College Newspaper Article – New Gym Kits

Peter Kent Reports:

With the college operating for as long as it has been, some of the girls wanted to bring a little change to the monotony. One of the areas they felt could be transformed without having major consequences was the girls’ gym uniforms.

A petition was organised that got the support of most of the female students and even some of the female lecturers and was presented to the Dean. The Dean being open to suggestions decided to listen to the female population and let the girls put forward some ideas for new gym uniforms. The Dean would narrow it down to three finalists and the girls would decide between them with his approval.

New Gym Kit Day was announced and many of the girls prepared for it by hurriedly stitching together ideas or keeping their eyes open for suitable outfits from the stores.

New Gym Kit Day arrived and I, Peter Kent, accompanied the Dean around the college as he visited the girls who were putting forward their ideas for the new gym kits and these are some of the girls we saw.

We first paid a visit to Dori who was excited about showing us the pink top she had designed.

Straight away the Dean was pretty sure her offering would not make the shortlist. Judging by the way she had to hold the front up, he could see that it was far too long. Dori was disappointed by his judgement and tried to win him over by showing how the back is a lot shorter.

The Dean, however, spotted the fact that she was still holding her top up and had done so even more to make it seem like the back was shorter. He admonished her for trying to mislead him. Dori realised that she had now blown her chance of making the finals and in one last desperate attempt to prove the Dean wrong, she demonstrated how she could spread her legs wide open without the length of the top hindering her.

But it was too late, the Dean had already made up his mind. We left Dori and went to see Samantha.

Samantha had bought this chemise from the mall rather than make something original. She liked the lightness of the fabric, claiming that the wearer would be highly unlikely to overheat as it was so light.

The Dean was now thinking that this whole affair was a bad idea as Samantha’s choice was also too long but she asked us to take a closer look and said she thought that it was suitable because it was actually see-through.

This was better than Dori’s nomination but the Dean still needed convincing that it should make it onto the short list. Again, he was concerned that the length would get in the way of the girls being active so Samantha was asked to demonstrate that she could perform some activity without it hampering her. She bent over to touch her toes.

The Dean was satisfied and agreed  to consider Samantha’s outfit for the shortlist.

Next we visited Alyssa (who you may remember as one of our top gymnasts) who had bought this very simple green outfit. She claimed that one of its virtues was that because it was sleeveless, it uses less material than the others and it should cost less for the college to buy in bulk.

Her idea was a good one but again, the Dean was concerned about the length.

We met with Tasha next who was concerned that what she had might be too short.

The Dean found the length suitable but dismissed her choice because as it was nearly identical to the current gym kits the girls already use.

Ianisha thought that a brighter colour was definitely the way to go and showed us her orange top she had crafted.

The Dean didn’t mind the colour but was a little wary of the gold detail on the front thinking that it might be too distracting for the other girls in the lesson.

We next saw Koika who had a rather radical idea for the girls’ gym kits. She thought that the best possible approach was to use as little material as possible to prevent overheating.

Koika had designed this outfit herself and was keen to point out the very low front neck line that acts as a vent to keep the girls cool when they are working at their hardest. The Dean liked the novel approach but thought that the top showed just a little too much cleavage.

At first glance, the outfit Orsi displayed  looked very conservative however, the Dean did not think this one would be appropriate for gym wear as it was very tight fitting and showed off Orsi’s womanly curves too much.

We met Lindsey on the stairs who was proud to show us her design for a gym kit.

I thought it was cute but the Dean didn’t like all the writing across the front. I told him that there probably wasn’t any on the back and Lindsey turned around to show us I was correct.

The Dean was already swayed against it but Lindsey told us the best feature about her kit was that a girl could go upside down without it falling down and indecently exposing her breasts.

The Dean declined to add her offering to the shortlist but instead of being disappointed, Lindsey was just happy to have had her outfit looked at. She did a back flip from her last position and landed on the stairs with a “Ta –da!”

We applauded her then went to see Riley.

Riley looked great in this red top she was putting forward. The Dean liked the colour as well and was pleased that a girl had finally offered something that was of a more suitable length and told her she was a serious contender for the shortlist.

The Dean was hopeful after our visit to Riley but was then put in a bad mood by Jessica.

What she had to show us was the longest offering we had seen so far and the Dean was horrified that the majority of the girls were not taking their health and safety seriously enough by putting forward such long articles. Again, the Dean had to tell her that her outfit was too long and this time asked her to think about what would happen if she was performing something athletic and got caught up in her outfit and injured herself. Jessica proceeded to show us that she could do all sorts of things in the outfit, even though it was longer than usual, and not get caught up.

The Dean and I were impressed but he was worried that the majority of the other girls were not as skilful as she was.

Katie presented to us something more traditional but with an updated design and more radical colour. The black outfit she was wearing is similar to the current uniforms but sports fashionable sleeves.

The Dean had a concern that the material her outfit was made from may be too restrictive as it looked like it was made from tight Lycra but Katie put his mind at rest by showing that she was able to perform a full range of movements while dressed in it.

Though not fully convinced, the Dean added Katie’s design to the short list and now had three finalists; Samantha, Riley and Katie. He brought them together and put the outfit choices forward for the female students to decide.

Most of the girls favoured Katie’s black kit over anything else. The Dean still needed a little more persuading and said he would allow this to be the new gym kit if Katie could perform one more move to prove that the material was not restrictive. She stood back and gave her best high kick.

As well as being dazzled by her athleticism, the Dean was impressed by the material and saw that it would be very suitable to become the girls’ new gym kit.

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  1. base

    gymnasium comes from Ancient Greek term gymnós meaning “naked”.

    Lots of exercise, and regardless of how brief her outfit, she will sweat, perspire if you wish. Since she can only wear her gym outfit to gym, after she showers, she will not wish to put on her now sweat soaked clothing before heading off to her other classes. Given the Dress Code, it is only practical to conduct any gym course nude. Otherwise, the campus will be filled with naked girls carrying smelly gym clothing.


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