Ashley’s Diary — Wednesday, April 15, 2009 (archives)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It’s Wednesday already!  Just one more day to go in my body paint, and mine still looks great.  Taylor’s is looking pretty worn, especially on her butt.  The paint has completely worn off her cheeks.  Liz looks cuter than ever in her robe, which was translucent to begin with, and now looks even thiner.

Poor Becky decided to go topless to earn some extra points, bless her heart.  I know it was hard for her to muster the courage to leave her little breasts uncovered, but she’s getting desperate.  She wore a tiny little skirt, which barely covered anything, and she really looked cute.  The teacher said if she has a thong on, then her skirt counts as one-inch, but if not, she would take pity on her, and count it as zero-inches.  She said she wasn’t wearing a thong, so she was selected, and given four precious points — one for finally having a skirt that was short enough to be selected, one for not wearing panties, and two for being completely topless.

Britanny kissed Becky, and stroked her pretty breasts, and Becky responded because she was so happy (and it didn’t hurt that Britanny was really cute).  Both Brittany and Becky had small breasts, so the felt some kinship.  Also, today, both girls’ breasts were visible — Becky’s because she was topless, and Brittany’s because the t-shirt she was wearing as a dress was so thin.  Becky especially liked Brittany’s puffy nipples, which made her seem so young and innocent.

Unfortunately, Britanny’s dress was too long, and so she was asked to sit down.  This enraged Brittany, since she had gone out of her way to wear a really sexy dress that was so thin, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing anything under it.  “Becky’s wearing a thong,” she blurted.

Everyone caught their breath at once.  Becky turned bright red.  But our teacher kept his wits about him.  He turned to Britanny, and explained the protest rule.  In order to lodge a formal protest, Britanny was required to show she has standing.  To have standing in accusing another girl of wearing panties and lying about it, a girl must not be wearing panties herself.

“Isn’t it obvious I’m not wearing panties?” Britanny said, holding her arms up.  Even if her dress weren’t paper-thin, the act of holding her arms up was enough to expose her baby-soft pussy.

“I’m sorry, Britanny,” said the teacher.  “But you must remove enough items of clothing to establish your standing to make the protest.  Since you are wearing just one item of clothing, that’s the one you must remove.”

“Oh, that’s crazy,” said Britanny.  She had obviously failed to read the rules.

Other girls moved to help her, but she pushed them away saying she was perfectly capable of removing her own dress.  It took her a minute or so to build up the courage, but she did finally take it off.  She tried to face away from the class, but found herself in the middle of everyone, so she ended up just covering her pussy with her hand.

“Now that you’re naked,” said the teacher, “what is your accusation?”

“That Becky is wearing a thong under that little skirt of hers.”

“Becky, is that true?”

Becky was silent.

“Since the protest was made by a girl in good standing, you must remove your skirt to prove your innocence.”

“Would you like some help?” Brittany asked, mocking the way Becky and the other girls had offered her help just a minute before.

Becky acted like a dear in the headlights.  So the other girls helped her out of her skirt.  And sure enough, Brittany was right!  Becky was wearing a thong!

“Becky, I’m so disappointed in you,” said the teacher.  “Please remove your thong right away.”

Becky faced away from the boys, and bent over to remove her thong, exposing her pretty little butt to the class.

“Now, Becky, if it were up to me, I would make you go naked as punishment for lying, but unfortunately, the rules don’t allow that.  You may put your skirt back on, but you lose all the points you might have earned today.  Please take your seat.”

Becky put her skirt back on, arranging it to cover her pussy as well as possible, considering its diminutive size, and then she sat down, and started to cry.  Once again, she was practically naked, having earned no points.  She seemed doomed to stay in the doghouse.

Today’s pretty girl is showing us her perfect butt, and also helping all us girls with a little anatomy lesson we can use to our advantage.  From this view, it’s clear that a couple inches of our pretty cheeks hang below our crotch, and that our crotch is an inch or two below our asshole.  A nice length for a minidress (or a t-shirt worn as a minidress) is one that exactly covers our asshole, and since such a top is an inch shorter than crotch-level, it can be worn to school without panties to earn two easy points.


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