College Newspaper Article – A Look Ahead #2

Peter Kent reports:

Continuing our look at the gymnasts from this college who will be representing the USA at the 2012 Olympics, this time, we take a look at Alenka.

I was invited down to the gym where Alenka was already deep into her warm up session, preparing for the gymnastics she was about to practice.

Alenka: “Hello, don’t mind me. You can continue the interview while I’m limbering up.”

PK: “Great, then Ill begin. How long do you usually spend limbering up before you start your gym session?”

Alenka: “Well, it’s very important to warm up first to avoid any problems later on. I like to stretch like this…”

“…wait, could you take that picture again? I wasn’t smiling.”

PK: “Sure. Here goes…”

“…Got it!”

Alenka: “Great! As I was saying, I also like to stretch like this…”

“…for at least 15 minutes before getting into the full-on gymnastics.”

PK: “Regarding your gymnastic abilities, do you also practice nude to give you an edge over the competition?”

Alenka: “Indeed. All the top gymnasts from this college do. It really works. If the other Olympians from around the world discovered this, I’m sure all the athletes would be advocating to be naked at the Olympics.”

PK: “I notice that you’re actually wearing a top. Does that not impede you?”

Alenka: “It does actually. I only wear it until my body temperature reaches a certain level as if I’m too cold, my nipples get very hard and I can’t have any college code inspectors thinking that I’m sexually aroused in public, can I?”

PK: “Oh, I guess you can’t. Good thinking.”

Alenka: “Yes! ‘Always think ahead.’ That’s what my folks are always telling me. It’s very important to think that way in competitions as well so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of your routine. After this next stretch, I should be warm enough to take my top off.”

PK:  “That’s a good stretch. Out of interest, I wonder if you can go wider than that.”

Alenka: “Of course I can! I’m a world class gymnast! See?

PK: “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you. I was just curious.

Alenka: “No Problem. Ok, I’m definitely warm enough now, off comes the top! What do you think? Are my nipples too hard? Would they pass an inspection?”

PK: “Err, they look ok to me…”

Alenka: “You don’t have to be shy! You would be doing me a huge favour by checking my nipples over. I need you to come closer and have a proper look as I could get in a lot of trouble if I’m wrong.”

PK: “Well, err, yes they still look soft…”

Alenka: “…you see, when I pinch them, they feel quite hard to me. I hope they’re not. Can you pinch them yourself and see?”

PK: “Okay… I’ll check… well… no, they still feel soft to me.”

Alenka: “Are you sure? I heard the best way to test if nipples were hard was to put them in your mouth and use your tongue to see if they’re firm or not. My breasts are on the smaller side and I cannot touch my nipples with my tongue like some of the bigger breasted girls can, so you have to help me.”

PK: “I’m not too sure about this…”

Alenka: “Oh, you’ve not gone all shy again have you? Look, just open your mouth and I’ll pop one in. Open wide…

…that’s it…

…now use your tongue…

…that’s right…

…now test the other nipple…

…that’s it…

…good. Now tell me, are they hard?”

PK: “No… not at all, surprisingly.

Alenka: “Thanks a lot! I was really worried about that.”

PK: “Can we get back to the interview now?”

Alenka: “Sure!”

PK: “Phew! Great. I interviewed one of your team mates, Tess. She told me her favourite gymnastic move was the one where you go on all fours, upside down.”

Alenka: “Oh, you mean this one?”

PK: “Yes, that’s the one. Is that your favourite too?”

Alenka: “Oh, no. My favourite is this one…”

“…I like this one because from here, you can easily lead into this position…”

“…and then to this one.”

PK: “Wow! I can see why you like it. Well, thank you very much for your time Alenka. Good luck at the Olympics.”

Alenka: “You’re very welcome Peter. Thanks. It was fun.”

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