Ashley’s Diary — Thursday, May 7, 2009 (archives)

Let me apologize once again for being such a party pooper yesterday.  I don’t know what got into me.  Today I wore a man-tailored shirt, with nothing under it, and I felt really sexy for the first time in a while.  You see, the tails of the shirt were exactly the right length for me to feel decent, and the sides were open, so I could feel sexy, too.  I got a lot of compliments from the boys, and from some girls, too.  I felt frisky, and my mood was infectious.  After lunch, I went outside and played like a little girl, and a lot of my friends came along to play with me, or just watch.

Now that we’re seniors in high school, our teachers want to get us ready for the College.  They’ve been dropping hints about the unusual Dress Code at the College, and especially about the Inspections.  It makes sense to inspect the girls from time to time, to ensure they’re following the Dress Code.  I have no quarrel with that, but it shouldn’t be necessary for the girls to strip naked just to verify they’re following the Dress Code.  That really seems a bit extreme.  Maybe my teachers are exaggerating.

But anyway, in History class, our teacher decided we should be prepared for college, so each day at random, she calls on a girl and tells her to strip.  If the girl is naked in a few seconds, then she’s allowed to put one item of clothing back on right away, and the others are donated to charity.  But if it takes her more than a few seconds to get naked, then the class picks which item she gets to keep, and even then, she can’t have it until the end of the period.  It took a few naked crying girls for the rest of us to realize the best idea was to wear just one or two items of clothing, and be prepared to whip them off at a moment’s notice.

We all had a laugh at Lee Ann’s expense today.  She was so keyed up because she hadn’t been called on yet to strip, and she’s been expecting it.  Today she was especially worried because she wore a tight minidress with panties under it.  So when the teacher called on her to give the answer to a question, she whipped off her dress, and started to pull down her panties before she noticed everyone laughing at her.  “Go ahead, Lee Ann,” said the teacher.  “Finish stripping, and then answer the question.”  This caused even more laughter, but she did it.  Standing crimson-faced and naked next to a pile of her clothes, she answered the question.  Even though it took her quite a while to finish stripping, the teacher gave her a break.  She was allowed to put her dress back on, but not her panties.  This embarrassed her, because her dress was really too short to wear without panties.

This?  It’s just a little think I picked up in Paris.  Do you like it?



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