College Newspaper Article – The Reasons Panties SHOULD BE Banned

[Note: This story used to be called “The Reasons Panties Are Banned”]

Peter Kent reports:

Lately, a growing number of male and female students have been asking the faculty if there could be a ban on panties. As the students had come up with a good number of reasons and with the faculty wanting to uphold their image of being fair and listening to their students, they gave the request some serious consideration and weighed up the pros and cons of making panties illegal clothing. An in-depth consultation was ordered and the students who had raised the matter were asked to supply pictorial evidence to support their case. The Dean and there other College Board members listened to the students intently but after a long deliberation period they decided that panties should remain legal. This became a talking point among much of the campus so the faculty decided to release the evidence against panties and a summary of their ruling to the college newspaper for the whole student population to view.

Some of the male students represented by Lee argued that panties should be banned in the name of public decency. They did not want to see a girls’ underwear on display while she was going about her daily college life. Lee stated that wearing panties can make a girl forgetful and not take into account how she is behaving and that this can be particularly true when a girl was sitting down.

Lee provided these two pictures of Alison. Normally a model student of the college, she had fallen foul to what Lee and his group considered to be the dangers of wearing panties. Ignoring, for the moment,  the fact that she is breaking the dress code by wearing two layers of clothing (skirt and panties),  as she rested in the hot sun on these steps, she was so relaxed that she completely forgot to keep her legs closed. Lee figured that because she was wearing panties, Alison thought she would be totally covered but as you can see, that was not the case.

Here she is again absentmindedly splaying her legs, not even realising her picture was being taken. Lee argued that if she had not been wearing panties, she would have been on her guard constantly and there would be no way a photographer would have been able to get into this position without her noticing.

Lee contended that this next picture of Molly also showed a classic case against panty type clothing. Molly sits casually relaxing but, like Alison before, unconsciously allows her legs to open revealing her crotch area.

Her labia are clearly visible poking out the sides of her shorts. Lee maintained that these three pictures prove that had a panty ban been in enforcement, Molly would have been wearing a skirt and both Molly and Alison would have been so self-conscious of not exposing their intimate areas that they would have adopted more ladylike postures and kept their legs together.

Carman, representing some of the female students against panties, declared that another reason why panties should be banned was to stop girls wearing them as gym wear. It has became quite fashionable among the female students for them to try and get away with wearing panties instead of more traditional gym outfits but she and the others she was representing thought that this was highly inappropriate, especially in mixed sex gym lessons. Carman provided the following pictures as prime examples of the trouble with panties. This girl was warming up before her gym lesson but rather than wear a more suitable gym kit, she opted to warm up in her panties which was a big mistake.

With all her vigorous movements, her panties slipped to the side revealing her vagina which is highly indecent.

An even bigger problem with this is that because they were made of a very light material, she did not even know her panties had moved over. Once this girl had found out what had happened, she was hugely embarrassed which is something Carman wants to avoid.

Carman provided more pictures of girls who had decided to wear panties instead of more appropriate gym wear. They got into all sorts of positions, totally unaware they were indecently exposing themselves. Carmen stated that this lead to another problem whereby these girls (and others) had become so used to wearing panties as gym wear that they give themselves a false sense of decency and even removed their tops when they got hot, leaving them topless, thinking that their panties still made them decently dressed.

Carmen was keen to point out that Victoria (in the last picture), demonstrated a third problem with wearing panties, to her cost. They can be flimsy and not very secure. Because of this, they are prone to slipping down which is exactly what happened next, leaving Victoria completely naked and feeling very embarrassed.

Brittany spoke for a different group of girls who thought panties should be banned for health and safety reasons. As Carmen had mentioned above, Victoria’s panties fell down while she was in the middle of a physical activity. Brittany declared that, many girls have had to pay a visit to the college nurse with injuries sustained while they were jogging across campus and their panties had slipped down, tripping them up and Brittany was one such victim. As she jogged around in the gym one afternoon, the inevitable happened and she was tripped up by her own panties slipping down. A sympathetic class mate took these pictures in support of her case.

Brittany also brought up Jordan’s case in this next picture which was a potential accident just waiting to happen. Jordan was happily playing on swings when her panties flew down and nearly off completely. She was struggling for a while mid-swing, trying to keep them on. Luckily, she managed to come to a standstill.  Had she lost her concentration whilst swinging, she could have easily fallen off in mid flight and had a serious accident.

The female students who were against panties were keen to point out that they knew that no one is forcing the girls to wear panties, it was up to them to decide but reasoned that if there was a ban, then girls would not be tempted into doing something that they thought might not be the best for them but went along with for the sake of fashion. Brittany pointed out that the same kind of thing happened with foot wear, where girls sometimes wear the most incredibly uncomfortable shoes for fashions’ sake and end up complaining at the end of the day that their feet hurt. (And no they were not suggesting that there should be a ban on wearing shoes.)

