Being Bottomless (archives)

Being Bottomless

I have to admit I was a bit scared. I had never gone bottomless before, but I was excited to try it. I could never build up the nerve, though. My friends told me to wait until the unofficial “bottomless day” on campus, and then do it along with a whole lot of other girls. They told me if everyone does it, then I won’t feel so exposed. “Everyone?” I asked. I found it hard to believe *everyone* would take off their skirts that one day.

They backpedaled a bit. “A lot of girls are doing it,” they said. They promised they would all be bottomless, so I was in good company. I worried about it all week, waiting — dreading — bottomless day. I was committed now. Oh, what did I get myself into? I tried to imagine my routine. I would go to the cafeteria for breakfast, wearing only a shirt. I would bring my tray to the table, and sit my bare but down on the cold seat. My pussy felt warm just thinking about it. I spread my legs apart and felt myself, all warm and moist. I rubbed my inner thighs, and felt the excitement of nudity as I tried to imagine how it would feel to eat my breakfast with nothing but naked skin south of my navel. Would my pussy be wet then? Or would I be too nervous?

Finally the day came, and my friends came over to give me moral support. I was shocked to see them, bottomless, every one. I was so scared. My biggest fear was so silly, I was afraid to share it with my friends, but it was really bothering me. I had to do something. “Marcy,” I said, pulling her aside. She came to me, and I looked at her pussy. It was dry as a bone. I felt her smooth ass, and she came closer to me. I drew my face close to hers so I could tell her my secret fear, but she must have thought I wanted to kiss her. She closed her eyes, and opened her mouth, ready to kiss me as I stroked her sweet ass. Even though it wasn’t what I had in mind when I called her over, I kissed her. I did it partly so as not to hurt her feelings — after all, she was in my arms, head tilted back, mouth open — and also I have to admit I was scared to share my fear with her, so any delay was welcome. She spread her legs apart as I kissed her, and she didn’t flinch at all when I felt her pussy. She just kept kissing me. It felt good.

After a long time, she wiped her mouth and looked into my eyes. I guess she could see I was troubled. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

I decided I should just spit it out. “I’m afraid,” I said.

“I know,” she said. “We were all afraid our first time. But you’ll see. Everything will be fine.”

“No, I mean I’m afraid that I’m going to…” I looked in her eyes, hoping this was enough for her to understand me. But all I saw was puzzlement. I had to say it. I whispered, “I’m afraid I’ll get wet.”

Marcy brought me over to the other girls. I was already pretty wet from that kiss, and seeing their naked pussies wasn’t helping. “Cindy is afraid of getting wet,” Marcy blurted to the other girls. I flashed a look at Marcy — how dare she betray my confidence that way! But the other girls were really sweet. They came to me and hugged me, and soothed me with soft caresses. One of them stroked my soft inner thighs, and said, “Is that all you’re worried about? It happens to all of us now and then, especially when we’re bottomless. Part of the fun of being bottomless is how exciting it is.” Another girl said, “We all leave puddles here and there.” The other girls giggled at this, and I laughed, too. I felt more at ease, knowing I wasn’t alone in feeling excitement just from the idea of being bottomless.


I couldn’t put it off any longer. The girls helped me out of my skirt. They told me I looked good in my crop top, and I admitted that I felt good, too. I opened up my legs a bit to let my pussy dry, but I just got more excited whenever I thought about going outside without my skirt.

“Come on, let’s go,” they said. The four of us walked outside and let the cool air brush against our naked bottoms. We passed some other girls, who were fully dressed. They looked at us and smiled. Why weren’t they bottomless? I wondered. I thought I made a mistake wearing a crop top. The other girls’ shirts almost covered their pussies. I should have worn something longer. Then I felt relieved when I saw another girl with her belly button uncovered.


She must have seen how scared I was, so she looked at me with kindness. I said hi to her, and continued on. I looked back, and noticed she was still looking at me, so I smiled, and she smiled back. I put my arms around my friends, and realized this was going to be a fun day. They put their arms around me, and gently stroked my naked butt, slipping their fingers between my cheeks. Yes, this was going to be a very fun day.

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