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Bra Check

Bras are prohibited by the Dress Code. Still, some girls persist in wearing them. Therefore, Inspectors roam the campus, looking for violators. When an Inspector comes upon a girl who might be wearing a bra, he may ask her to prove she is not wearing one.


It is very important that all girls know that all inspections are completely voluntary. Even so, most girls comply right away. After all, what’s the big deal about showing an Inspector your titties? Sure, some girls are a little embarrassed about it, especially at first, so they hesitate. This is a really bad idea for two reasons. First, by hesitating, it makes you look guilty. So the inspector is on notice that he may need to cite you for indecency. At the very least, a girl who hesitates runs the risk of being cited for Resisting Inspection.

The second reason that girls should comply right away is that the inspection is over that much more quickly, before a crowd of onlookers gathers.


As I mentioned, all inspections are voluntary, which means any girl has the right to refuse inspection. In that case, the Inspector has to guess whether the girl is adhering to the Dress Code. He might guess wrong, which is a good reason for girls to comply with an Inspection.

Pictured above, a girl complies with an inspection, and proves that she isn’t wearing a bra. She goes along with it because she realizes there is no harm in flashing her tits quickly just to prove she’s in compliance with the dress code. And she knows that resisting Inspection carries its own very stiff penalty, which most often includes having the dress taken as evidence of the crime, which would leave her, in this case, completely naked, since she has apparently forgotten to wear any panties.

Oh, it is a good thing she forgot her panties! Imagine if she were wearing them. The inspector would get her for that since she is wearing a long dress – at least two inches too long.

She also did the right thing by lifting her hem, rather than trying to just expose her breasts by lowering the top. I learned the hard way. When you lower the top to show your braless chest, the inspector thinks you are hiding panties. So he has you lower the top all the way to the ground.

Lifting the hem immediately shows you have nothing to hide from his inspection. She did a nice job shaving, too.

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