Speaking for another group of male students was Mark. His group wanted to go back to the issue of scandalous conduct some girls employed when wearing panties. He used this next photo of a girl who he claimed was demonstrating absolute crude behaviour solely due to the fact that she had underwear on under her skirt (which again broke the one layer dress code rule). This girl was boasting about making it onto the college cheerleading team and had gotten over excited in the hallway and started showing off and displaying her skills to everyone present. She had completely forgotten about her own modesty and exposed herself.

Mark insisted that her behaviour was disgraceful because her panties barely afforded enough coverage of her vagina which was a terrible distraction to the male students on their way to lessons. Realising she was in violation of the Dress Code, she agreed to remove her skirt but tried first to reposition her panties so that they covered her properly but ended up making the problem worse.

Mark also had the example of Inga here who was relaxing in the common recreation room. She was so used to only wearing panties as a bottom that she sat very unladylike on one of the couches with complete disregard to her fellow students in the room.

One of the other male students, tired of being distracted by her red panties, asked Inga if she could close her legs as she was offending him. She had not realised this and obliged, even offering to turn around but Mark stated again that one of the troubles panties bring is their lack of coverage even when the wearer thinks they are completely decent.

Another speaker for the girls was Susan who argued against panties by saying that wearing them was also very time consuming. Girls can spend countless hours struggling to decide which pair they will wear, making them late for lessons. Susan asserted that in some cases, panties are time consuming to put on as well and used this next picture of her roommate to demonstrate. This poor girl was finding it very complicated and struggled for 5 minutes trying to figure out how to put her panties on properly.

The first speaker, Lee wanted to state again that as we saw with Molly at the beginning of this article, even allowing girls to wear shorts is a bad idea as again, they can still become forgetful and expose more than they realise by displaying ‘pussy slips’.

So in summary, the students against panties claimed that they should be banned because they promote bad behaviour and a lack of regard for others, they are time consuming and on top it all off, they are highly dangerous. They also raised other points that panties are very unhygienic. They encourage the vagina to sweat and prevent air from circulating around the vaginal area. The students also stated that the addition of panties to the regular laundry also means more laundry detergent is used which means more money is spent in the long run. Girls will find that having no panties will save them money for the more important things in life such as college materials, travel expenses and dare I say it, new shoes! They also wanted to point out that a ban on panties would reinforce the Dress Code rule of wearing only one layer of clothing.

As stated at the beginning of this article, the Dean, College Board members and the rest of the faculty listened to all these arguments and more but in the end decided that the freedom of the individual was the most important aspect and that each student should express that freedom and decide for themselves to wear panties or not (within the Dress Code rules). As for banning panties for health and safety reasons, they decided that it should be wearer’s responsibility to act in a safe manner when wearing panties and likened this to alcohol consumption whereby alcohol can have dangerous consequences if drunk to excess but is not illegal (in this country) and is up to the adult to decide how much to drink. They felt that the Dress Code inspectors already did a good job of enforcing the one layer (and other) rules, so banning panties for that’s sake would not be necessary. (They also stated that the girls in the above pictures who had ‘slipped under the radar’ by wearing a skirt and panties would be retrospectively investigated…)

18 thoughts on “College Newspaper Article – The Reasons Panties SHOULD BE Banned

  1. base

    While wearing panties is strongly discouraged, wearing them is not banned. The college wants females to make their own decisions on the degree of modesty they exhibit. The notion is that without panties, the girls will be more modest in their behavior, but clearly that is not required. A girl could in fact wear her bra and panties with nothing else. Much like a swimsuit (which are banned for entirely other reasons). If a girl feels decent and secure in parading around campus in her panties with a skirt, the college accepts this as the females right to make her own decisions.

    The end result has bee very well accepted. Few girls exhibit themselves in that manner. In fact, a result frat initiation required a panty raid of the sororities. Each plebe was required to bring back panties in associated colors. Most failed. the lack of panties across campus meant only a few frat boys could complete the task.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      That’s interesting because from the majority of stories I remember reading from the archives (I can’t recall which ones), I was under the impression that panties were illegal, but it makes sense the way you’ve put it that the girls of the college should be able to decide for themselves (but in my view, it spoils the fun just a tiny little bit).

      1. Anonymous

        It’s always best to check your source material. Especially the Dress Code for Girls.
        “Therefore, this Dress Code prohibits the wearing of multiple layers of clothing.

