College Newsletter Article: Keeping Good Time

Peter Kent Reports:

The college was treated to a special installation in the hall last week Friday. Polina, one of our gymnasts, who is new to the college was unfortunate enough to become confused over the dress code rules and thus an inspector saw her in violation.

He took her panties and skirt for evidence and was about to remove her top too, leaving her completely nude for the rest of the day but she pleaded to the inspector’s good nature, explaining that as she was new, could she have some leniency and be allowed to keep her top as she was worried that she might get cold even though the temperature outside was nearing 30 degrees celsius.

The inspector would not usually have done this but decided to be a little accommodating since she was new to the rules. He gave her the option of an alternative punishment that would allow her to keep her top on, not leaving her completely naked on the condition that she made a compromise with her top by pulling it down around her waist.

Polina immediately agreed to the alternative without hearing what it was first as she figured that anything would be better than walking around stark naked for the rest of the day.

Since she was a gymnast, the inspector thought he would put her skills to good use. Her punishment was to stand in the main hall for 12 hours and become a ‘living clock’. Anytime a passing student or lecturer asked her for the time, she would have to display it accurately using only her long legs.

I was dispatched to report the story and get some photos at various times of the day.

Here is Polina starting her punishment. I asked her the current time and as per the instructions of the inspector, she uses her legs to represent the hands of a clock, displaying the time, informing me and the general public that it is 12 o’clock noon.

This installation proved to be very popular with the students. There were queues lined up to ask her what the time was. Many students informed me that they had recently lost their watches and found Polina’s time telling to be very helpful.

Polina’s alternative punishment meant that she had to work through a late lunch, still providing the time when students asked her. These pictures were taken at 2:47pm which Polina depicts very well while resting on her table, holding her lunch.

Polina at 2:47pm

Polina at 2:47pm

Polina at 2:47pm

Polina at 2:47pm

Throughout the day, students passed by with water and fruit juice for Polina, encouraging her to keep up the task set by the inspector. By 9:00pm, Polina had grown a bit tired.  She was allowed to rest on her table again but naturally still had to tell the time whenever asked, which is what she is doing here.

Polina at 9:00pm

Polina at 9:00pm

I returned again at 10:30 pm and found Polina full of energy. Her spirits were lifted due to all the support she was receiving from her fellow students and she was correctly depicting the time once again.

Polina at 10:30pm

Polina at 10:30pm

There were still groups of students gathered around waiting to find out the time for themselves and not rely on hearsay. Some of them could not see clearly from where they were situated and asked Polina to change her angle and display the time again.

Polina 10:30pm from a different angle

“That’s MUCH better!” I heard some of the students say as they could now accurately see that it was 10:30. I however, was not certain she was correct and went in for a closer look at what the time was.

Polina close up of 10:30

I realised that I should have never doubted her. She was far more competent than I gave her credit for as I could now see from the position of her spread legs that the time was indeed 10:30 and commended Polina for being so accurate.

At 11:59pm, masses of students gathered to witness Polina finish her punishment. She was bashful from all the attention but welcomed them all. As the clock struck 12:00am all the students that had gathered asked Polina in unison for the time and I took a final picture as she shyly replied in her special way.

Polina at 12:00am

After the 12 hours were up, Polina was allowed to find some suitable clothes and catch up from classmates on the lessons she missed.

I spoke to the dean to get his thoughts and he congratulated the inspector on his compassion for the new girl even though the he himself would have been stern and not given Polina an alternative. He also praised the inspector’s novel idea saying that for the short time that the installation had been up, it had made the students more punctual as they all took more notice of the time.

The dean is now considering having a ‘live clock’ as a permanent feature in the hall.

Images from flexyteens.

8 thoughts on “College Newsletter Article: Keeping Good Time

  1. base

    Novel invention – a human clock. If it needs winding, be sure to give me a call. I seem to have a memory of a human Glockenspiel clock tucked away in my head. Just a thought should multiple co-eds wish alternative punishment.

    12 noon? Looks more like 11:30 to me.
    And the 8 o’clock looked like 9. Just sayin’

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      You’re probably right about the 11:30 but for the sake of the story (starting and ending at 12 over a 12 hour period) it made it simpler.
      As for 9pm, if one was looking head on, it probably would be 9pm but as the photo is from a slight angle above, I thought I could get away with making it 8.

      1. base

        LOL! I was just teasing you about telling time. In these days of digital clocks, reading analog clocks is quickly becoming like being able to use a sliderule rather than a calculator.

      2. Grinch

        Ha ha that is hilarious! I certainly didn’t look for any continuity errors in the announced times in this story! 🙂 I love the idea of the human clock! Very inventive!


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