look excited, but I had a bottle of lube handy and so could easily lube my own cock up, durng which I got hard. My question: is it OK for me to kneel down between her legs and slip my prick into her pussy, as I did? I got odd stares from several girls, but when I suggested that I thought their assholes looked tempting they seemed to lose interest…
Comment By johny At 1/8/2009 4:38 PM

Thank you for writing, Johnny. You asked a very good question. Technically, what you did was wrong. Instead of slipping your prick into her pussy, you should have touched her pussy first, which is allowed because visible skin may be touched at any time. When you begin touching her, she is required to give you full access to the unclothed parts of her body while refraining from exhibiting any form of sexual excitement. Only when she fails at the latter may you enter her. I hope this clears up any misconception.
Comment By Richard Hertz At 1/10/2009 5:54 PM

I know from experience that many girls stay at the pool with the expectation of sex with a boy. Whenever a friend of mine and me went to the pool, sometimes twice a day, we notice some girls laying there with spread legs, just as well, as they wants to invite us. Normally we look forward to find cute ones and off course we touch them between their legs and stroke their pussys. Everytime, the girls gets wet at once. My friend as well as me, use the opportunity and give them what they want, a really good fuck. Off course no one of them did complain ever, contrawise, most of them moan for lust, while they feels our cock inside. In the rare cases no girls lay there with spread legs. Anyway we try to satisfy them and touch them between their legs. In accordance with the CCC they give us full access and normally every girl gets wet, so we are able to supply their need and give them a fuck.
Comment By Robert At 1/13/2009 11:34 AM

I need your help. Last week, while lying alone at the pool came an inspector. He critisized my pubic hair. It was a small landing strip upside my vagina. He said, that this was a violation against the Dress-Code and told me that I would cited to a hearing. I begged for mercy and wanted to know what I could do to stop him from making an announcement. After a while, I noticed his bulge trousers and asked him, if I could serve him instead. He agreed and made me kneel on all four, rubbed my pussy and fucked me. As he sprayed and finished, he forced me to lick his weenie. My question, was it right what the inspector said and was he allowed to fuck me, even though I didn’t show any wetness before he rubbed my vagina. How could I avoid in future a similar experience?
Comment By Barbara At 1/13/2009 1:04 PM

Barbara, I’m no inspector but it surely depends – your pubic hair would count as a bottom…and since girls must be naked at the pool, maybe you were indeed breaking the code. In that case you could have been cited for a hearing, and you actually got off lucky when he agreed for you to simply take a little punishment from his cock instead.
Comment By andrew At 1/14/2009 8:41 AM

The pool-rule isn´t good as well. a few days ago 2 girlfriends and me swam fully naked.As we left the pool, three boys came along, all with bulge speedos. They started to fondle us at once. Due to the CCC we were obligated to spread our legs. The one behind me, made me bend over and rubbed my vagina, until it became wet. Then be inserted his cock and fucked me, until he sprayed. My friends fares badly as me. We all three were raped, without any reason, only for the amusement of the boys. I do not know, how to avoid such treatment.
Comment By Renata At 1/15/2009 12:06 PM

Renata, just don’t get wet! Even as boys rub your clitoris and slide their fingers along your pussy lips, it is still you that is getting wet. You can consider your responsibility for your actions i.e. getting wet, displaying sexual arousal, while the boys bend you over and slam their cocks into your moist snatch. Actually, the boys are obligated to fuck you when you get wet, they have no choice under the rules, and you might consider that some poor boy finds himself in the unfortunate position of having to slide his prick into one of your holes – just because you can’t control yourself when he touches you! Personally your attitude disappoints me – I hope these boys have huge cocks and decide to penetrate your ass in front of a large crowd, and on video too for the school intranet (and the internet of course).
Comment By Andrew At 1/16/2009 12:32 AM

Its not the question, whether the cock was big or not. Off course, it was big enough and the boy did it in the right way, cause as he sprayed in my pussy, I reached orgasm too. But I would rather be asked before, instead of being raped. In the past, I never chased away a cute guy, when he was politely and nice. Far from it, I often provoked a boy, when I felt I need a real good fucking, but it was always done by my own will and not under such humiliating circumstances. I call on all boys: When ever you come to the pool with the intention to have sex with a girl, spending her time in the nude, please be so kind and ask her whether or not. You will find a lot chicks, being poised for a good fucking. Take them, but leave the few not willing unoffended.
Comment By RENATA At 1/19/2009 8:01 AM

Renata, I’m so happy I’m not the only one who has had an uncomfortable experience in the pool. A few days ago, I was being gang banged while trying to take a swim and some of the boys got so carried away, that I got water in my eyes and my nose. Please boys, be a little more considerate.
Comment By Carrie At 1/19/2009 4:26 PM

Renata, why do you bother. You said the boy fucked you in a right manner. Be contended! Me and my friends, often went to the pool, looking forward to see some cute girls. Regularly, we find a few, tanning nude. It is always a nice experince to test their wetness. We never found a girl who could resist, when we rub her clit i.e. Every of them became wet shortly. So whenever we are a the pool, we ´had´ to do our business and ´must´ punish them in the required way, if we like it or not. I never heart, that a girl complained against to be raped consensualy. But it´s your turn. You may fil a claim for a grievance hearing
Comment By Robert At 2/2/2009 11:25 AM

I wonder why none of these girls ever get pregnant.
Comment By Nick At 12/13/2009 1:06 AM

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  1. Anonymous

    Nick, they never get pregnant despite the constant unprotected ejaculations because of universal birth control. It’s impossible for a girl in the CCC world to become pregnant if she isn’t planning on it.


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