        Here are some tips for girls to avoid layering:

        Do not wear panties except as outerwear (in place of shorts, for example).
        Do not wear a bra except as outerwear.
        Use your belly button as a guide. Tops should stay above it, and bottoms should stay below it.
        Do not tuck in your shirt. If it is possible to tuck in your shirt, then your top is too long.
        See the section on “Pubic Hair” for special rules that apply to girls wearing a bush.”

        You can find a link at the top of ever page of this site.

  2. Slick P. Wraith Post author

    I’ll adjust this story so that it’s more in line with the general rule set.

    1. base

      No need to re-write as far as I’m concern. Every story strays a little from the path, and somewhere down the middle is the storyline to follow. Besides, if nothing else, the rules are made to be a little confusing and full of contradictions to the average mindset: Promote decency by forcing indecency.

      1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

        I agree with you but in this case, judging by the reactions, I think I may have strayed a little too far from the path.

  3. Bob Fred

    I’m glad someone said something. I’ve noticed a fair amount of the last few stories have been claiming “panties” are banned, ignoring the belly button guide, or claiming pubic hair is banned. Whilst these might make for interesting restrictions, they are not the case, but each comes with a cost.

    Essentially, one might consider wearing “panties” as outwear to be as daring as wearing a long dress/skirt. You could be hiding something like pubic hair or another pair of underwear underneath.
    Having pubic hair would require no other coverage over the lower half, leaving the girl an easy target for the touching of exposed skin (another rule).
    Finally, the use of the belly button as a guide is flawed, as it appears at different heights on different girls, and other markers are similarly flawed, so some inspectors will use the top of the hips, others will use the middle of the waist and some will stick to the belly button.

    Might be a good idea to have a CCC page (the rules), separate to the stories

    1. base

      Bob, take a look just under the top banner of images: College Rules of Regulations. You will find the original CCC.

  4. Slick P. Wraith Post author

    Okay everyone, I’ve now tweaked this story a little so it should fit better. What do you think?

    1. John

      I don’t mind that you changed it but it wasn’t really neccesary because other stories change the rules a lot more than this one. That’s what makes the stories simpler to write. I mean if you had to follow all of the Dress Code than the stories would be much more complexed to write.

    2. Bob Fred

      Much better!

      @John: As much as “changing the rules” might make it easier to write stories, it disrupts the continuity between the stories. If you must have different rules, why not write about a different college, or a high school, as has been done before? Alternately, a series of stories could be written expanding the rules, like has been done with the inspections by male students…

  5. Kiki

    Thanks so much for providing this valuable resource… I must confess I just don’t have time to read the whole Dress Code, and it seems to have changed from time to time, so I’m never completely sure of the rules, so pages like this one really help.

    I generally wear just a sports bra and panties, and one thing I’ve noticed, which wasn’t brought up in the article is that I find myself being inspected quite often, so that I can prove I’m fully shaven. Most of the time, it’s just a matter of taking off my panties, spreading my legs, bending over, etc. and then I get my panties back, and I’m on my way. Sometimes, if I’m late for class, the inspector lets me abandon my panties in exchange for a quicker inspection. Naturally, I’m a bit embarrassed when I get to my class wearing no bottom, but once I’m seated, I keep my legs together or rest my hands in my lap, and I don’t feel any shame or embarrassement until it’s time to get up and go to the next class.

    So, until panties are banned altogether, I think I’ll keep wearing the sports-bra-and-panties outfit, maybe not every day, but a few times each week, anyway. To keep my options open, I’ll try to wear outfits more often that don’t need panties. Thanks again for this great article!

    1. Peter Kent

      Thank you, Kiki. Glad you found it helpful.

      Don’t forget that if you are bottomless in class and you have your hands full, you can ask your fellow female students to place their hands in your lap to help cover you. And I’m sure some of the boys won’t mind being interrupted and lending their hands if you ask them very, very nicely.

  6. William Kazak

    I think that the female students should be “pressured” into not wearing panties. The safety and hygiene reasons alone are good enough reasons not to wear panties but I would like to add that the attention span and focus of the students would turn more toward academic coursework and getting good grades if students were not so concerned about “panty slips” or what color panties should I wear today or how do I put on these panties. Airing out one’s pussy and asshole would be a real remedy and would quickly become so commonplace that no one would even notice when an exposed pussy was getting a bit of sunshine.

    1. Peter Kent

      The college does not want to appear as a dictatorship so pressuring the girls not to wear panties would probably be going too far. The Dean is keen to stress that as long as the rules are adhered to, freedom of choice comes above all else.
      However, as we’ve seen with this article, the case against panties is overwhelming. The Dean is confident that the female students will look at all the information, way up the benefits of choosing the panty less route make an informed decision for themselves.


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